Study: Americans Dying From Preventable Causes At Shocking Rates By
The U.S. was tied with Estonia and Montenegro, far below other wealthy nations such as Norway, Canada, and Australia, in the study's ranking of 195 countries.
FCC Votes To Start Slashing Net Neutrality Protections By
"This decision leads to an internet that benefits Internet Service Providers (ISPs), not users, and erodes free speech, competition, innovation, and user choice."
Coal Executive Jailed For Role In Deadly Mine Disaster Asks Trump Not To ‘Punish’ Executives By
A coal executive responsible for deadly mine explosion tells President Donald Trump in a letter that "coal supervisors are not criminals."
Trump Taps Conservative Talk Show Host As USDA Chief Scientist By
Sam Clovis has no science background and characterized climate change as "junk science".
Trump Advisers Propose Expanding America’s Longest Running War By
"The plan comes at the end of a sweeping policy review built around the president's desire to reverse worsening security in Afghanistan and 'start winning' again.
Obama Under Fire For $400K Speech To Wall Street ‘Fat Cats’ By
Former President Barack Obama's first speech since leaving office will be a richly-compensated appearance at Wall Street firm Cantor Fitzgerald.
Hunger Strikers At UN Headquarters Call For End To Yemen War By
'We call on the Saudis and Donald Trump to look at the horrific effect their bombing is having on the beautiful babies in Yemen, where one child is dying every ten minutes from the effects of this war.'
Donald Trump Slashes Funding For World’s Most Vulnerable Mothers And Newborns By
The State Department falsely claims that UN agency supports "a program of coerced abortion or involuntary sterilization."
‘Why Is Jared Kushner In Iraq?’ Trump Son-In-Law Expands Shadow Diplomat Role By
'Seems we have one family running our government'—Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.)
As Trump Wages War On Science, Energy Grows For Worldwide March For Science By
Nearly 400 marches in 37 countries will take place on April 22, demonstrating global resistance to Trump agenda.