Press Freedom On Life Support: Why It’s Harder Than Ever To Get Real News By
Media literacy expert Mickey Huff joins ‘Behind The Headline’ host Mnar Muhawesh in a discussion of media censorship, America’s war on whistleblowers, and other threats to press freedom in the United States.
How The Drone King Turned Assassination Into Counter-Terrorism Policy By
Barack Obama launched more drones strikes in his first year in office than George W. Bush did in both of his terms combined. ‘Behind the Headline’ host and MintPress News editor-in-chief Mnar Muhawesh exposes what one military scholar called a global policy of assassination.
How Wall Street Profits From Public Education While Students Drown In Debt By
In this episode of ‘Behind The Headline,’ host Mnar Muhawesh meets Steve Mims, the writer and director of ‘Starving The Beast,’ a documentary about the privatization of college education. He explains that learning is now treated like a profitable commodity rather
Dissecting The ‘Humanitarian’ Propaganda Driving US Intervention In Syria, Again By
Speaking to Mnar Muhawesh on ‘Behind the Headline,’ investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley pulls back the curtain on the anti-Assad ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘moderate rebels,’ revealing a carefully calibrated propaganda campaign to drive US intervention in the
‘Empire Strikes Back’: Eric Draitser On Western Destabilization Of BRICS By
‘They see [the BRICS countries] as integral to the Western-centric worldview … and they don’t want to allow any competition to emerge,’ the geopolitical analyst tells Mnar Muhawesh on ‘Behind the Headline.’
Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Selects First Muslim Running Mate In US History By
In this episode of ‘Behind The Headline,’ host Mnar Muhawesh meets Will Coley, founder of Muslims for Liberty and Libertarian Party member, who could become the first Muslim candidate for vice president in U.S. history.
Boycotting Israel May Soon Become Illegal In The US By
Host and MintPress News Editor-in-Chief Mnar Muhawesh interviews Rula Rashid of a university chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine about recent efforts to urge the university to divest from Israel, and the resistance the group received from an unexpected source.
Learning To Love The Blockchain: Key Technology Revolutionizes Internet Privacy By
Bitcoin offered a revolutionary way to exchange money without government interference, but the blockchain technology behind the cryptocurrency is capable of doing much more, explains Jameson Lopp in this interview with Mnar A. Muhawesh on “Behind The Headline.”
How Israeli Arms Fuel Genocide, Civil Strife Around The World By
In this episode of MintPress News’ ‘Behind the Headline,’ host and MintPress News Editor-in-Chief Mnar Muhawesh pulls back the curtain on Israel’s dark, not-so-secret history of fomenting civil strife and enabling genocide by arming pariah regimes around the world.
Texas Incarcerates Immigrant Children In Private Prisons They Call ‘Day Care Centers’ By
In this episode of MintPress News’ ‘Behind the Headline,’ host Mnar Muhawesh interviews Alejandro Caceres, the immigration organizer at Grassroots Leadership, about the mistreatment of migrant children held in private prisons in the Lone Star State.