Trump Sparks War Of Words With Iran In Fiery Middle East Speeches By
US president uses speeches in Israel and Saudi Arabia to attack Iran, leading to angry responses from Tehran and Hassan Rouhani.
Russia: US Attack On Syrian Pro-Government Forces Killed Civilians By
The strike took place a few miles from the armed opposition rebel base in the town of al-Tanf, where American and British special forces are training rebels opposed to Bashar al-Assad.
Flynn Allegedly Blocked Plan To Retake ISIS Stronghold That Turkey Opposed By
The plan that Flynn allegedly blocked was to be carried out by Syrian Kurdish forces in Raqqa, a measure Turkey opposed.
Gulf States Seek Normalized Relations With Israel Ahead Of Trump Visit By
The Wall Street Journal said numerous Gulf states were prepared to set up telecommunication lines between the countries, open trade negotiations and allow planes to fly over their airspace.
Netanyahu Claims Embassy Move To Jerusalem Would ‘Advance’ Peace Process By
The comments also come one week before Trump is expected to make his first official visit to Israel, on his first overseas trip since becoming president.
Saudi Arabia Pledges $40 Billion Investment In US Infrastructure Ahead Of Trump Visit By
Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund set to announce plans next week to coincide with Trump’s visit to the kingdom.
Israeli Parliament Moves To Cement Israel’s Status As An Ethnostate By
MPs give preliminary approval to define country as 'national home of Jewish people' and degrade Arabic from official language status.
Reference To Muslim Ban Removed From Trump’s Campaign Website Amid Legal Proceedings By
The Trump administration maintains that the executive orders restricting travel from Muslim-majority nations does not target Muslims.
Iran, Russia And Turkey Sign Pact Creating Syria Safe Zones By
The aim is to "put an immediate end to the violence" and "provide the conditions for the safe, voluntary return of refugees" as well as the immediate delivery of relief supplies and medical aid.
Syrian Rebels Raid Doctors Without Borders Hospital By
The raid also comes amid intense fighting between opposition armed groups that have killed at least 95 people. Reports on Monday suggested rebels had fired on protesters calling for a ceasefire.