What Do New Yorkers Want Their Next Mayor To Deal With? By
As the field of candidates narrows, New York City residents report wealth distribution as a top issue.
Economic ‘Recovery’ Still Leaves Female College Grads Behind By
A new report shows women who have recently graduated college disproportionately struggle to find jobs in their fields, especially in the public sector.
Civil Liberties Groups Launch Campaign To Protect Email Privacy By
The campaign, “Vanishing Rights,” aims to raise awareness about a 1986 law that allows the government to read emails after six months.
Report: Billionaires Rely On Public Assistance To Build Sports Stadiums By
Though often touted as key to a city’s prosperity, expensive sports stadiums are rarely worth the investment.
Big Banks Push To End Credit Unions’ Tax-Exempt Status By
For-profit banks are lobbying Congress to change the rules as thousands of Americans switch to not-for-profit financial institutions.
Labor Dispute Could See Las Vegas Shut Down By Strike By
Some 50,000 unionized service industry workers at major hotel-casinos may go on strike over stalled contract negotiations.
Yes, Greece’s Latest General Strike Is Still A Big Deal By
Three years into austerity, it may seem like just another strike — but a labor action of equivalent scale in the U.S. would be unprecedented.
2 Years After Occupy, A Look At The Economic Basis For Social Movements By
Even as one particular social movement sputters to a halt, the economic conditions that gave birth to it remain.
Unemployment Gap Between Rich And Poor Widens To A 10-Year Extreme By
Joblessness among America’s poor is approaching levels last seen during the Great Depression, while the wealthy experience full employment.
5 Years After The Crash, Financial Fraudsters Still Walk Free By
Although the SEC has fined banks with billions in penalties, it might not be enough to deter would-be financial criminals in the future.