David And Goliath: The Marshall Islands Takes On Nuclear States By
A tiny island country in the Pacific takes on the world’s nine nuclear states in unprecedented lawsuits filed with the International Court of Justice.
Report: Europe Facing Worst Human Rights Crisis Since Cold War By
A new report reveals alarming threats to “human rights, democracy and the rule of law” in Europe.
European Court Scraps EU Data Collection Law By
An EU law requiring telecom companies to store their customers’ metadata for up to two years has been ruled “invalid” by the EU Court of Justice.
Internet Access Providers May Be Ordered To Block Copyright-infringing Website, European Court Rules By
The EU Court of Justice says Internet service providers can be asked to block access to websites infringing on copyrights, putting protecting copyrights over protecting privacy.
“Panda Diplomacy” And Trade Deals As Chinese President Visits Europe By
From discussing major trade deals to visiting pandas recently loaned to Belgium, Chinese President Xi Jinping gets busy building ties with Europe.
Obama In Brussels: A Charm Offensive Amid High Security By
Obama’s visit brought unheard-of security measures to Brussels, inconveniencing and irritating many, but he’ll still likely be remembered as charming.
Who Is Dmytro Firtash? By
Dmytro Firtash’s recent arrest by Austrian police seems to have raised nothing but questions -- most notably, “Who is Dmytro Firtash?”
European Parliament Uneasy About Turkey’s EU Bid, Citing Corruption And Internal Strife By
In a resolution passed last week, the European Parliament was mostly critical of Turkey’s handling of unrest and other domestic issues.
Interview: Writer Kristof Clerix Talks About Europe’s Hotbed For Spies, Brussels By
In 2006, Clerix wrote a book on the activities of foreign secret services in Belgium. Last September, he published his second book, “Spionage. Doelwit: Brussel”-- a narrative account of nine tales of espionage in the heart of Europe during the 1970s and 80s.
Violence Against Women Widespread In Europe, New Survey Found By
Among other shocking statistics, a new survey by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), found that over one third of European women have fallen victim physical or sexual violence by the age of 15.