Hopes Of Truce Shatter As Violence Continues To Escalate In Gaza By
(NEW YORK) MintPress – Wednesday’s air strike by the IDF on a car carrying the commander of the Hamas military wing in Gaza shattered hopes that a truce mediated by Egypt on Tuesday could pull the two sides back from the
To Control China’s Power, Obama Strengthens Ties To Asian Countries Ignoring Human Rights Abuses By
(NEW YORK) MintPress – The U.S. may still be at war in Afghanistan and increasingly involved in hot spots in the Middle East and North Africa, but on his first overseas trip since re-election, President Barack Obama will be visiting Asia. His top national security team
US Military Spends Billions On Ammunition As Budget Deficit Looms Large By
(NEW YORK) MintPress – One week after the elections, and seven weeks after they last gathered in Washington, Republican and Democratic legislators returned to the Capitol on Tuesday to tackle unfinished business, the most critical of which is the impending double whammy
OWS Picks Up Pieces As Gov’t Neglects Victims Left Homeless After Sandy By
(NEW YORK) MintPress – If you go to Occupy Wall Street’s website these days, it’s all about Sandy. “We Got It,” screams a posting. Indeed, in  the past two weeks, Occupiers have set up a massive do-it-yourself response to the hurricane, helping victims in some
A Tale Of Two Cities: NYC Public Housing Residents Still Without Relief After Sandy By
“There’s nothing more important than us getting this right.”  President Barack Obama on Hurricane Sandy relief efforts (NEW YORK) MintPress – Just six days before the general election, Obama took time out from his campaign to tour storm-ravaged areas of New
How Will System Change With Introduction Of 16 New Vets In Congress? By
(NEW YORK) MintPress – Veterans Day may not be until next week, but many of those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan are already making their voices heard. A record high 42 new veterans ran for Congress this year —  by far the most that the post-9/11 generation of
With The Political Cliffhanger Over, Legislators Face A Fiscal One By
“The American people had a choice between two divergent views and they chose both of them. And the result of that is we’re going to have a continued impasse on the budget.” Scott Lilley, Center for American Progress (NEW YORK) MintPress – Indeed, President
Risking Citizens’ Welfare Leads To Concerns About 2012 Peace Prize Award To EU By
“The European Union … clearly is not one of ‘the champions of peace’ Alfred Nobel had in mind and described in his will as ‘the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction
Red Cross Defends Early Response To Sandy, Continues Relief Work By
(NEW YORK) MintPress – Another major disaster, another case of the American Red Cross getting flak, not necessarily justified, for its response. “They’re always the ones under the microscope,” said Major George Hood of the Salvation Army, which considers
SIGAR Pinpoints Corruption In Afghan Reconstruction Projects By
(NEW YORK) MintPress – After John F. Sopko was selected to serve as the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction (SIGAR) by President Obama in May of this year, he hit the ground running, actively combating corruption in the implementation of more than $89.5