Big Oil Loses, Water Protectors Win As Army Corps Denies Easement For Dakota Access Pipeline By
With the victory, the water protectors now go on the offensive to educate people on the risks of oil pipelines in order to grow resistance ahead of a Trump administration that will be extremely friendly to oil corporations.
Three Hundred Injured Following Police Attack On Dakota Access Pipeline Protestors By
20 mace canisters were fired by police in a period of five minutes at one point. The police also fired mace canisters at medics.
The Hubris Of Democratic Elites, Clinton Campaign Gave Us President Trump By
The Clinton campaign engaged in steps that would help ensure Trump was the Republican presidential nominee. Their acts enabled the rise of Trump, and they lost to the opponent they wanted to face because they made the same mistakes Democrats make time and time again.
Clinton Campaign Planned To Vilify Nurses For Backing Sanders By
“The Clinton team’s attack on nurses as ‘fringe’ and not a ‘real union’ is deplorable, but hardly a shock."
Clinton Campaign Considered Embracing Sanders’s Anti-Corruption Agenda By
Published in partnership with Shadowproof. In the first months of the Democratic presidential primary, one of Hillary Clinton’s advisers conducted focus groups and polling of swing voters to examine “voter distrust” of the political system. The results showed Clinton
Clinton Campaign Nixed Ban On Funds From Foreign Registered Agents By
“How do we explain to people that we’ll take money from a corporate lobbyist but not them? Or that the Clinton Foundation takes money from foreign governments but now the campaign won’t?"
Court Rules That Children Facing Deportation Must Navigate Courts Alone By
"Thousands of children are left to thread their way alone through the labyrinthine maze of immigration laws, which, without hyperbole, “have been termed second only to the Internal Revenue Code in complexity."
New Documents Reveal Army Punishing Chelsea Manning For Suicide Attempt By
According to the Army, Manning committed an administrative offense, because a Force Cell Move Team had to respond to her attempted suicide.
Your Vote For Jill Stein Is Not A Wasted Vote By
“There are differences between the two candidates and the parties. But those differences aren’t enough to save your job.”
US Denies Entry To Former British Ambassador Who Was Set To Present Whistleblower Award By
“Ambassador Murray was stopped by what the State Department and Homeland Security calls ‘a hit.’”