The DNC Has Fanned The Flames Of Grassroots Anger By Electing Tom Perez By
Establishment Democrats did not want Ellison, a former Sanders surrogate and a black Muslim American, to be the chair.
Dakota Access Pipeline Memo Supporting Tribal Rights Buried By Trump Administration By
The memo was suspended weeks ago by the Trump administration in an attempt to quash the legal analysis done by the department of interior before Trump was inaugurated, but recently resurfaced in a related court case.
Filmmaker Says MSNBC Blacklisted Him Over Support For Bernie Sanders By
“MSNBC is culpable in the election of Donald Trump. They are culpable in giving the nomination to Hillary Clinton. They are culpable in journalistic malpractice, and they owe people an apology. And they’re losing viewers because of it.”
Donald Trump’s Vengeful Pledge To Pursue ‘Low-Life’ Leakers By
In his first year as president, Trump may follow in Obama’s footsteps in an even harsher and more unforgiving manner to make sure no one defies his authority by bringing openness to his administration.
Trump’s Blue Lives Matter Executive Order Means More Criminalization Of Protests By
This agenda will likely have a disproportionate impact on Black Lives Matter activists, immigrant rights activists, and Native Americans engaged in protest against pipeline projects like the Dakota Access Pipeline.
DOJ Attorney Blunders Through Appeals Court Hearing On Muslim Ban By
Justice Department attorney August E. Flentje was asked multiple times to produce evidence for why the stay was needed to prevent irreparable harm. He was able to provide zero factual claims.
David Frum Is Definitely Not The Right Person To Give Protest Advice By
Frum’s prescription is to crank up the nationalism and be “orderly” and “polite.” Recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Sing “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Wave flags high in the air.
Muslim Ban Is A First Test Of What The System Will Normalize: Interview With Jamil Dakwar By
Jamil Dakwar, director of the ACLU’s Human Rights Program, addresses how the Muslim ban signed by President Donald Trump has been applied.
Trump’s Muslim Ban Is A Grotesque Product Of Fear And Prejudice By
“Donald Trump is plunging the lives of first and second generation Americans into disarray and uncertainty.”
In Trump’s Executive Order, Foundation For A Muslim Ban Has Been Set By
“Donald Trump is plunging the lives of first and second generation Americans into disarray and uncertainty.”