You’ve Got Mail: Judge Grants Feds Unrestricted Access To Gmail Account By
In giving law enforcement unfettered access to search for “some needles” in one individual’s “computer haystack,” a judge fans the flames of the data debate.
Marijuana Legalization To Be On The Ballot In A Maine City And Oregon By
Come November, Alaska, Oregon, and South Portland, Maine, voters will decide whether to legalize marijuana for adults.
Is The EPA Doing Enough To Stop Corporate Polluters? By
Due to “the reality of budget cuts and staffing reductions,” the EPA has had to make hard choices, including the choice to only pursue “high impact cases.”
New Hampshire Celebrates Bittersweet Anniversary Of Medical Marijuana Program By
Officials in the Granite State are still stonewalling on the implementation of medical marijuana legislation signed into law last year.
“Startling” Number Of Americans Are On Terrorist Watchlist By
Experts argue that by including so many names on the Terrorist Watchlist, it’s actually more difficult for law enforcement to investigate or apprehend real criminals.
Like NSA, Local Police Spy On Americans Without Warrant By
Stingrays and other cell surveillance tools have been used in the U.S. for years without the knowledge of the public or even defense attorneys and judges.
UAV Enthusiasts: Drone Photography Is Not A Crime By
For several drone photography enthusiasts, their own footage has been their best defense against spurious charges.
House Approves Marijuana Industry’s Request For Banking Access By
Shut out of banking services, marijuana-related businesses in states where the substance is legal operate as cash-only businesses, but that may be changing.
Swedish Court: Charges Against Julian Assange Stand By
Swedish court reaffirms legal basis of warrant that’s kept the WikiLeaks founder holed up as an asylum-seeker in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London for two years.
Texas On Trial For Violating Voting Rights Of Blacks, Latinos By
One analyst says the case could turn Texas into a “purple state” by shifting power away from predominantly white conservatives and giving left-leaning voters more of a say.