Campaign Finance Disclosure: The Laws States Need To Shine Light On Dark Money In Politics By
“There’s a whole list of groups or individuals that provide dark money. People or corporations … the public ought to know who is spending money to influence our votes,” a representative for a group lobbying for honest, open
Housing First: A Different Approach To End Homelessness By
The key to effectively reducing homelessness may be just that: a key.
Environmentalist Kicked Out Of Chevron-Sponsored Event By
After organizers of a Chevron-sponsored economic development summit learned of a paying attendee’s association with an environmental watchdog, he was forcibly ejected from the event.
Silent Howls: The Euthanization Of Shelter Dogs By
Euthanasia is an unfortunate reality for shelter dogs that don’t get adopted, but spaying and neutering could go a long way in changing this.
Endangered Wild Cats Harmfully Bred In Zoos For Profit, Not Protection By
Inbreeding practices of rare white tigers and white lions have led to birth defects and abnormalities, but is their popularity in zoos more important than their conservation?
Illegal Trash Becomes Shelter For Calif. Homeless By
An Oakland, Calif., artist uses trash illegally dumped on the city’s streets to make mini mobile homes for the city’s homeless, effectively addressing two problems at once.
The Myth Of The Casino Cash Cow For Native Americans By
Contrary to stereotypes about reservation gambling profits, most Native Americans are struggling.
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A look at three leading contenders for the Nobel Peace Prize.
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In Minnesota, that's the latest question being discussed in the debate over gun control.
Open Carry Supporters Demonstrate At Starbucks By
Starbucks is a company that allows customers to openly carry handguns in states that permit it.