Why Do They Hate Obamacare? By
There probably are valid arguments to be made against the Affordable Care Act. The problem is that Tea Partiers aren’t making any arguments at all.
The Paranoid Style Of Being Anti-Obama By
One historian’s analysis of the 1964 presidential election offers an explanation of the American far right’s intransigence today.
You Can Be Too Careful: Calculating The Risks Of Energy Resources By
While there’s no risk-free utopia to be achieved, America’s current evaluation of the risks of various power sources tends toward the irrational.
A Primer On The Dangers Of Nuclear Power By
Most everything is at least slightly radioactive, and there’s no truly safe level of radiation. But some radiation is more dangerous than others.
Fukushima: What Sort Of Crisis? (Part 2) By
Media reports of radioactive leaks into the Pacific Ocean are conflating — and exaggerating — two separate incidents, while ignoring legitimate safety issues.
Fukushima: What Sort Of Crisis? By
The media plays on nuclear contamination fears, drowning out far more lethal consequences of Japan’s tsunami while exaggerating the dangers of nuclear power.
Explaining America By
Why are we so different from Europe, or other industrialized nations?
The News: It’s Not All Bad, Is It? By
In a roundabout way, the media's focus on disasters and scandals obscures the fact that conditions in America are actually deteriorating.
An Eye For An Eye In A Dog-Eat-Dog World? By
Is conflict simply an inescapable fact of existence, or are there alternatives?
Rethinking Privacy In The Age Of Mass Surveillance By
Privacy and security need not be mutually exclusive; we just need to remember why people keep secrets in the first place.