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Jeffrey Cavanaugh is a Mint Press political analyst and columnist specializing in international relations and US policy. He holds a Ph.D. in International Relations, specializing in International Security and Conflict. He has worked as a political science and public administration lecturer at Mississippi State University. Cavanaugh also writes about farm politics and policy, where his work has appeared in agriculture news publications in Illinois.
The Southern Democrat Will Rise Again By
The South today is not what it was, and the South of tomorrow will not be what it is today, so don’t count the Southern Democrat out just yet.
Like Eric Garner, We Are All Caught In A System Designed To Fail Us By
Like the cop who choked out Eric Garner, our corrupt, unjust and unbalanced system is crushing the life out of the economy for everyday working people, who are increasingly falling behind and becoming ever more insecure as time goes on.
Tracing America’s Legacy Of War From Atlanta To Aleppo By
Union Army Maj. Gen. Sherman understood the full extent of the cruelty, atrocities and death that are required to “win.” Looking now toward the Middle East, it’s important to consider to what extent we’re willing to take our actions to succeed.
The GOP Shows What Fear And Loathing Can Do In An Election Cycle By
With Dems largely unlikely to turn out for non-presidential elections, the GOP was able to use a manipulative strategy of fearmongering and playing on people’s ignorance to get its voter base to the polls, eager to “take this country back.”
The Right To Vote Shall Not Be Infringed — Or Shall It? By
Is the right to vote as much of a right as we think it is? Despite a number of amendments to the Constitution that have expanded access to voting booths, the Constitution still doesn’t approach voting with a positive “one person, one vote” theory.
Catching A Glimpse Of America’s Future In Ferguson By
The demographic, cultural and economic changes unfolding in America will eventually leave the country looking a lot like Ferguson today: divided between a rich, white minority establishment and a largely disenfranchised, multi-racial majority.
Why Conservatives Have Turned Against Education Reform By
Conservatives are approaching Common Core as if it were some kind of communist plot intended to put a nail in the coffin of the notion of American exceptionalism by teaching U.S. schoolchildren the facts about history and, worse, science.
ISIS And The Middle East’s Long Con By
Two weeks have passed since the United States initiated a war against the group known as the Islamic State and, like clockwork, the obvious has occurred. First, the Islamic State’s advance has been more or less checked where most experts thought it would be: along Iraq’s
Post-Heroic America Throws A Temper Tantrum By
Like children who cannot understand why they should eat their vegetables, Americans are unhappy with the idea that there are limits we must face up to and confront.
L’affaire de Salaita And The Israel Lobby’s Cardboard Castles By
How one relatively unknown professor’s dismissal from an unremarkable department at a big state university reflects the weakening pro-Israel lobby.