Do More Guns Really Mean More Safety? Ask Australia By
Australia’s experience with guns proves that America’s problems with guns are not natural, nor are these problems simply the price we must pay for freedom. Australia is no less free a place for banning guns and is quite a bit safer
June Wasn’t All Wins For Left-Wing Culture Warriors By
Why has the left been so successful on the cultural front of late, but seemingly unable to stop the juggernaut of global capitalism in any meaningful way? Follow the money, or at least, the divisions in the sources of that money.
Rhetorical Gymnastics: When Cops And White Racists Get Away With Terrorism By
A white terrorist who guns down black people at a church is “mentally ill,” white cops who choke a man to death for selling cigarettes act in “self-defense,” and three dead young Muslims shot by an Islam-hating white guy are the victims of a “parking dispute.”
Wanton Violence Marks Decline Of Israeli, Palestinian Hopes For Peace By
As Israelis and Palestinians increasingly move to kill, or at least gravely injure, one another with their motor vehicles, it’s clear that those traveling the highways of hopelessness have hate in the passenger seat.
100th Anniversary Of Armenian Genocide Reflects A Politically Inconvenient Reality By
A massacre can be termed genocide in one country, an atrocity in another, or something barely worth mentioning in a third. But at what point can we all agree to use the “G”-word? The answer to that question is largely a political matter.
Ferguson And Now Baltimore Prove There’s No Free Lunch By
We pay, one way or the other, for the way our country leaves the poor out on a limb and far from a leafy gated community.
Prohibition Madness Finally Being Seen As Madness By
The insanity of marijuana prohibition is beginning to be seen as exactly that, and a California voter initiative next year represents potentially the greatest challenge to prohibition yet.
Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Law Is Antithetical To American Values By
New “religious freedom” laws are a last-ditch effort to fend off threats to traditional conservatism, which has been continuously upended for 50 years. Yet they’re bound to make these socio-cultural backwaters even less appealing places to live, work and invest.
Herrenvolk Israel: Netanyahu And The Decline Of Israeli Liberalism By
What America wants to see in Israel is a plucky little liberal democracy bravely standing up for its persecuted people. Instead, it’s a right-wing bully -- bigoted, arrogant, aggressive, self-righteous, militant and ultimately very dangerous.
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back Since Selma And Vietnam By
It’s been 50 years since the march on Selma and U.S. Marines landing in South Vietnam. Yet little has changed, as domestic issues take a backseat to American-led wars being fought farther and farther from our shores.