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Frederick Reese is lead staff writer for Mint Press specializing in race, poverty, congressional oversight and technology. An award winning data journalist and creative writer for over 15 years, Frederick has written about and worked for social advocacy projects and personal awareness efforts. Frederick is a jack-of-all-trades, with work experience as a teacher, a pastry chef and a story writer. Frederick has publication credits with Yahoo!, B. Couleur, and more. A native New Yorker, Frederick graduated from Colgate University in 1999 and Johnson & Wales University in 2003. Frederick started his journalistic career writing for his university’s newspaper, “The Colgate Maroon-News,” before starting and heading his own magazine, “The Idealist.” Most recently, Frederick received a data journalism award from the International Center for Journalists for his minimum wage coverage for MintPress. Follow Frederick on Twitter: @frederickreese
America Needs A Way To Police The Police By
Communities want to be safe, and police want to do what’s asked of them by both the public and City Hall without fear of recrimination. To strike this balance, communities, law enforcement and politicians are going to need work together.
Sacrifices In Journalism And Whistleblowing: A Tribute to Truth-Tellers By
Whistleblowing was the buzzword of 2013 and 2014. Snowden and Assange are the big names splashed around headlines, but they’re not the only ones going to great lengths to preserve the Fourth Estate and, in doing so, saving democracy.
Auto Mafia: State Bans On Tesla Sales Expose Monopolistic Nature Of Franchise Laws By
Once seen as the wheels of choice for the environmentally conscious or the socially pretentious, Tesla Motors is shifting in major ways the conversation about electric cars. So what’s stopping sales from keeping pace with gas-guzzlers and other traditional autos?
How Anonymous Revolutionized Revolt By
“There’s a trade-off in place here. There’s a privacy interest involved with accessing private computer systems, but there is also an interest in ensuring the public good,” one Internet researcher tells MintPress, explaining the ambiguities and lack of boundaries
America Needs Another Civil Rights Movement By
“This nation is steeped in racial violence and racial prejudice, and anyone who thinks differently is living in a dream world,” a trial attorney and author tells MintPress, stressing the need to address the underlying issues driving police violence.
Slavery Is Alive And Well In America, Fueled By The Need For Cheap Labor By
Though the 13th Amendment outlawed slavery, forced labor persists in the U.S. through federal guest worker programs, a focus solely on sex trafficking, and an economy that puts cost effectiveness ahead of human rights.
The Bitcoin Hype Has Been Spent, So What’s Next? By
It’s been a rough year for the bitcoin. Going forward, it may turn out that the cryptocurrency’s greatest value lies in what it reveals about the flaws in the cryptocurrency model. Addressing these flaws could ultimately revolutionize the ways we think about and handle
The Bitcoin Hype Has Been Spent, So What’s Next? By
It may be the case that the cryptocurrency is most valuable as a development platform for other products -- products that could ultimately revolutionize the ways we think about and handle data.
GOP Needs To Clear Net Neutrality, Immigration Reform Hurdles On The Way To 2016 By
The Republicans’ midterm success may be more reflective of Democrats not getting out to vote than representative of a strong GOP base that’s able to hold onto power past 2016.
2014 Elections Paint Gruesome Future For Republican Party By
With Republicans likely to take the Senate on the back of the “six-year itch,” the lead-up to 2016 is going to reveal whether the GOP can overcome party in-fighting and come up with a unified front to address the nation’s dilemmas.