Neoliberal Nihilism On Display As GOP Shuts The Federal Government Down By
With the ongoing government shutdown, the Republican Party has taken its anti-Obama extremism to a new level.
Women At Twerk: The Whitewashing Of White Female Sexuality By
Why is explicit White female sexuality celebrated when its Black counterpart is demonized?
Temporary Employment And The Continuing Permanence Of Poverty By
There isn't a lot of economic wiggle-room for the low-wage American worker.
US Stance On Syria Reveals Our Ever-Shifting Definitions Of ‘Terrorism’ By
Although the Syrian opposition includes citizens of Syria and defectors from the Assad regime, a large portion of the fighters are blacklisted by US officials.
From A March To A Crawl: The 50th Anniversary Of The I Have A Dream Speech By
Could Dr. King have imagined that although infant mortality has declined over time for both Blacks and Whites, the gap between the races is wider today than it was in 1950?
Gangster See Gangster Do: Ethnic Double Standards And Media Violence By
When something depicts Blacks committing gang violence, it's irresponsible "glorification." When it's Whites doing the same thing, it's art?
Federal Judge Says What We Already Know: Racial Profiling Is Unconstitutional By
Racial profiling is too often looked upon as a minor nuisance but not as a form of victimization.
America’s Racist Past Isn’t Dead By
To cite Faulkner, it isn't even past.
US Politician Blames White Culture For Crime Wave In White Communities By
Are drunk driving, school shootings, glorification of Italian-American gang violence, child abuse and white-collar crime evidence of the crisis among Whites?
What The Zimmerman Verdict Tells Blacks In America: Black Children Are Not Children By
Black children, especially boys, are viewed as problems to be solved rather than potential to be released or promises to be fulfilled.