Escalation Feared In Syria Amid Threats Over Ongoing Chemical Strike Investigation By
The U.S. has already distanced itself from a U.N. investigation of an alleged chemical weapons attack, as regional war looms.
The Middle East Realigns… Again By
New and sometimes unexpected friendships are forming as the entire region adjusts to the violence unfolding in Cairo.
Al-Qaida Is Back And More Brutal Than Ever By
Experts are now worrying that al-Qaida's gains in Syria represent "the greatest threat to U.S. national security.”
Syrian Stalemate: Despite Rebel Victories, Assad’s Not Going Anywhere By
Analysts say the road ahead for the opposition seeking to overthrow President Bashar Assad is not promising.
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Risks Political Suicide With Continued Protests By
Both the Brotherhood and the military-backed interim government are upping the ante as the struggle for power escalates.
Hamas-Led Gaza Faces Dwindling Options, Supply Lines After Losing Egypt’s Support By
After ousting President Morsi, Egypt's military has put a clampdown on Hamas-led Gaza's only connections to the outside world.
In Egypt, Reconciliation Appears Distant Despite US Call For ‘Inclusive Transition’ By
As a U.S. official visited Egypt, ousted President Morsi's supporters and opponents alike accused the other of receiving U.S. backing.
Revolution Or Coup? Whatever It Is, Egypt’s Crisis Is Deepening By
Violence is on the rise following an increasingly divided opposition's ousting of controversial President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.
US Mulls Its Options As Syria Conflict Threatens To Escalate Into Proxy War By
It's still unclear what the plan is after Obama announced that the U.S. will arm certain Syrian rebels fighting the Russia-backed Assad government.
Is The Syria Conflict Inching Toward A Political Solution — Or Toward Military Intervention? By
Even as U.S. and Russian officials discuss new peace talks, a U.S. senator sneaks into Syria to call for new arms shipments to the opposition.