Obama Promised To Divulge More On Drones But Here’s What We Still Don’t Know By
The exact number of casualties and precise rationale of the U.S. drone strikes remain uncertain, but the information we do know came through leaks and independent reporting.
Drone Makers Gather To Defend Their Much-Maligned Machines By
Far beyond their military uses, drones could pollinate crops, help firefighters or assist families.
In Big Win For Defense Industry, Obama Rolls Back Limits On Arms Exports By
Thousands of parts of military aircraft will be able to be sent to almost any country in the world, now with minimal oversight.
Does The US Pay Families When Drones Kill Innocent Yemenis? By
The military is refusing to release details about what happens when civilians are harmed in drone strikes.
Who Are We At War With? That’s Classified By
President Obama says the U.S. is at war with “Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and their associated forces.” So who are those "associated forces"?
Despite New Pledges Of Transparency, US Silent On Latest Civilian Death In Drone Strike By
On June 9, a U.S. drone fired on a vehicle in a remote province of Yemen and killed several militants and a 10-year-old boy.
Were Taliban POWs Massacred In 2001? No Word Years After US Pledged To Investigate By
President Obama pledged to “collect the facts” on the death of Taliban prisoners of war at the hands of U.S.-allied Afghan forces.
Hunger Strikes And Indefinite Detention: A Rundown On What’s Going On At Gitmo By
It’s been 11 years since the first detainees were brought to Guantanamo Bay. But the future of the prison, and the fate of the men inside it, is far from certain.  With 59 detainees at Gitmo currently on hunger strike, by the military’s count, here’s
Gitmo Defense Lawyers Say Somebody Has Been Accessing Their Emails By
The long-troubled military trials at Guantanamo Bay were hit by revelations earlier this year that a secret censor had the ability to cut off courtroom proceedings, and that there were listening devices disguised as smoke detectors in attorney-client meeting rooms. Now,
Hearts, Minds and Dollars: Condolence Payments In The Drone Strike Age By
The U.S. drone war remains cloaked in secrecy, and as a result, questions swirl around it. Who exactly can be targeted? When can a U.S. citizen be killed? Another, perhaps less frequently asked question: What happens when innocent civilians are killed in drone strikes? In