After Legalizing Marijuana, Unemployment Plummets In Colorado By
According to a report from the New Data Frontier, which focuses on cannabis industry data, there could be as many as 283,000 jobs in cannabis by 2020.
Monsanto PCBs May Leave Orca Pod ‘Doomed to Extinction’ By
The Guardian reported last Tuesday that Lulu, the full-grown whale who died, “was a member of the UK’s last resident pod and a postmortem also showed she had never produced a calf. The pollutants, called PCBs, are known to cause infertility and these latest findings
Congress Agrees To Give Jeff Sessions $0 To Wage War On Medical Marijuana By
Considering Congress also bears responsibility for decades of the failed war on drugs, it is telling that in recent years, those same lawmakers have appeared to soften their stalwart approach.
Internet Trolls Show Ridiculous Nature Of Trump’s New Illegal Alien Hotline By
Immigration and Customs Enforcement did not find the troll calls amusing.
New Data Reveals Opioid Deaths Are Being Underreported By
As awareness of the epidemic continues to grow, further hazards of the pharmaceutical class of drugs are being revealed — including potentially higher numbers of deaths caused by their use.
Canada Moves To Legalize Recreational Marijuana By
If the law is passed, it will undoubtedly cut into crime rates in Canada, where tens of thousands of marijuana users are still arrested for possession every year.
Toxic Chemical Spill 100 Yards From Lake Michigan Closes Beaches By
The United States Steel company reported the leak occurred on Tuesday due to equipment failure at its Portage, Indiana.
800 Families File Lawsuit Against Saudi Arabia Over 9/11 By
Until late last year, families of 9/11 victims were unable to sue foreign countries over their potential involvement in the attacks.
U.S. Drone Strikes Have Gone Up 432% Since Trump Took Office By
The Trump administration has provided little acknowledgment of the human toll these strikes are taking.
Pepsi, Coca-Cola Facing Boycotts In India Over Water Use By
"Coca-Cola is the number one buyer of sugarcane in India and Pepsi is number three. If you take into account the water used for sugarcane, then we’re using 400 litres of water to make a bottle of Cola."