Ron Paul To Trump “Assange Is A Hero… Don’t Declare War On The Truth” By
Former presidential candidate and outspoken anti-war proponent, Ron Paul scolds President Trump on Wikileaks witch-hunt.
In Latest Reversal, Trump Concedes Iran Complying With Nuclear Deal By
Is this another US President Trump flip-flop, or is he finally getting some good foreign policy advice?
Comey Used Buzzfeed’s Fake Dossier To Build His Trump, Russia Collusion Case By
The entire dossier was such fiction that the majority of mainstream news media outlets refused to run the story. It took fake news listicle site Buzzfeed to publish the dossier, and very fake news CNN to reference the Buzzfeed article.
ISIS Launches Second Mosul Chemical Weapons Attack In Two Days By
This is the second chemical weapons strike from ISIS in just two days, as the jihadist forces try to push back Iraqi government forces’ advance in Mosul.
Doctors for Human Rights Accuses White Helmets Of PR Stunt To Trigger War In Syria By
A bombshell analysis from the Swedish NGO Doctors for Human Rights (SWEDHR) accuses the Syria Civil Defense (aka the White Helmets), of falsifying information about its “humanitarian work” in Syria.
The US Military Machine Summed Up In An Infograph By
$596 billion budget, 800 plus bases. The massive US military machine summed up in this Infograph
Rand Paul Introduces Tulsi Gabbard’s Stop Arming Terrorists Act By
The bill, aptly named the Stop Arming Terrorists Act, aims to put an end to the illegal arming of terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.