Arab States Considering Alliance With Israel To Curb Iranian Influence

Trump said the plan would potentially have an enormous impact on the balance of power in the Middle East, which is currently seeing a regional rivalry and proxy wars between Saudi Arabia and Iran.
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    The Trump administration is in discussions about the formation of a regional Arab security alliance with Israel as a counterbalance to Iran’s influence in the Middle East, according to Arab officials.

    The alliance would include Egypt and Jordan, both of whom recognize and have peace treaties with Israel, as well as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, neither of whom recognize Israel but are known to have covertly shared intelligence in the past.

    “They’ve been asking diplomatic missions in Washington if we’d be willing to join this force that has an Israeli component,” one Arab diplomat said, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    “Israel’s role would likely be intelligence sharing, not training or boots on the ground. They’d provide intelligence and targets. That’s what the Israelis are good at.”

    Speaking during a Wednesday joint news conference with the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump said the plan would potentially have an enormous impact on the balance of power in the Middle East, which is currently seeing a regional rivalry and proxy wars between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

    “It is something that is very different, hasn’t been discussed before,” said Trump.

    “And it’s actually a much bigger deal – much more important deal in a sense. It would take in many, many countries and would cover a very large territory.”

    Netanyahu, who has previously boasted of the cooperation between Israel and the Gulf states, also praised the idea.

    “I believe that the great opportunity for peace comes from a regional approach from involving our newfound Arab partners,” he said.

    The effect of the agreement would be similar to the NATO alliance’s mutual defense policy, where there is a collective responsibility to respond if one member is attacked.

    Such an alliance would prove controversial as, aside from the Gulf states not officially recognizing Israel, the populations of those countries are resolutely pro-Palestinian.

    However, another Arab official told the WSJ that the Trump administration could use the designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation – which the Egyptian government has already implemented – as an incentive for Egypt to join the alliance.

    The officials added that the Trump administration had approached Egypt to host a combined force, but that Saudi Arabia was also keen to join. Any alliance would effectively expand upon the Saudi-led coalition that is currently waging a campaign of air strikes against the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

    Though Trump has repeatedly said his government would be the most pro-Israel ever, he has recently stepped back from a promise to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a move which would be illegal under international law.

    According to the officials, this may be another concession to the Arab states in order to incentivize the creation of the regional alliance.

    Major General Ahmed Asiri, a military adviser to Saudi Arabia’s defense ministry, refused to comment on the proposal to the WSJ.

    “With Israel, we don’t have official relations,” he said.

    However, he added that the “the Israelis are facing the same Iranian threat, exactly like us.”

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    • Jonathan Munoz

      I hope peace come between the Arabs and Israelis so that way we can stop the Islamic radicals.

      • tapatio

        A$$H0LE Just who do you think controls Saudi Arabia – source of 95% of all “Islamic radicalism”? The JEWISH Rothschild family that put the Saud family in power, with their diseased Wahhabi cult.

    • Krishna E. Bera

      “Considering”? The countries named already cooperate with Israel in oppressing the Palestinians and attacking Syria.
      Iran has never invaded another country. Why are they considered a threat? Why shouldnt Iran have the right to a nuclear arsenal, like any other country?

    • tapatio

      Since the Rothschild family, founders of Zionism and Israel, have supported the Saud family (FUNDAMENTALIST/WAHHABI rulers of Saudi Arabia) since the Sauds began to rise in power in the early 19th Century and the Rothschilds are the de facto heads of the vast majority of Judaism……….it would seem rather obvious that the outlaw state of Israel and the states that control the Arabian Peninsula have been close allies (Masters/puppets) for more than 150 years.

      The film, Lawrence of Arabia (1962), serves as a great basis for research into how a cult like the Wahhabi (the “Southern Baptists” on steroids, of Islam) came to control the vast majority of Sunni Islam. The Sunni had once been almost as civilized as the Shia branch of Islam. Today, under the dominance of the Wahhabi Sauds (and their Zionist masters), they have become the source of 90+% of terrorism in the world today.

      The rise of Wahhabism is a copy of the rise of Talmudic Judaism, which controls 65 to 85% of Judaism today. Many of the, ah, practices of Judaism are rather distasteful. However, some Jews follow the Torah (the “Old Testament” of Judaism), while an increasing number follow the Talmud, a more recent set of Jewish teachings, with a completely sociopathic world-view…….in essence – “THE WORLD EXISTS TO SERVE THE ‘CHOSE’ MASTER RACE”

      Jews are NOT a “race” at all. The early Jews WERE Arabs who became Jews. Virtually all of these Arab Jews were wiped out at tel Meggido in 135 CE. Those who, unfortunately, escaped spread their sociopathic/predatory delusional system to barbarians in what is now Poland and the Ukraine. More than 95% of today’s Jews have NO MORE than trace DNA from Semitic regions of the world. They are almost exclusively descendents of those Eastern European barbarians with whom the escaping Jews came in contact.



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    • Norm
    • Norm