Anti-semitism, Islamophobia On The Rise In Europe

"We are facing many crises now, however, growing anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and racism are the biggest threats to Europe's future."
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    There has been a steep increase in anti-Semitic and Islamophobic acts, online hate speech and xenophobic political discourse during 2014 in Europe, according to the Council of Europe’s Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI).

    The findings were made in the commission’s annual report released on Thursday.

    The report highlighted the violence targeting Jews, Muslims, blacks, immigrants and the LGBT community and noted that it had “dramatically increased” in Europe.

    “We are facing many crises now, however, growing anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and racism are the biggest threats to Europe’s future,” Council of Europe Secretary-General Thorbjorn Jagland said in a statement.

    The report noted that Europe was witnessing a growing trend of Islamophobia, often expressed in views that saw Islam as inherently opposed to European values of democracy and secularism, which ignored the reality of Muslim communities.

    It also said that insults and physical attacks on Jewish people and institutions had increased significantly.

    The report also highlighted the fact that discrimination of people of African descent was still “widespread” in many European countries. It said that this was due to “traditional racist stereotypes, often based on age-old images of black people founded during the era of colonialism and slavery, to perceptions of Africans as unwanted economic migrants, to a fear of the ‘other,’ in this case visibly symbolized by the different skin color.”

    The report also noted that as the numbers of refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants entering Europe continued to increase, those who made it, often faced a grim reception, characterized by detention, insufficient social assistance and a hostile public opinion in most European countries.

    About LGBT phobia, the report said that there had been “progress in some countries and problems in others, where LGBT people still experience unacceptably high levels of stigma, intolerance and discrimination.”

    Jagland urged political leaders to take decisive steps to stop this dangerous trend.

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    • Fantastic Rice Crackers

      I think they forgot to mention that the vast majority of anti-semitic attacks in Europe are perpetrated BY Muslims, and its the Jews that are getting Islamophobic more than anyone else.

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    • Jack Costello

      Uh….what did the EU leaders think would happen when a million muslims showed up in boats? What education, skills, and resources are they bringing with them? Refugee status. You better believe this is just the birthing pains of something that could escalate in to full blown cleansing.

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    • Adam Braun

      What do you expect to happen when you try to turn Europe into a disgusting cess pit? Please Explain.

      • Sir Heywood J.


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    • Muja

      Well so much hatred being served against Islamists. Where is any proof. Aside from these cherry picked articles, which are in abundance on the internet. Oh and I believe everything that is said on the internet. By all those so called unpaid news writers. Fact still remains. 6 million Jews were killed by Hitler. And Hitler was a Christian. Leave alone Mussolini. The Lord’s resistance army of Uganda are very kind people who served death to all. The crusades were good people who killed innocent Christians and raped Christian women and looted christians for 4 days. All this are historic facts. History repeats itself. The Roman Catholic church apologies for the crusade 800 years later. And now these hate miners are preparing yet another crusades.

      • bob

        Historical fact ?mmm not quite.
        Approx six million jews exterminated

        Lords resistance army it`s leader in the Hague on trial I believe

        Crusaders . agreed religious army but I cannot find your referance to your comment on them .

        • dubinsky

          why would you link to such total horseshart?

      • Jack Costello

        You are aware that a half million Muslims have arrived in boats in Greece and Italy, yes? That’s the issue. No one wants Muslims in their country. It’s very simple.

      • Fantastic Rice Crackers

        Don’t forget that the Crusades were a almost a defensive military action meant to RETAKE the middle-east because it was Christian before the Caliphates conquered and submitted its populace to conversion or subjugation.

    • tut

      Muslims prey on victims, from young girls to the elderlies, that would soon also include Liberal traitors and their offspring, despite their wishful thinking, if the rest in the West let the trend continue, due to ignorance, passivity, and denial. %49 Muslims support Bin Laden. %38 Muslims support 9/11 attack that killed 3,000 civilians. %49 and %38 of something is NOT a tiny minority like the Muslims try to deceive (taqiyya/kitman) non-Muslims to believe.

      British girls got raped by Muslims on industrial scale

      1,400 young white girls got raped by Muslims

      2nd generation Muslim beheaded a 82 year-old grandmother in UK

      Muslim stabbed and killed a 96 year-old woman in Denmark

      Muslims beat random couple in Denmark with bottle and iron chains in the face (warning: disturbing graphics) then laughed in court.

      There are now more than 100 Shariah Courts in UK, just added first official Shariah judge on the bench, with Muslim laws allowing honor-killing, stoning, sex-grooming, enslaving women, polygamy, voiding non-Muslim and women’s rights to properties and inheritances, etc.

      Malaysia have been imposing Shariah Law on non-Muslims.

      Same with Indonesia

      Same with US. Shariah Law has directly challenged the US Constitution in 146 known cases so far (unreported figure was much higher and likely to be higher still in the future)

      US Muslim so-called college students (Brooklyn College) salute ISIS (warning: some disturbing graphics)

      2nd generation US Muslim killed 4 non-Muslims

      US Muslim convert beheaded 54-year-old woman

      US Muslim convert stabbed 2 old men just because they were non-Muslims

    • Sean

      I guess this article is trying to blame all of this on white people. I guess we’re to believe that antisemitism doesn’t exist in the Muslim community. I guess we’re to believe that Muslims support the LGBT community. We’re to believe that Black/African Muslims and Christians don’t hate each other. We’re to believe that Muslim fanatics are not committing genocide against Christians throughout the Middle East and in Africa. We’re to believe that Muslims in Europe are not grooming and gang raping women and children like we’ve seen in Rotherham England. For 17 years the authorities turned a blind eye to these rapes and then tried to cover it up. This grooming and raping of young girls by Muslim men continues all over, especially in countries like Sweden. Yes, it’s Muslims who are the poor little victim in all of this.

      • Sir Heywood J.

        I guess we’re supposed to believe that white nationalists don’t hate Jews, Blacks, Asians, and all other non-whites too. Pfft!

    • PeterMBeck

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    • “islamophobia”: a fake word used to by islamists and social justice warriors(scum) to silence the critics of the most fascist, disgusting, pathetic, violent, evil, twisted, foul and misogynistic cult in the world.

      • Abel Ramirez

        For second I thought u were talkin abt Christianity

    • avenger 3

      LOL! No people on the face of the earth are more anti-semitic than Muslims, especially the Muslims in Europe.

    • William Wilberforce

      Anti Semitism; due to the tsunami of muslims, islamphobie; all facts about islam/muslims are “racist, xenophobe and bigotry ” Islam/muslims only produce : hate, death, destruction and stupidity. They are 70% of the inmates in European country and 85% of welfare recipients. Who is to blame?

    • April Marano-Ford

      People are becoming less tolerant of others…and this is on the rise in the United States as well.

    • john smith

      EU countries are blind to the perils of the Islamic cult, but they are rapidly learning hard lessons. In addition to suffering intolerant Islam, these countries are experiencing a significant spike in social aid for immigrants. Rape of Christian women is going thru the roof – in some countries 100% of stranger rapes are done my muslim men. Don’t take my word for it. Please do the research yourself and have a look at other YT videos (Islam in Sweden,
      Germany, UK, etc).

      How do Muslim countries treat non-Muslims? Saudi Arabia forbids any non-Muslim citizenship. Furthermore, they charge all non-Muslims a TAX (Jizya) if they want to live there! Non-Muslims are forbidden from entering Mecca/Medina. That’s fair right? You wouldn’t want to live there, however, because you will be a constant
      target. Part of their cult policy (Quran) is to behead you if you do not adopt Islam. They are habitual liars with an agenda. Wherever they travel – violence and death follow. Do not apologize for denying them citizenship.
      Islam is in direct conflict with Freedom as you know it.

      Do not attempt to reason with a Muslim. They are brainwashed and their faith prevents them from all reason.
      Forget multiculturalist garbage. It is not unreasonable to disallow Muslims from Western integration – it is IMPERATIVE to preserve freedom. It is fair play given their terms for non-Muslims.

      Those countries that allow the cancer in will eventually be doomed to internal conflicts similar to Muslim & Jewish settlement areas. It is not a pretty way to live. Walls will go up and the violence will begin as your former Country is transformed into a ghetto. Islam has an agenda to convert the entire world. It is far easier to fight them at a distance than fight them once they arrive in your cities. Believe me – it will be a fight between Freedom & Islam.

      I repeat – Islam is not a religion – it is an intolerant theocratic cult.

      Spread the word!!!

      PS: I’m agnostic-atheist. I respect all religions that respect me. Islam does not qualify.

      Please read:
      1. ISLAMIC INVASION OFSWEDEN HAS LED TO RAPE CRISIS. Muslims raped over 300 Swedish children and 700 women in first 7 months of 2013 TIP OF THE ICEBERG as 90 percent of them go unreported

      2. 1,400 English Girls Raped by Multiculturalism by dennis prager 9/9/14

      3. Sweden: Muslims rape over 700 women and 300 children within the first seven months of 2013: Crime report
      by Admin 10-13-13 Source: Brottsförebyggande rådet, BRÅ.

      4. Muslims committing 95% of rapes against Norwegian women Source CBN news 10-19-12

      5. The Muslim Rape of Christian Nuns by Raymond Ibrahim 10-28-14

      I could keep going but my point is made, so please do some research and read the rest.

      • Awal Bin Yahkub

        You are the most dumbest person on earth and you are writing in template.

        • john smith

          what do u mean ‘writing in template’?

        • Tom Chayroobi

          You can say “most dumb” or “dumbest”, but not “most dumbest”, because then you sound like the mostest igorantest, and, like john smith, I have no idea what “writing in template” means, but I’d love to know

    • Ahmad

      Aside from the article’s obvious Islamic propaganda, The antisemitism is caused primarily by Muslim immigrants who consider jews their no.1 enemy. All synagog attacks, random shootings,… are made by Muslim Immigrants. However the author wants to portray it as white racism!! how gullible do u think we are?!

    • Daniel Beggs

      Islamophobia, to any degree in Europe and in a lot of other countries is perfectly understandable, and IS HARDLY a threat to the respective country’s future. PLEASE, give me a break!!!!!

    • bob

      The ecri always find some thing that does not pander to their policy of “thought policing” It`s the only way that they can see of spending huge amounts of taxpayers money that they receive .

    • hanspy

      Maybe we just get really sick of all those religions and the problems they create. And i mean ALL religions.

      • Adam Braun

        Bullshit, my religion is a natural religion of racism.