‘Sabotage’ Attempts On Dakota Access Pipeline Days Before It Goes Operational

The developer of the Dakota Access pipeline has reported "recent coordinated physical attacks" on the much-protested line, just as it's almost ready to carry oil.
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    South Dakota — The battle was lost, but apparently the war continues on for water protectors who are still trying to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

    The Associated Press is reporting that suspected vandals, possibly individuals from the #NoDAPL campaign, have burned a hole in the side of the pipeline with what appears to have been a blowtorch.

    “The South Dakota attorney general’s office confirmed one incident of what it called ‘felony vandalism’ southeast of Sioux Falls,” AP reports.

    Tribal activists, or water protectors, are denying any involvement in the incident.

    No injuries have been reported, and there are no suspects in custody, officials say. The FBI has reportedly been notified.

    The vandalism comes just days before the pipeline is set to become operational.

    The DAPL has been the source of much contention between the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, environmental activists, and militarized law enforcement. The months-long blockade of the pipeline came to an end after heavily armed police evicted the last of the opposition camps on February 23rd.

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    • DAPL is a direct threat to the Dakota tribes living in the area. And really to anyone who needs clean water and useable agricultural land. This pipeline and every other is a direct threat to our living ecosystems, including the human biological. This threat is no less real than if you opened your door to find yourself at gunpoint. What was attempted here is less than what is justified in my opinion. In fact I believe that this kind of activism is non-violent, except in the opinion of the establishment-quo, yet still accomplishes the goal of stopping this pipeline. Creating what DAPL and others financially consider too many delays was always the intention. Acts like this certainly fall into that category.

      Or we can just wait and hope the status-quo will have a compassionate change-of-heart. And until those pipelines keep failing and we are all slow-poisoned, along with all the other things they are doing to destroy the environment. Except by waiting we lose any chance of connecting the dots in any modern judicial system where arbitration becomes the norm and arbitrators are selected by the corporations. These are “desperate times” for many of us. And in my world where I believe that no one should be left out, then when one of us is threatened, we are all threatened.

    • Hoo-fu*kin-ray !!!!!

      Please just be careful and deny the evidence (both as in leaving any before and during, and if claimed to be found after)

    • 17

      It’s about time! But it wouldn’t have been necessary if those “Veterans” had taken their weapons with them the first time.

      • tapatio

        It’s a bit early to start the civil war. But, your point is good.

        • While I am inclined to agree with you that it’s still too early for all-out civil war, there are two things to consider in coming to that conclusion (for all of us involved).

          1. We don’t have the benefit of hindsight to apply to the formulation of our conclusions.
          2. Our biological safeguards (survival instinct – short vs long term) may be preventing us from the clarity we need to know with any real certainty now if it is still too soon.

          Or whether it may really and already be a bit too late…

          • tapatio

            I would strongly suggest that you STFU on that subject before you receive a very early 3:00AM visit. Anything done in that regard at present would be completely counter-productive and self-destructive.

            This is not some cute game where you run off and buy an AR-15 and hope to do something other than be on the 6 o’clock news as a dead domestic terrorist. That is the MOST you could possibly accomplish, besides giving the oligarchy more propaganda tools.

            Go have a bit of wacky-weed and calm down. We need to try some other tactics before accepting the idea of being droned by some junior-airman playing a deadly video game in Nevada. Mostly – we need a few million more people and SKILLED leadership of which we have zero.

            • That seems a little bi-polar to me. Are you getting me confused with someone else or did you just decide you don’t respect me any longer. And you can start with what I said (in quotes) that has turned you like a full moon into what must really freak some people out.

              I cannot imagine what you must have been like when you say you were once “too aggressive”. And by the way, by attacking me aren’t you also being a little bit of a hypocrite within your own self-proclaimed non-violent philosophy? Because clearly you must think words can be violent. Or why else would you attack mine?


              • tapatio

                In case you haven’t noticed, any form of advocacy for violence is illegal in this country now and you skirt really close to such comments. You can murder someone for throwing a bag of popcorn, but God help the kindergarten kid who threatens to “blow-up” a playmate.

                Reread your previous comments and note that you are right on the edge of such advocacy. If your comments are picked up by NSA, you will be seeing some grey sedans passing your house.

                • Well since you didn’t quote me specifically I have to assume you think my entire range of comments are advocating for violence. I mean that seems to be your opinion. I have to disagree emphatically. Especially since I don’t believe violence against an inanimate object is anything like the same as violence against a person, except in the purest sense of the word “violence”. And in which case, our daily lives are full of violence we inflict ourselves. Slamming a door for instance. Raising your voice. Kicking a ball around.

                  I’m sure the law books would call what happened in Dakota corporate vandalism. Or “attempted” since the act did not result in a spill or leak. Of course the authorities in their infinite self-serving wisdom may likely call it terrorism. Like they’ve done now with other forms of non-violent protest. Like with the ag-farm infiltrators, etc. I don’t see it as any more egregious than locking yourself to a bulldozer or climbing a tree and refusing to come down. Or creating any other disturbance that irritates the authorities, but doesn’t hurt anyone in the process.

                  I can’t tell you how often I resisted giving you similar advice about over-doing your opinions when I come across your comments on Israeli/zionist activities that are full-frontal, and in full-color. Aimed at an organization that is probably more invasive of your privacy than any on Earth. Notwithstanding the NSA of course. I generally don’t out of respect, because I see us as on the same side. And for one other, perhaps even more important reason you don’t seem to have considered in your advice on “drawing attention” to one’s self.

                  That others can draw attention to you/me as well. Intentionally or not.

                  Like you in your misplaced concern for my welfare are doing to me now. And consequently in attempting to defend myself (a right we all have don’t we?) I have found I am doing the same thing (crap). I was always taught not to openly fight amongst your allies. and especially if the enemy is watching. So with respect to that your zeal is, in my opinion, only helping to bring attention to both of us. And you’re not helping anyone but them by doing so.

                  I’m a big boy now and can take care of myself, as I have been for most of my 64 years. You have no idea what I’ve been through in my life, so I’d appreciate if you’d try to actually be specifically constructive in your criticism or please stop. At least don’t be so violently uncharming about it. You don’t win friends or respect too easily that way in my experience. Except maybe the kind of respect you give to a capable adversary. something I try not to seek out myself.

                  I don’t want to fight with you.

                  And I thought I was becoming too curmudgeoned in my old age…

                  • tapatio

                    The big difference between Mossad and NSA/FBI/CIA is that Mossad can’t obtain warrants. And, it isn’t worth it for any of them to come after people expressing their opinions (less so with my attorney wife and two cops in the family).

                    My ONLY disagreement was with your interest in “action”. I don’t want to read about some guy getting killed and wonder if I should have said. Otherwise, I agree, we just don’t have the muscle yet to do anything. A few more crises and we will.

                    • Agreed. and “whew”, I’m glad we got through that fairly unscathed…

                      • tapatio


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