New Documentary Exposes America’s Hidden Border War

Discover what is not only a shockingly high body count, but a humanitarian crisis manufactured by the US government, criminal tactics by a bloated Border Patrol, a for-profit prison pipeline, and court system that looks more like a slave auction.
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    With growing attention on the refugee crisis, Obama has pledged to carve out space in the US for those escaping war and violence. But there’s already a humanitarian crisis at America’s doorstep. Due to extreme poverty and violence across Central America, there’s a massive number of people fleeing for their lives.

    In 2014 alone, nearly 47,000 children without parents were arrested while crossing into the US from Mexico. Instead of helping these refugees, Obama has taken on the legacy of Deporter-in-Chief, by ejecting humans at higher rate than any US president. During the first five years of his term, Obama oversaw the deportation of two million people, more than Bush’s entire tenure.

    Families are being torn apart by these policies. In 2014, 4,500 families were deported between October and November. During the same two month period in 2015, the number skyrocketed to 12,500. Staying up to speed, the Obama administration ordered anew wave of raids to kick off the new year, kicking down the doors of hundreds of sleeping women and children, uprooting countless more families.

    To get here, these families risked everything–and most will risk it all again. Beyond the shocking numbers of arrested, jailed and deported, is the hidden side of the war on immigrants. It’s a war that doesn’t just have prisoners, but fatalities. Thousands of them.

    The land itself has become a weapon. Before 1994, there were as few as five bodies of migrants found in the Arizona desert per year. Since 1994, state officials have registered over 7,000 human remains–over 200 per year. Many of the bodies are never found.

    Originally aired as a two-part series for teleSUR English, The Empire Files team investigates the hidden war on the US, Mexico border in this 45 minute documentary. Discover what is not only a shockingly high body count, but a humanitarian crisis manufactured by the US government, criminal tactics by a bloated Border Patrol, a for-profit prison pipeline, and court system that looks more like a slave auction. Featuring hidden camera footage from the Empire’s mass deportation trials ‘Operation Streamline’.

    Watch The Empire’s War on the Border:

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    • ABro1973

      What do you want? I can barely afford to house my own kids. You want to take my money and rescue these people and turn me into a refugee? The increase in immigrants is obviously happening because we helped prior people WE ARE BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF! And you have nothing to lose by saying “make Americans pay for more help!

      • gertrude van voorden

        The 1 % elite owns 75 % of the land worldwide and most of the wealth, leaving the rest of humanity living in substandard poverty. They pay no taxes, fund huge profitmaking wars worldwide. And you are complaining about immigrants taking your money? Besides that americans are refugees, who invaded, colonized lands belonging to an already existing indigenous peoples and as i learn from this docu stole New Mexico from Mexicans, just as they have been landgrabbing lands worldwide, displacing people, deporting people or just genociding people, whenever there is something of interest in the ground or mountains to the large corporations. The US invaded more then 72 sovereign countries after WW II. There are immigrants because of US started wars and because of economic poverty, which should not be that hard to solve.

    • James Wherry

      The criminals who violate America’s laws and try to come in “without inspection” are INDEED dying: they are dying of starvation and thirst in the desert they illegally sought to cross. The criminals in the hate groups of the Far, Far Left should be prosecuted and executed for encouraging their deaths. They are sending these people to their graves.

      Thank God for the border patrol that works to discourage these folks from even trying to commit suicide! As all good Mexican Catholics know, people who commit suicide go to he!!.

      What should be done is that these people should be armed an turned around and sent back to over-throw their governments from El Salvador to Mexico. Then they can tax corporations and end the plutoacracy, right?

      • gertrude van voorden

        And that of an inhabitant of a nation that invaded more then 72 sovereign countries after WW II, possibly murdering some 31 million people, after having landgrabbed not only New Mexico, but the entire Americas, after genociding some 100 million indigenous people there. Shame on you. Google Fallujah and birthdefects to see what crossing the border by americans into Iraq, did to the innocents. 50 % of all pregnancies ending in either miscarriages or horrendous birthdefects. Warcrimes have been committed by US presidents. Arrestwarrants lying ready at the International Court of the Hague. Obama pardoned them all and signed an executive order for a plan to invade the Netherlands, my homecountry, just incase those arrestwarrants were issued. What are you talking about legality. The Iraq and Afghanistan invasions both illegal according International Law. What should be done is ending all these US funded wars and start projects worldwide, so no human has to go hungry or thirsty and can earn a decent living. And about overthrowing How about overthrowing that 1 % elite, mostly in the USA, that own 75 % of the land worldwide, pay no taxes and bleed humanity into oblivion? The world is waiting for americans to stop worldpopulation reduction, to stop TTIP and all other contracts harmful to normal people.

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