AFRICOM’s Secret Empire: US Military Turns Africa Into ‘Laboratory’ Of Modern Warfare

The U.S. military already plans to expand its massive military footprint in Africa and elsewhere to the tune of “several million dollars” a year and thousands of troops.
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    Soldiers of the East Africa Response Force (EARF), a Djibouti-based joint team assigned to Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa, depart from a U.S. Air Force C-130 Hercules in Juba, South Sudan.

    Soldiers of the East Africa Response Force (EARF), a Djibouti-based joint team assigned to Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa, depart from a U.S. Air Force C-130 Hercules in Juba, South Sudan.

    WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has overseen an unprecedented expansion of American military might on the African continent, with dozens of bases and outposts opening there since he took office.

    A Nov. 17 investigation by Nick Turse, a journalist and American military scholar, found that the United States maintains at least 60 bases or military outposts throughout Africa, although not all are actively used at all times:

    “Some are currently being utilized, some are held in reserve, and some may be shuttered. These bases, camps, compounds, port facilities, fuel bunkers, and other sites can be found in at least 34 countries — more than 60% of the nations on the continent — many of them corrupt, repressive states with poor human rights records.”

    Even that figure does not fully encompass America’s reach in Africa. According to Turse’s sources, the U.S. military operates “Offices of Security Cooperation and Defense Attaché Offices” in 38 African countries, while 30 others have agreed to allow U.S. forces to use their international airports as refueling centers.

    U.S. military outposts, port facilities, and other areas of access in Africa, 2002-2015 (Nick Turse/TomDispatch, 2015)

    U.S. military outposts, port facilities, and other areas of access in Africa, 2002-2015 (Nick Turse/TomDispatch, 2015)

    Overall, Turse noted “that the U.S. military has created a network of bases that goes far beyond what AFRICOM has disclosed to the American public, let alone to Africans.”

    The military is slowly lifting the veil of secrecy over its actions in Africa. Turse reported:

    “For years, U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) gave a stock response: one. Camp Lemonnier in the tiny, sun-bleached nation of Djibouti was America’s only acknowledged “base” on the continent.”

    Richard Reeve, the director of the Sustainable Security Programme at the Oxford Research Group, a London-based security think tank, told Turse that the U.S. is using AFRICOM as a “laboratory” where it can experiment with “a different kind of warfare and a different way of posturing forces”:

    “Apart from Djibouti, there’s no significant stockpiling of troops, equipment, or even aircraft.  There are a myriad of ‘lily pads’ or small forward operating bases… so you can spread out even a small number of forces over a very large area and concentrate those forces quite quickly when necessary.”

    After years of denials, the Pentagon has slowly begun admitting to the existence of some of its outposts, with a 2015 Pentagon list now including three “cooperative security locations,” ranging from a medical research facility in Egypt to a seaport in Kenya, and AFRICOM commander Gen. David Rodriguez admitted to the existence of 11 such sites in a May interview with military news publication Stars & Stripes.

    This newfound transparency is likely a prelude to even more military expansion in Africa and elsewhere. On Thursday, The New York Times reported on a Pentagon plan to expand U.S. military might in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, under the pretext of defending against Daesh (the Arabic acronym for the group also known as the Islamic State, ISIS or ISIL) and other forms of Islamic extremism. Under the proposal, submitted originally by former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey, the military would create “hub” bases on three continents by expanding existing bases and cooperative security locations, then using those hubs to create yet more outposts throughout surrounding areas. Pentagon officials told the Times that, “[t]he hubs would range in size from about 500 American troops to 5,000 personnel, and the likely cost would be ‘several million dollars’ a year, mostly in personnel expenses.”

    In his examination of the plan, Shadowproof’s Dan Wright questioned “whether or not support for such adventurism can be found in a nation whose population is exhausted and frustrated by a decade of military blunders and failure.”

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    • oldmountainman

      Guarding Bill and Hillary’s Clinton Foundation’s partners’ dirty resource deals and grabs, and setting up Obama’s turn in the game. Hopefully Trump will put an end to this mercenary use of our military that the MIC also loves to profit from. But with the Exxon Mobil CEO as the Secretary of State, I’m afraid it won’t happen.

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    • James Wherry

      So whose responsible for America’s loss of influence in Africa? Answer: the AMERICAN LEFT. To explain:

      For recent posters: Got It. China and Russia are winning the influence game. Now why? Because they do business without consideration for ethics, morality or corruption. They offer bribes, AND they pledge to stay out of the human rights records of their host nations.

      You want to kill gays? No problem. Oppress minorities or run a dictatorship, not an issue!

      The recent article I’m posting shows Putin’s efforts to win back African influence by decrying the fact that “America has over-stepped its borders.” Why did we do it? Because YOU demanded it. Your position is simply Deflection from the facts.

      • City’sFault

        When did the AMERICAN FAR RIGHT have any monopoly on ethics?

        • James Wherry

          When it sticks to the ideals of human rights and democracy and stops the Far Left from pretending that the Hanoi Hilton, the Gulags of the Soviet Union, and the re-education camps in China, North Korea and Vietnam “aren’t so bad, after all.”

          As to the social right, I’m gay and have finally figured out where I am at with abortion, and it is NOT with those folks. I have little or no use for them. Too bad: they might be a force for good, if they can ever figure out the difference between private morality and public morality that is required to lead a nation and run the Greek Polis.

          • Babba Babbalala

            You American fools need to quit fooling yourselves about democracy export , human right report and so on idealist crap. What your Fed Gov. does around the world is protecting the petro-dollar and oil business. There isn`t even democracy i the US. What there is, is election enchantment for the poor and more money more money song for the rich. Democracy in the US died together with John F Kennedy.

            • James Wherry

              Well, first of all, MintPressNews is located in my country, not your’s. My guess is that dissidents are usually rounded up and imprisoned in your own nation.

              “Petrodollars?!?” Oh, that is SO ancient and ridiculous. You might as well have told me that “you people only support the TyranaSaurous Rex and not us BrontoSauras!” You just dated yourself and you are a FOSSIL, man! Seriously. Now say “Plutocracy!” Oh, that’s a RIP! Looked at what’s happening to oil, today???? Look at where Green Energy is going?

              Be part of the solution, or part of the problem. I know what lengths we went to in Iraq and Africa to push Democracy. All it got us, in many instances, is more Chinese oil production and resource exploitation which leaves Africa and the Middle East with nothing but poverty and fat cat millionaire sheiks. Twenty years from now, where do you think oil will be?

      • Babba Babbalala

        Comman man, be da man, tell de truth. Exxon Mobil is still the cause of so so so many many many many more more more problem all all all alllll ovaaaa daaaa place !! Ha Yu not know da`?

      • mmmdot

        Lol . Look inbred albino Paki, you think just because you FINALLY created a civilization (last people too).. you can have big heads and continue to steal from everyone forever? You egotistical (yet empty) albinos are so filled with bitter, mindless rage that it’s laughable! What are YOU so mad about, white trash incest? Stop trying justify the fact that you evil worthless porky pig colored peons are trying to make everyone as miserable as you clearly are. It’s obvious that you always have been miserable and you always will be miserable, lol. Forever. Deal with it. No matter what excuse you cook up to explain the fact that you bitter, insecure, hideous, rapidly aging, weather beaten, physically weak, mottled pink looking savage beasts are always on a brainless violent rampage, it will never make you albino animals that burn to a crisp in the Sun “natural” or “normal”.

        Work on not indiscriminately raping and killing your OWN white trash women, kids, and gays [Brandon Teena, anyone?] along with everyone else in the world before you open up your mealy mouth inbred albino Hindu mouth again. Mmmkay? You think you can keep the nuclear and biological weapons you use to terrorize people out of everyone’s hands forever? Lol. Good luck with that, you simple minded chump.

      • mmmdot

        Better yet, shoot yourselves in the head. Whites have the highest suicide rates in the U.S. for a reason. So do the world a favor and pick up the guns you stockpile and kill yourselves.

      • LostOdyssey

        Africans don’t want America or the West sticking their noses in their business thank you.

    • James Wherry

      It’s turned into our “laboratory?” Who turned it Africa into a laboratory? Boko Harem, al-Quaeda, ISIL, al-Shebaab – and let us not forget Joseph Kony who proclaims himsef a “christian” – just to be fair to the Muslims.

      And no, al-Shebaab did not rise because of America. After Blackhawk Down, we quickly left and then al-Shebaab rose. Boko Harem we didn’t have anything to do with, and we are successfully hunting down Kony and the child-molesting vermin that support him.

      ISIL? Listen to the former DoD Secrtary, Hagel. I feared him as a Leftist, but by God, he turned out to be the honest one – and has stories that are shared by ALL of the DoD Secrtaries in the past 7 years who have been marginalized.

      • City’sFault

        Boko Haram didn’t just appear out of thin air in one of the most peaceful areas in the word, smarty pants.

        • James Wherry

          America also didn’t create the Somalian Civil War. We tried to help stop it. See the movie, or read the book. It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t about U.S. Soldiers bayonetting babies or raping women, sorry to disappoint you.

          I agree about the Somali people, but I also think the same thing about the other people where perversions of Islam have arisen. “An Unexpected Light; Travels in Afghanistan” is a pre-9/11 view of Afghanistan and it tells of an Afghanistan of welcoming people who are passionately religious, but also accepting of others. In Iraq and Syria, the Sun’ni’s who cling to ISIL for protection from their governments also “like their cigarettes, soccor and whiskey.”

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    • Bantze Hotep

      Africans are sleeping. Their so called leaders are a traitorous comprador classs who needs to chased out for Africa to be free.

      • James Wherry

        There was a recent, thoughtful analysis that pointed out that YES, a major contributor to failed nation-states in the middle east and elsewhere were the post-colonial leaders who turned their nations into dictatorships.

        • City’sFault

          And greedy multinational companies like shell who supported many of those leaders, so as long as they abused their people and turned a blind eye to decimated livelihoods of fishermen, pollution of water sources, loss of farm land used for thousands of years, murder, and other atrocities committed by the multinationals corporation.

          • James Wherry

            Aren’t the Chinese and Russian corporations also “greedy?”

            Sure, U.S. corporations are out to make a buck. Who said they were the Red Cross? But American corporations are fined and face criminal penalties for the things that Russia and China ALLOW and URGE and that is why we are losing the effort to break new ground in business – and in so doing, increase our influence to human rights and democracy. That influence is what allows the POTUS to go to Africa and stand up to them and demand that gays like me are welcomed and accepted.

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    • Voornaam Achternaam

      America … the country of lies, oppression and degradation… The world will be better off without your anglo-saxon cancerous influences.

      • James Wherry

        Thanks for your racist comments.

        Given that we helped bring world peace – twice, and founded the United Nations, and then fought the Cold War to a standstill and saved it once again, one would think your comment was ridiculous.

        One would think. . . .

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        You are certainly more aware than the reactionary sock puppet, James Wheery, that reproaches you. But I think that you may be looking at things too narrowly. Yes, America is a big part of what you complain about, but it’s not everything.

        Federal Reserve/Bubble Machine

        IMF’s four steps to damnation

        The IMF Forgives Ukraine’s Debt to Russia By Michael Hudson
        The IMF has now been drawn into the U.S. Cold War orbit.

        Whitewashing the IMF’s Destructive Role in Greece By Michael Hudson

        • James Wherry

          Add in “post-colonial leaders,” like the Assad family, who promoted dictatorship over democracy, and you might raise a point.

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Hi, Sock Puppet! Yammer us about how over a thousand military bases is peace-loving.

            • James Wherry

              A thousand bases in Japan, Korea and the Philippines weren’t created because of peace, but then Pearl Harbor wasn’t a particularly peaceful act, either.

              • TecumsehUnfaced

                Yep! That was why FDR hemmed them into it by cutting off their oil, so he could get his war.

                • James Wherry

                  FDR didn’t “cut off their oil:” he cut off OUR oil from being used for the rape of Nanjing.

                  Geez: I knew you Leftists had no respect for human rights, but this IS a bit much.

                  • TecumsehUnfaced

                    He waited a long time while all that raping was going on, didn’t he? He only cut off that oil, when he wanted a war. Don’t approve of that, you rabid warmonger?

                    • James Wherry

                      When you intend to deceive Americans, Tec, you usually criticize someone’s “motive,” because they are impossible to prove or disprove. You have no measurement to judge “when FDR wanted a war.”

                      We do not have to trade with anyone with whom we do not want. A blockade IS an act of war. A refusal to trade is NOT. You sound more like the second Star Wars trilogy with the capitalists arguing they had a valid right to blockade Alderaan. Despite your efforts to JUSTIFY the attack on Pearl Harbor, the other alternative by Japan was to stop its invasion of China, or draw back.

                      • TecumsehUnfaced

                        Not my fault that you’re stupidly ignorant and yammer nonsensical blame at others because of it. go crack a history book.

                    • James Wherry

                      You might like this reference, whether I agree with it, or not.

                      It will be fun, arguing your position, the next time I need to argue with the Democratic Party Neo-cons whom I do despise. However, Japan’s actions were NOT justifiable at Pearl Harbor. See my post, directly below.

                      • TecumsehUnfaced

                        I’m glad you have fun humiliating yourself. You certainly had dou44 tromping all over you, didn’t you?

                      • James Wherry

                        You really didn’t read the reference, did you? I at least did you that courtesy.

                        While I do not agree with dou44, he can at least conduct himself civilly. When he starts into your fake Strawman arguments, you can have him back.

                      • TecumsehUnfaced

                        Why do you think that everyone else must indulge your mendacious stupidity? Because you are ineducable?

                      • TecumsehUnfaced

                        Have you noticed yet that you said, “However, China’s actions were NOT justifiable at Pearl Harbor”?

                      • James Wherry

                        Thanks for the catch. However, on my continent, it’s 1123PM.

                        My point was that the reference I gave you supported your conspiracy theory.

                      • TecumsehUnfaced

                        I was laughing at your blaming Pearl Harbor on China. You didn’t even know what you were presenting.

                      • James Wherry

                        Sweetheart, unlike Damascus, it’s the middle of the night, here. Having now changed it, your own comment will hang stupidly, without explanation. But thank you.

                      • TecumsehUnfaced

                        Bang Bang Boy is too stupid to recognize an American much more educated than he, so comes up with a bunch of silly accusations.

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    • Metatron Dodecahedron

      i can buy that same army jacket the a$$clown is wearing in the photo… not one single identifying symbol or name…. it’s All BS

    • John Turner

      This article might be more balanced if it acknowledge the main reason. The Chinese have made a major effort to expand their influence in this region

      • James Wherry

        By openly supporting corruption.

        • City’sFault

          How much are they paying you, James? Or are you another jobless soul?

          • James Wherry

            I am paid nothing for my trouble. Why? Can I get paid for this? Cool.

            Sorry: 0830-1700 job. That’s why it’s 2211, and I’m just now responding to you. No stealing time from my employer, unless I’m at lunch or on break.

    • dou44

      I’m sure the people who live near these bases are just thrilled to have more extremism from colonial overlords. US is an outlaw empire. Go home.

      • James Wherry

        We pour money into the economy. As a CA Officer, I helped with health, education, and projects in Africa.

        * We hosted swimming courses and water survival classes for Kenyan fishermen.

        * We’ve worked with fishermen who grow fish inland for sale in Kenya.

        * We set up Skype exchanges with Kenyan and American children a school.

        * I was putting a $200,000 refurbishment of a government technical school together on one of the Kenyan islands to the North, when I left. They’ve got like a 55% youth unemployment rate, so why not?

        Why DO all these things? Of course: to maintain good relations with the locals and gain Civil Information to try an THWART attacks from Somalia. Haven’t ALWAYS been successful, but we have been, and piracy is also way, way down. So much for the “blame America/hate serive members” thing. Guess all of us knuckle-dragging thugs know almost as much as the arrogant far, far Left.

        • dou44

          You “do” all of these things because the politicians “give” you the permission to spend money and trespass inside others’ countries. The US does not permit foreign gov’t intel agency types to conduct swimming lessons and rehab schools inside the US ( Well, maybe the Israelis are permitted to snoop, unfortunately ). The CIA is just another over funded tool of the Neocons currently waging hard and soft war against sovereign countries such as Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Montenegro, Venezuela, Brazil, and Ukraine. The CIA should be exposing the corrupt Turk-ISIL oil smuggling scheme. Peaceable relations is never the goal.

          • James Wherry

            If you bothered to read the other threads on this website linked to Abu Ghraib, you’d note my comment that Service members must stay out of politics, and the military must be led by civilians. I’m satisifed with that arrangment.

            HOWEVER, as to “trespassing,” please tell me why the Kenyan government i apparently not permitted by YOU to to welcome us into their nation, along with the other JFT-HOA host nations I served in?

            My two assignments were to Uganda teaching “Ethical Use of Force,” something you think we don’t do. Again, us knuckle-dragging thugs and all that. But I am a former JAG, so I was the right person to do so. Karamoja was beautiful. Thanks to American help, the human rights situation changed there, and I’d be happy to explain how and why.

            The POTUS???? A NEO-CON????????? Come on: don’t say stupid things, if you don’t want me to call you stupid. Be at least fair to me: you HAVE to help me keep a civil tone.

            Do your part!

            • dou44

              The president seems to be straddling the fence at times, but since he has not ended the contentious entanglements- if he is even permitted to end them- he is more of neocon than not one.

              This is a silly forum- not the UN nor an international tribunal. You may think some of what I have stated is stupid. I don’t care. I think some of what you stated equates to arrogance and elitism. We can agree to disagree on the ethics.

              • James Wherry

                I apologize: I should practice what I preach. I do not strive to make this or any other website unwelcoming to people who simply do not agree with me, and I may have done so.

                That is rude, and I am sorry.

                Honestly, it is hair-pulling frustration with the Left: too many conspiracy theories out there. I have NO working knowledge of the White House. Heck, I’ve never been any more than a tourist at the Pentagon, even though I’m in the DoD (Who REALLY wants to work in the Death Star, after you’ve seen the first one blown up, anyway?). But the Far Left and the Far Right tend to ignore obvious causes to advance their theories.

                Yes, every once in a while, the conspiracy is true. We definitely DID help the Shah over throw a Democratically-elected government. We certainly supported Pinochet and Marcos and other dictators – at times, so did their people.

                All I am asking for is, please don’t believe the military supports any abuses of local nationals, terrorists or detainees. I’ve listened to more than one aging General Officer or Command Sergeant Major acknowledge that there was a time when we indeed lost the confidence and trust of the American people and that can never be allowed to happen, again.

                When we were preparing to go into Iraq, the General Officers – who know just as much military law as a JAG – looked at their JAGs and their JAGs looked at them. No one officially acknowledged it, but the unspoken word was “FOR GOD SAKES, SOMEONE REALLY SCREWED UP IN AFGHANISTAN WITH ALL OF THAT WATER BOARDING STUFF! [IT WAS THE CIA, BY THE WAY, NOT US]. WHATEVER WE DO, WE CAN’T LET THAT HAPPEN SO WE HAVE TO SET A FIRM STANDARD FOR THE GENEVA CONVENTIONS!”

                Third Army or First Army (I forget, now) sent down word to follow the GCs. The Operations Order (OPORD 03-036, V Corps) was the invasion plan. It spelled it out, and 2 of the first 10 amendments or “Fragmentary Orders” or FRAGOs directed troops with regards to the treatment of POWs and civilians. JAGs including me went out to the field to teach and train. Commanders implemented the policies.

                My grumpiness stems not from the fact you think I am evil, but from the fact you think I am stupid. Do you SERIOUSLY think that anyone in the field doubted how important it was to win over the hearts and minds of the people so they would not shoot at us, or support those that did?

              • James Wherry

                The President is the Commander in Chief. Our Soldiers could have left in 2009 from Iraq and Afghanistan. I was in Iraq, when the POTUS was sworn into office. As one of my CA Commanders said, “I was here in Mosul in 2006: It’s the same dam* pothole, not being reapired by the same dam* Iraqi official. Why are we still here?”

    • amuncat

      Yep! This is being done while our attention is on the Middle East and “refugee” invasion of Europe!

      Remember when Obama sent troops to Africa to help “fight” ebola? Ever hear of them returning? Just like with any other meddling war we get in, first they send “advisors” and then the rest.

      The sad part about Africa is that they are doing all of this for “defense” while the Sudan is being raped and pillaged by the Arabs with impunity…genocide. We are an evil vile bunch..

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    • James Wherry

      *Sigh* Another America-hating screed. Let’s try another approach: ISIL Boko Harem, al-Shebaab, al-Quaeda, the terrorist government of Iran and even Joseph Kony have made African into a lab to cook up evil against the people of Africa. U.S. armed forces work with local governments against those evil, filthy entities.

      • Voornaam Achternaam

        America is the cancer of the world. The Russia-Iran-China axis is the Cure.

        • amuncat


        • Mabelle Vonk

          There’s no cure at all. There are so many kings and queens that blind our eyes and steal our dreams. I wish Africa could unite as one and get a strong military to stop the invaders. Too bad NATO killed Kadaffi.

        • James Wherry

          Yeah, our efforts to promote democracy, human rights and peace are terrible. By contrast, China , Iran and Russia do none of those things and consider the leaders of those countries as “tools” to make money, as Russia, Iran and China take care of their own people at the expense of others. Hey, “You don’t criticize me, and I won’t criticize you.” Meanwhile, women and minorities are oppressed in developing nations, tribalism reigns and war rages. Such a cure we are not worthy of.

          • Actually that’s not true. Actually Russia,China and sometimes Iran helps other countries and work with them for their mutual benefit,and China is actually preferred very much over America in Africa. America exports wars,divisions,plundering and puppets states,China exports investments and capital. Africa has developed very much in the recent years because when America was busy fixing his domestic economy(2007-2009) China was busy investing in Africa.and Africans need investments not wars and weapons. Actually China has more than doubled in investments in Africa thanks US, that’s why US is trying very hard to expand terrorism in Africa in order to interfere with economic developments China has.

            • James Wherry

              Because China and Russia give bribes and ask no changes in human rights or democracy, in return. China helped cause the economic mess and yes, while we were trying to prop the world up, China asked, “What’s in it for me,” and went and helped itself.

              If America acted that way, you’d die of anger.

              • China help bring economic mess in Africa? You must be living in some tiny confined room somewhere in the rural parts of Indiana or something to see things that way..haha. so when Africa has seen more investment and prosperity from Chinese loans and investments which has actually caused Africa to have 6 countries among 10 fastest growing economies in the world is “economic mess” to you?
                So economic prosperity to you is what America caused to Libya since 2011 invasion right?
                That don’t make me surprise that perhaps that’s why 43% of your population is on food stamps or form of government assistance, and yet pilling almost $20 trillion debt…that’s indeed “economic prosperity that US want to export to Africa”
                In my opinion, I don’t think you have credibility to speak about economic matters or global economic architecture at all. You are just patriotic American with a lot of emotions about America. You can’t be logical if you are arguying based on your emotions.

                • James Wherry

                  1. China bribes government officials with cash. Why do you think they do that? The Chinese are shrewd, not foolish with their money. They get a discount, when THE PEOPLE of those host nations might have gotten more money to help their own countries.

                  Why do YOU support government corruption and impoverish those nations? Meanwhile, U.S. corporations are heavily fined in U.S. Courts, if they are found to have given bribes.

                  2. Chinese firms never hire local: they bring in Chinese workers. Why do you support scabs who take jobs from poverty-stricken Africans. Are you anti-union, or are you anti-labor. The Peoples’ Republic of China is BOTH.

                  In short, China does everything you blame America for and America does not. Your arguments are entirely hypocritical from what I can see.

                  NOW, if you’re a Libertarian Republican, knock yourself out: Rand just told us he would not fund travel to the moon, but let private enterprise take care of it. He would certainly not give money or weapons to countries who can pay for it, themselves, I am quite sure.

      • amuncat

        THINK again!!! Since Belgian pillaged Africa and all of the other colonist, Africa has NEVER had the opportunity to self govern. I think of leaders like Patrice Lumumba who was a man of the people, murdered soon after election!
        As long as Africa is rich in resources, they will never let them control their countries. Africa is occupied throughout by America, Europe and China. The Europeans are losing out because the Chinese at least kiss them first by contributing to the community, before taking over!!!!

        • James Wherry

          With greatest respect, no. I thought that a recent assessment of the middle east in a mainstream newspaper. Instead of being part of the “Blame America crowd,” the author started out by reminding us that one of the main problems is that post-colonial rulers (and it HAS been 70-80 years now) adopted dictatorship as the method of rule, hoarding money and denying the people a popular say. See “It’s Our Turn to Eat” as a book you MUST read to comment on Africa. Utterly BRILLIANT read on a post Danial Arap Moi Kenya.

          Second, was the lousy national divisions that cut across ethnic and religious lines and forced tribal groups to compete for dominance with other tribes and sparked endless wars.

          Third, has been resource exploitation. One of my CA Commanders pointed out that “All of the major highways in sub-Saharan Africa run East to West or West to East – from the resources to the ports to China and Europe. He said, “If you really want to help the Africans, help them build roads reading North to South, binding Africa together, and not separating it.”

          Fourth or Fifth on the list was, admittedly, Western involvement. However, I have to say that the UN and the US has tried to get nations to work together.
          Please see my post a few above about my time on the Joint Staff for the Joint Taskforce-HOA in 2012.

          • “Making nations work together” so they can control it easier,NOT so that they can benefit themselves.
            Colonialists had their era in African history,and when it ended American is instilling its Colonial version, that doesn’t require occupation,but using terrorism to keep people scared and ready to leave or focused on their security while American puppet governments plundering their resources.
            1.Look at how America uses Rwanda and Uganda to plunder diamond,gold,Colton and oil in Congo.
            2.Look how America uses Ethiopia and UN to create revolution in south Sudan (UN trucks were found exporting weapons to the anti government rebel fighters and that has been seen in south Sudan, CAR and many other places in Africa.
            They have many other means too like what British was doing to Zimbabwe and Mugabe kicked their ass,and British turned to America to sanction a poor country for trying to keep her own land for food. Tried all means to topple Zimbabwe but couldn’t. Man watch out the country that calls others “the axis of evils” ask yourself who actually is the axis of evils. The truth is in the pudding.

        • shropster

          * We kicked the brutal Taliban out of Afghanistan.

          When the Taliban were in control, the export of opium dropped to zero.
          Now that the CIA have gotten their poppy fields back, Afghanistan supplies up to 80% of the world’s opium.
          You’d better give back one more.
          Where was the bullet point about US being Israel’s lackey?

      • dou44

        No, it is the western oligarchies who did it. Who destroyed Libya in 2011? NATO.

        • James Wherry

          Oh, hey, I’ll give you that one – I’ll even throw in the over-throw of P.M. Mosadaq in Iran. But not much more than that.

          * America opposed colonialism and won.

          * Eisenhower put his foot down on the takeover of the Suez Canal.

          * Nixon and Kissinger negotiate saving Egypt’s Third Army from the IDF and Israel.

          * We supported peace with Jordan and Egypt and Israel.

          * We led the charge for weapons sanctions on Iraq and Iran.

          * We stopped and reversed the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq.

          * We saved the Shi’ites of Iraq’s South by Saddam through our no-fly zone and stopped Sadam in Kurdistan after his An-Fal campaign.

          * We kicked the brutal Taliban out of Afghanistan.

          In short, no, I’m not really sorry about our participation. When it comes to the Syrian Civil War, I prefer to stay OUT because civil wars NEVER work for us. See Mexico, Vietnam, Libya – as you pointed out – and now Syria.

          • dou44

            The US started the Syrian civil war in 2011 by arming mercenaries from Libya, Africa, and the Gulf Sunni monarchies and elsewhere. It is a criminal campaign of terror committed against the Syrian government and the Syrian population. The effort began back during Bush II in 2007.

            Weapons sanctions were/ are a cover for isolating and crippling countries to topple their governments- nothing else. The US has actually used nukes against cities and is the dangerous entity in the world.

            Iraq had every right to stop Kuwait from stealing its oil in 1991 having exhausted all legal means. The US saw it as a way to install a US puppet regime in Baghdad. How is that not colonialism?

            So, the US sides with the 16th century Sunni Gulf monarchies and with corrupt Turkey who is stealing oil from Iraq and Syria and funding the ISIL mercenaries and arsonists against the Syrian people. How is that not colonialism?

            The US has further destroyed Afghanistan and created a failed puppet state that is in permanent war. The US occupation is a disaster in Afghanistan. how is that not colonialism?

            Nixon and Kissinger rearmed the illegal land theft state of Israel in 1972 and saved it from being beaten by Egypt. The US uses illegally nuclear armed Israel a proxy war ally.

            The US has overthrown Ukraine’s gov’t and facilitated ethnic cleansing the east of Ukraine- just as the German allied nazis did in 1941-4 killing 10,000 people. The US is a terrorist state itself guilty of perpetrating exponentially far more atrocities than Hussein, the Taliban, and Qaddafi.

            • James Wherry

              Really? And 40 years of brutality by the Assad regimes had NOTHING to do with this?

              Who is the “Blame America” crowd trying to fool?

              They only thing the Far Left ends up doing is to aid and abet war criminals like Assad by hiding their crimes and pretending they do not exist. You are directly responsible for
              the blood dripping off of their hands. What blood:

              1. How the blood shown in 27,000 photos of the emaciated corpses of the Assad’s
              victims over 40 years. Here: I want you to look at each and every photo and know what YOU are PERSONALLY responsible for.


              2. In 2011, the Arab Spring broke out everywhere in the Middle East, including
              Syria. Innocent, unarmed civilians protested for greater democracy. As usual, Bashir al-Assad sent in his goons and murdered about 114 people. But this time, the people rose up.


              3. You said WE armed terrorists in Syria. How about the terrorists that Syria armed and sent in to Iraq to murder U.S. Soldiers, beginning in 2003-2004? Here are some lovely photos of the IEDs and EFPs imported into Iraq, killing at least 1,000 of the dead and maiming 10’s of thousands.


              4. Assad made Syria the “gateway from the West into Iraq” for Jihadists. Did you ever think how al-Nusra and ISIL knew the land so well, the contacts and who to get their weapons from?


              You got blowback. You want to keep it up? Ignore what I’ve said.
              * * *
              We sold extra wheat and provided satellite photos to Saddam. Hard to think we were trying to topple him.

              * * *

              If you think that Afghanistan was a beauty to behold in 2001, you have no clue what you are speaking about. Question: were you even in high school, then?

              * * *

              Of course Nixon rearmed the LAWFUL government of Israel, but he left office soon after the 1973 war, so you’re really talking about Jimmy Carter, who finished Nixon’s work by helping Israel to GIVE BACK the Sinai.

              No, the U.S. has not over-thrown the corrupt government of The Ukraine: we work with them.

              • Two things you need to go and research (don’t watch politics and go with their rhetoric)
                1.Assad was not brutal,and Syrians even though many of them are Sunni,they liked him very much. And Damascus was never an oppressive regime.all the civil wars during1990’s were western orchestrated just like the Arab spring was.
                America opposes Syria government because it refused to recognize Israel (American little brother and Americans weapons laboratory/innovator.
                2.Arab spring was not started by the countries involved,it was American project of starting revolutions in the middle east in order to topple the unfriendly governments to allow terrorism to spread. It’s a bunch of CIA buying militias from failed states like Libya and Afghanistan and train them to start demonstrating in those governments.
                Don’t relay on the media or politicians to understand the world. Have a geopolitical understanding and do research and use your discernment. These things are not hard unless you are too patriotic to see in a clear minds eye.

                • dou44

                  The proposed Saudi- Qatar- Turk gas pipeline through Syria from the Sunni Gulf Corptacracy is another big policy nugget that the US wanted, but Assad stands in the way.

                • James Wherry

                  First of all, gotta say: LOVE THE PIC! (But don’t tell my husband: he’s an insanely jealous Filipino. He hasn’t quite decided whether he would kill me, first, if he ever found me cheating on him, or make me watch him kill the other guy and then kill me).

                  1. I don’t know anything about ‘Game of Thrones’ photos, but here’s a nice sampling of 27,000 photos of the emaciated corpses of Assad’s victims. I mean, hey: why feed something when you torture them, if you’re only going to murder them, anyway, eh? Take a look at these and see if any of them look like Ned Stark.


                  Now wasn’t that interesting? The Alawaite Shi’ites cultivated a plurality of minorities to suppress and repress the Sun’ni’s.. This was the problem when the Assad family destroyed Homs, the first time. Guess it kinda makes you made, when someone blows up your house – with you and your wife and children in it! The bombing was widely reviewed as “indiscriminate.”


                  Here’s an earlier massacre by Syrian troops near Aleppo by Syrian troops. Again “indiscriminate.”

                  In short, I don’t see any evidence that “things were not that bad” under the Assads. Well, OKAY: not that bad compared to being in an oven in Auschwitz, or on the Baton Death March, but if you have to go to the lengths of using those comparisons, then maybe things were not that good, either.

                  2. The Arab Spring stared by others? Well, first of all, no: this was people rising up to be free. Again, how can you take the side of the Palestinians in one instance, and yet ignore the plight of the suffering of Arabs under dictatorships. Hey, Mubarak was a U.S. ally, but he certainly was a dictator and I know that, perfectly well.

                  But a person’s “motives” is the easiest thing to attack because it’s almost impossible to prove, one way or the other. If someone is your enemy, you imagine the worst against him. Let’s assume that America DID start the Arab Spring. Is that such a bad thing? MintPressNews regularly excoriates the Sun’ni Arab dictators and demagogues. Got it. So you WANTED them to stay in power, now?!? Which conspiracy theory is it? Come on: you’re NOT A WOMAN, therefore you do NOT have the right to change your mind every 15 seconds, Dennim!!! Pick one and stick with it!

                  Would we have been “trying to destabilize the region,” or “trying to bring democracy? At least the Arab Spring succeeded in Tunisia, but I think that’s largely due to the fact that Tuniisia is a “western” country due to its proximity to Italy and those influences. When you poison your people daily with Salafi’ism and Wahabi’ism, Egypt and Libya both found that those “wanting freedom,” were vile jihadists. “Majority rule” in tribal countries often means “minority persecution.”

                • Thank you for the compliment,I appreciate it.
                  That a all I can say. And maybe your Philippino husband loves you a lot.sometimes jealous is a manifestation of love,in a sense.
                  Take it as a good thing nevertheless.

              • dou44

                Piles of bodies from the Game of Thrones have been shown as “Syrian brutality”.

                In short, the Cater Admin. went into Afghanistan to destabilize it to cause trouble for the USSR, and that put Afghanistan into decades of war lord rule. There are videos showing CIA staff standing besides crates of Chinese ammo and Type-56 rifles to be distributed to Sunni tribes. I’m sure the civilian population would thank you for that, right?

                The US started its current move against Syria in 2007. In 1949 and in 1957, the US was also after the Syrian gov’t.



                • James Wherry


                  Look, as a Republican, I was never a Carter fan (I am now, as he is a much better retired President). But I think that was Reagan. And I seem to recall the Afghanis were already in full rebellion against the Soviet-installed dictator and the Soviets were dropping bombs all over Afghanistan shaped like toys and pens, for little children to pick up and have their arms blown off. In fact, I had photos of them on the posters I put up around college.

                  * * *
                  But once again, on story after story, we are seeing the “blame America” crowd of the Far, Far Left, justifying brutal dictators like the Assads by trying to “blame America.” The only reason you do so is to try and manipulate the rest of us by “whipping” us with this allegation. In so doing, you justify and excuse brutal, murderous dictatorships by letting them off the hooks for their crimes. You are FULLY responsible for their evil because you act as a Fifth Column, seeking to excuse their crimes against humanity. This is all your fault until you stop.

                  As to Syria, no: you simply weren’t in the middle east. The stupid neo-cons got their heads handed to them in 2004 because they tried “LIBERAL military intervention” in 2003. It was stupid of the Far Left for 90 years, and we stood against it as Conservatives. (“It’s time to get the American boys out of Asia and let Asian boys do what Asian boys are supposed to do.” – Barry Goldwater). I was in on the original planning for the 2003 invasion to a limited extent and that was NOT the plan we were wroking from. Say what you like about the administration, but a long-term occupation was NOT planned from a V Corps standpoint.

                  No matter what secret dispatches to what Syrian Ambassador were sent, telling us that the Bushies once wanted to topple 7 dictatorships, by 2005-2006, that would have made them LAUGH! (Well, I would have laughed, THEY would have cried, especially since their idiocy was about to cost them Congress).

                  There were no attempts to topple Assad in 2007. But what if there had been? Who started the mess? Iran and Syria spent 2004-2009 shipping massive quantities of IEDs and EFPs into Iraq to murder U.S. service men – and take revenge on Iraqis.




                  EPILOGUE: And so Assad, having made Damascus the “Gateway to Iraq from the West” suddenly found himself with THOUSANDS of unemployed jihadists living in his country. They all knew wher to buy ammunition, explosives and supplies, and they had excellent contacts among the Sun’ni majority who had spent years taking the Jihadists’ money and welcoming them as ‘War Tourists’ to murder U.. Service members. The result was the Syrian War. This is called BlowBack.” – Me.

                  • dou44

                    USA Today, CBS, ( Wikipedia edited by CIA )- all print US government handouts and just have journalists affix their names. The beauty of corporate press that depends on government for its licensing and stock values.

                    You claim Assad sent weapons to destabilize his own neighbors- in the face of being bombed by the US from Iraq and the Mediterranean- even though Syria is a small country with a fragile economy and with its population largely confined to 1/2 of the country- not even the part bordering Iraq? Sure. The US began threatening Syria soon after the US illegally invaded and occupied Iraq. The Pentagon had to blame resistance to its thuggish military occupation on everyone else. I mean, who could possibly be against being bombed, invaded, and overrun with foreign mercenaries? The State Dept. began to export regime change to the next countries on the list from the largest embassy in the world in the Green Zone exclusion area in Baghdad.

                    • James Wherry

                      An ad homoneim attack on our media is ridiculous. It is evidence, so if you have some evidence, share it.

                      The invasion was under direction of the U.N. (to take all measures necessary to prevent Saddam from obtaining WMD), and ratified by our Congress. Something is not illegal, just because you do not like it: this is still a democracy, and not a dictatorship, and the REST of us have a say, too.

                      It sounds like you are arguing that Syria made a pre-emptive strike. Isn’t THAT what you condemned Bush for? Pick a rule and stick with it, please.

                • TecumsehUnfaced

                  Wherry doesn’t understand that it was the Rockefeller tool, Brzezinski, who directed Carter into destabilizing Afghanistan.

                  • dou44

                    He might know it, but would he admit to belonging to an outfit that admittedly arms mercenary criminals and arsonists?

                    • TecumsehUnfaced

                      Certainly not. But this is about as close to sanity as he gets. Usually when I see him, I bait him into raving mania. But often I keep quiet, because he does serve a valuable function in provoking guys like you and Dennim Coley into writing very good stuff.

            • Dou44, You are very right about that. You have a grip of the reality of who is the biggest terrorist in the world in the name of “liberty” – off course liberty from peace.
              Ask all these budds opposing you, why is it that ANYTHING America touches becomes worse and more dangerous than it was before America came. If America and his coalition of 65 countries are fighting ISIS since April 2014 why has ISIS got bigger and more dangerous and even more lethal than ever before?
              ISIS caliphate is the size of Indiana, do you wanna tell me that America can’t stop a small land like that which don’t even have air force, navy, or anything like that for more than a year? What kind of logic is that?
              ISIS is American terrorist project that is uses to spread terrorism all over the world to control it.
              America controls the world by exporting terrorism in the name of trying to fight it. All these ISIS,al nusra front, boko haram and others are American projects and now wait and see how terrorism will spread in Africa. Fyi most of the weapons they use are Americans too hahaha it’s not a rocket science.

            • James Wherry

              As I have said, up and down this thread, those of you on the Far Left use the “Blame America” strategy to manipulate the rest of us. In so doing, all you do is excuse away and justify brutal dictatorships.

              The Syrian Civil War wa not started by the United States. It was started and continued by Bashir Assad. YOU are deliberatly shilling for Assad by ignoring him. He MURDERED a hundred of innocent, unarmed protesters. HOW CAN YOU IGNORE THE FACTS?!?

              “The Syrian Civil War (Arabic: الحرب الأهلية السورية‎) is an ongoing multisided armed conflict with international interventions[80] taking place in Syria. The unrest began in the early spring of 2011 within the context of Arab Spring protests, with nationwide protests against President Bashar al-Assad’s government, whose forces responded with crackdowns. The conflict gradually morphed from mass protests to an armed rebellion after months of military sieges.[81] A United Nations report released in December 2012 stated that the conflict had “become overtly sectarian in nature”,[82][83] between mostly Alawite government forces, militias and other Shia groups[84] fighting primarily against Sunni-dominated rebel groups;[85] however both opposition and government forces denied that.[86][87]


              • dou44

                Yes, I remember that information. So-called “innocent” protesters being put down as stated by the western press along with the laughably dishonest US Sec. of State Clinton. The CIA/ US gov’t went after Syria in 1949, 1957, and 2011. The US has made a practice of using Sunni militants to start regime changes throwing caution and civility to the wind by upending these societies and throwing governments into disarray. The US- perhaps along with FRA and the UK- sent weapons looted from Libya and fundamentalist mercenaries to Turkey and then into Syria in 2011. The “Syrian Civil War” was a plot hatched by foreigners. No amount of propaganda can hide that.

                • TecumsehUnfaced
                  • dou44

                    Thank you. I will copy these to review. I must now go work such that my taxes can pay for future CIA technical school classroom refurbs and additional swimming lessons for Ugandans. On second thought, perhaps Wherry’s CIA brethren will teach the Ugandans how to renovate with Home Depot’s “Let’s Do This” manuals and perhaps even teach some lads to water ski next? Everyone loves thin bikini babes on Malibu ski boats.

                    • TecumsehUnfaced

                      You’re welcome. This little humorous cartoon I just got today is about perceptions I first picked up from Friedrich Durrenmatt 50 years ago. I plan to bomb the indoctrinated with it. You may also find it useful when the next time you collide with another of the faithful to America’s “Exceptionalism”.



                    • James Wherry

                      Didn’t work with them: but our Civil Affairs Soldiers in Uganda spent a lot of time funding projects to put lightening rods on schools. Believe it or not, the weather is insane, there, and lightening strikes are a real “thing.”

                      On my second mission, though, we did purchase and deliver thatch to an orphanage so they could recover the outside of the roofs that were covered with thatch. Quite amusing watching a Karamoja Soldier negotiate for the purchase. They are often 7 foot plus. The women of the village were sizing him up as a potential husband, as well. ;-] Well, they don’t much like gays there. . . .

                      So, other than refurbishing medical clinics in Gulu Town, what were the real results? Health and education were NOT our goals. No, we worked intensively with the Ugandan Army to straighten out human rights issues. What was the “effect?” 10 years ago, the villages would be a mile away from to road. This was to protect against mauraders and ALSO to protect against the Ugandan ARMY. Now, the cattle rustlers are largely gone and the violence in the area is done, with Kony driven off to the Congo. A Ugandan Soldier now lives IN the village and helps with the village chores and keeps the peace with the Army and people. The villages have now all moved right up TO the road and are no longer afraid.

                      SNEAR at us all you like. We’ve done a good job there and I personally bore witness of it. If you did not see this, during your stay in Uganda, or elsewhere in Africa, please share your experiences with me.*

                      * Views expressed do not represent those of the Department of Defense, or any component thereof.

                      • dou44

                        How many millions to teach swimming lessons, paint some classrooms, install lightening rods, run off cattle thieves, and keep out the roving thugs? The UGA military is corrupt? Send in Kaddafi’s Army- oh wait it has been destroyed by NATO and the remnants radicalized and sent to Syria. My bad. So, how much money did the US have to print to keep the CIA in Uganda? $15 million? $50 million? Who got the booty on the Ugandan side? Sounds like the same kind of pointless welfare/ police state make work projects that go on in failing US Big cities.

                      • James Wherry

                        Why do you think it cost any money, either to teach swimming survival skills (what do you do, when you are in deep sea and fall off your boat and they disappear?), or Skyping with American school? These are what we call “low cost/no cost” projects and they are HEAVILY encouraged.

                        * There’s a small pot of money that the Public Affairs Office Soldiers control. I can get about $5,000 a year for all of HOA.

                        ** Then, there was my other two sources of money. Usually we can see about $3 million in funds per year for such countries as Djibouti, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and we keep working on Rwanda and Burundi, but those countries have challenges. Lightening rod projects are pretty small change – $500 apiece, as I recollect from 2012.

                        *** We use the same multiple source, lowest-cost bidders as the rest of the Army, though local providers are preferred.

                        But come now, Goldilocks: is the porridge too hot, or is it too cold? Are we condemned for doing evil, or condemned by you for doing good? Remember what I wrote,earlier: attacking a person’s motive is the slimiest, easiest trick in the books because motives are impossible to prove or disprove. Our motives are clear gain access and influence to sway nationals in host nations to American values. Read up sometime how bad Gulu Town and the Karamoja were before we stepped in and started influencing the Ugandan military and the locals to human rights and yes, an end to the MURDERS that came with cattle rustling. We drained the swamps so Joseph Kony had nowhere else to run or hide and he could not get locals to cooperate any longer, against a Ugandan military that was not abusing their rights.

                        Let me assume you’ve never been out of the USA, never served in the Armed Forces, and never, ever set food in Africa. Too bad. I’m a gay fan of the gay movie, “God Loves Uganda.” Some day, I hope they start loving him enough to be tolerant of other people.

                  • dou44

                    Obviously, the US uses false accusations to shift focus from the abject criminal evil of its invasive Sunni proxy armies to Pres. Assad so that the “Christian West” chokes up with selective outrage even though the entire catastrophe perpetrated against Syria and its people was given its life in Washington DC ( 1949, 1957, 2011- present ).

                • James Wherry

                  It’s not propaganda, dou44, it’s simple fact. Assad has used chemical weapons and “barrel bombs” indiscriminately killing civilians, per the U.N. and Amnesty International.



                  How can you decide to listen to the UN and AI when it condemns Israel, yet ignore both groups, when they condemn Syria for crimes far worse? Isn’t that at least “selective listening,” if not outright intellectual dishonesty to yourself?

                  But I do appreciate the Far Left on this page being willing to go after Democrats. In fairness to you and others

                  • dou44

                    You seem to be defending the fascist elements of US policy.

                    You neglect to mention H e l l Cannons that the liver eating F S A uses against Christian and civilian neighborhoods: Scrap mortar tubes or damaged artillery carriage barrels loaded with a large shell primer that lob semi-modern crude explosive canister projectiles. You seem to side with the Saudi-Turk-Qatari Islamic Takfiris and arsonists. Amnesty International is quite selective as to what is an atrocity. US-Turkey-Saudi-Qatar arming and transiting ISIL mercenaries that have killed 250,000 Syrians since 2011 is not an atrocity I guess.

                    The chem weapons were a US lie, and Syria’s military chem weapons are now all destroyed through Russia-US co-operation. Turkey has now been outed by a now arrested parliament member as a transit point for ISIL sarin compounds just last week. That is who has chem weapons- the non-state actors. Barrel bombs were a US Army invention used against rural Vietnamese villages in the 1960s. That is where the term originated.

                    • James Wherry

                      Dou44? Are you posting to me? I cannot tell.

                      Syrian troops slaughter indiscriminately. You recall the Hama Massacre of 1982 or the Jisr Massacre in 1980, right? The Syrian Sun’ni;s have been marginalized and oppressed for decades using brutality.

                      To answer your question, I do not support any involvement in a civil war. See Democratic Party “LIBERAL military intervention” in Mexico’s civil war, Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon (this one goes to the Republicans) and Somalia. Civil wars, never, ever, ever work for us.

                      As a conservative Republican I APPLAUDED the POTUS’ promise to stay out of it, DESPITE SEN McCAIN! Now I find I as misled and that we have been arming the Free Syrian Army and no, I am not happy with that. If the Turks or Sa’udi’s want to buy our weapons and arm the rebels, to protect Sun’ni’s, that’s their business. Part of the idea of being a “military isolationist is that I also stay out of THEIR business and keep my mouth SHUT.

                      When ISIL began to commit genocide against Shi’ites and Kurds, then the U.N. Charter not only authorized military intervention, but obligated us to do it, and we did intervene – in Iraq, where the real action was. It’s a thin figleaf, but President Obama still has the original 2003 authorization for war in Iraq, as well.

                      As to chemical weapons, no: the attacks could only have been delivered from airborne units and the rebels had none of those, only the Syrian government did.

                      • dou44

                        Syrian troops slaughter indiscriminately? Says who- the SOHR who are at most two guys sitting in a London apartment posting “reports” from “anonymous sources”? LOL. Yeah- that’s far worse than using Wikipedia as a source for a junior level college paper. SOHR is nothing but NATO propaganda. The Syrian army is fighting the invasion by US-Turk-Saudi-Qatari- Libyan fundamentalist mercenaries and convicts given parole from Sunni regional prisons. Airborne units? Really? I read where the attacks were just gas canisters set off in built up urban areas and some were allegedly launched from artillery pieces. Let’s remember that oil thief and terrorist warehouse Turkey also has soldiers in Iraq and in Syria as do the US and UK. There is no way Syria would use chem weapons. That would cause it fall into the US trap. Syria’s chem weapons were surrendered. Turk ISIL/ al- Nusra mercenaries would have access to depots and weapons looted from the failed Libyan state courtesy of NATO. Non- state mercenary thugs hailing from the Gulf Sunni states and Turkey have the means, NATO delivery systems, and special expensive training from US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, and Libya- it makes no political nor military sense that Syria would resort to gas attacks. The history in Syria and Iraq of the Turkish- Saudi ISIL mercenaries and arsonists since 2011 is one of beheadings, rapes, torture, crucifixions of Christians, pillaging of artifacts, destruction of UNESCO sites, and caging of civilians as human shields.

                        Your list contains none of the above. Obviously, the US uses false accusations to shift focus from the abject criminal evil of its invasive Sunni proxy armies to Pres. Assad so that the “Christian West” chokes up with selective outrage even though the entire catastrophe perpetrated against Syria and its people was given its life in Washington DC ( 1949, 1957, 2011- present ). Syria should sue the US for billions in damages and call for the arrest of the war criminals in Washington who put the invasion into motion. It was good enough for Nazis in 1945, it is good enough now.

                      • James Wherry

                        Who says? Amnesty International, the U.N. and Human Rights Watch. Aren’t those the very people who offer criticisms of Israel? Do we ignore those organizations, then, when Israel is under the microscope? That sounds like selective listening.

                      • dou44

                        The criticisms of Israel are never addressed by Israel, the UN, nor the trump card wielding US. It’s a system of carefully managed selective outrage. Quite obvious.

                      • James Wherry

                        Then I’ll expect you and everyone else on this page never to quote those sources against Israel, again.

                      • dou44

                        The violations and outrages are brought up, because many donors and members are not American nor Anglo. US and Israeli outrages are certainly never given the same actionable attention by the UN in the so- called “UNSC”, World Court, nor anywhere else. It’s almost as if the US and its NATO vassals are saying yes, we know they are reprobates in Tel Aviv, but eh, what can you do? Tel Aviv has non-treaty, off the books nukes and many of its elite are US or UK dual nationals. And, the Zionist hardliners are US policy tools- we are we theirs? It’s hard to tell.

                      • James Wherry

                        Well, the U.S. probably assesses the crimes of the Palestinian Arabs over the past 100 years and sees more than a one-sided story.

                        To date, though, you’ve shown me no such perspective to the Syrian conflict. Apparently, I have to ignore major newspapers, including the Oldest English-speaking newspaper, the Guardian, and only listen to fringe news sites like this one on the issue of Syria. I have to ignore 24,000 photos of the emaciated corpses of decades of Assad’s torture victims, the U.N., Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and other human rights organizations, along with the fact that Assad publically dumps barrel bombs, uses thermoberic bombs, uses chemical weapons, and now is using yet more indiscriminate “cluster bombs.”

                        Are you any better a hypocrite than the “U.S. and its vassels,” if you do the exact same thing you accuse them of – having selective memory and selective listening skills?

                        Your position is ultimately unpersuasive and uninviting.

                      • dou44

                        You can’t even name the Syrian rebels. Who are they? They are not even Syrian. Who is their leader? Who are their representatives? The real FSA disbanded in 2012 when a defecting Syrian general quit. The Pentagon’s so- called FSA rebels are “moderate” head choppers and “moderate” arsonists. How does one moderately chop a head, moderately rape, or moderately destroy artifacts?

                      • James Wherry

                        So that justifies 50 years of brutality by the Assad regimes?

                      • dou44

                        50 years of brutality that you claim. Assad was in a Catholic church in Damascus yesterday. Turkey killed 100 Kurds today.

                      • James Wherry

                        Yes, the Alawaites made coalitions with other minorities to come up with a plurality to oppress and repress the Sun’ni’s. That’s the problem, to begin with, thank you very much.

                        As to Turkey killing 100 Kurds, today, what does one thing have to do with the other? By the way, when IS the last time you were in Kurdistan? I was more KDP than PUK, but the guys you’re referring to are likely PKW, and unfortunately violent.

                      • dou44

                        Repressoin of the Sunnis in the political sphere means that NATO mercenaries kill 250,000 Syrians? WTF kind of logic is that? What of 16th Century throwback Wahhabi Saudi Arabia’s repression of Shiites and Christians? Turkey’s repression of Kurds and Shiites, Israeli repression and collective punishment of non- Jews in Gaza? What of US/ NATO repression and proxy attacks against Iraqis, Iranians, Syrians, Libyans, and East Ukrainians? The dislocation of millions of people fleeing US led wars in the Mid East- care to address the catastrophe? Who oppresses whom?

                      • James Wherry

                        Hmmm? I didn’t understand that. The Syrian government and rebels are responsible for the deaths of the now 300,000 people and forced dislocation of over 4 million. NATO had nothing to do with it. I lay it at the feet of the Assad government. Blame post-colonial leaders who put their people into dictatorships and ruled over them through fear and violence.

                        Again, one thing does not have anything to do with the other examples you gave. I don’t know if anyone told you, but “two wrongs really and truly do NOT make a right.”

                        As to the Syrian Civil War, perhaps you have me confused with someone else. I’ve explicitly posted here and elsewhere, that America NEVER wins, when it enters someone else’s civil War. It’s called “LIBERAL military interventionism,” and the Democratic Party traded on it for 100 years. Meanwhile, the once and future President (Senator) Taft urged isolationism, as did Barry Goldwater. Examples of the stupidity are: Mexico, Kore, Vietnam, Lebanon, Somalia – the list only seems endless.

                        When I heard the leader of al-Nusra, a few years ago, proclaim that “After we take Damascus, our next target is America,” I knew: Yep. Another one of those civil wars it’s pointless for us to get involved in. I congratulated the POTUS for stearing clear of it and condemned McCain’s absurd demands. Now we find out that the administration was, Uh, “less than candid.”

                        But if you’re going to go isolationist, go all the way: keep your nose out of what the Arabs do. If the House of Sa’ud wants to help the rebels, you forfeited your right to comment. I only get out of bed, if they arm al-Nusra or ISIL – which I suspect they have, as have the Turks. Then both nations should be warned of a sudden and permanent cut off of their arms supplies.

                      • dou44

                        How is the Assad government guilty of any crime by defending their country against the Turk-ISIL-Saudi-CIA funded mercenary invasion? The armed attacks came from foreign interlopers. Who wants their country overrun by a foreign freakshow mercenary army? Why is it that US policy wonks- perhaps even you- think Syria should fold up like a paper sack to US designs on their country? Assad dares for Syria to be independent of US hegemony- that is his crime and the Syrian people suffer as a result. The US only believes in political freedom if it alone gets to choose the leadership. Syria does not want the US, the Sunni Gulf states, nor Turkey’s Erdogan Cabal to control its oil and rights of way.

                      • James Wherry

                        The Assad regime is guilty of multiple massacres. The Jisr Massacre in 1980 and the Hama Massacre in 1982 are simply examples and are fully accepted as accurate and true. Rather than holding Assad to a higher standard, we have held him to a much lower standard, even as the Left pillories Israel for not holding cocktail hour at its prisons that hold mass murders.

                      • City’sFault

                        Your government killed More people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. LET’S NOT FORGET WHAT THEY DID TO MISSIONS OF NATIVE AMERICANS!

                        Get off your moral high-horse and stop being a HYPOCRITE.

                      • James Wherry

                        So, “two wrongs make a right?” Jesus said to first cast a beam out of your own eye. He didn’t say, “Then, shut up.” He said to THEN “help your brother.” You Muslims don’t really believe in the teachings of Jesus, no matter what you pretend. You are obviously a Shi’ite shill for a brutal dictator who is trying to deflect from legitimate criticism. As a result, YOU are directly responsible for his murders and the blood is on YOUR hands.

                        You make the arrogant presumption that I, or anyone else on this page supported the atomic bombs or the way they were used. I do not. I’m happy to go into it in detail, but this is the third time in five minutes that you’ve posted the same thing, and I take it that you are not waiting for or interested in a discussion.

                        Your numbers are also somewhat off. The war that Assad started has murdered 300,000 and driven 4 million of his Syrian Sun’ni slaves into refugee camps and worse.

                        “On Monday, August 6, 1945, at 8:15 a.m., the nuclear bomb “Little Boy” was dropped on Hiroshima by an American B-29 bomber, the Enola Gay, flown by Colonel Paul Tibbets,[15] directly killing an estimated 80,000 people. By the end of the year, injury and radiation brought the total number of deaths to 90,000–166,000.[16].”


                        “Within less than a second after the detonation, the north of the city was destroyed. Roughly 39,000–80,000 people were killed. About half of these died immediately, while the other half suffered lingering deaths.[14][15]”


                        Nope, Sorry: the Butcher Bashir still has us beat. And that’s saying a lot, I agree!

                      • dou44

                        I will correct myself: the war in Syria is framed a civil war by the US. It is in reality a proxy war begun by the US against the Syrian state and the Syrian population.

                      • James Wherry

                        Really? Sounds like they’re trying to help what they have vetted as cooperative rebel forces. You, meanwhile, are establishing a Fifth Column, here in the USA.

                        Oh, wait a minute: it’s 3AM, here. . . .

                        So, how’s the weather in Damascus, this afternoon Da’oud?

                      • dou44

                        5th column? Standing for an illegal armed intrusion into a foreign country, trying to overthrow its government, killing its citizens with weapons and paying people with US taxpayer funds fits- wouldn’t you say?

                        You cannot name “rebel” forces. It’s a charade for the press and western publics.

                      • James Wherry

                        Why is a U.S. life worth more than the life of an innocent, unarmed Syrian Sun’ni stripped away by Assad and his brutal regime?


                      • City’sFault

                        You do realize that the CIA and government entities sent people to be tortured in Syrian prisons via “rendition”, right?

                      • James Wherry

                        You do realize your buddy Bashir was happy to oblige us, right?

                      • dou44

                        How does flooding Syria with brutal mercenary freaks become a justifiable action?

                      • James Wherry

                        Now you begin to sound like Tecumseh or Tapatio, putting Strawman arguments together, making up statements that the other person is alleged to have said. I don’t have anything to say to intellectual dishonesty.

                      • dou44

                        What is so brutal? As if 16th Century Saudi Arabia and Turkey are not brutal to Shiites and Kurds.

                    • James Wherry

                      Yes, many people sympathetic to Israel firmly believe AI holds Israel to a double standard.

                      So, okay: how about Human Rights Watch? They have documented the evidence that Russia and Syria are using indiscriminate “cluster bombs.”

                      Now, you and the rest of the Left have accused the US and Israel of using cluster bombs and that it is a violation of international law including the Geneva Conventions due to a lack of proportionality and an excessive and indiscriminate use of military force which fails to sufficiently distinguish between civilians and the military.

                      So do you NOW change your mind and justify the use of these munitions? Again, the Left seems like a collection of hypocrites.

                      • dou44

                        What does HRW say about Turkey funding ISIL and its mercenaries performing beheadings, crucifixions, rapes, torture, use of H e l l cannons, destruction of Syrian infrastructure by the US and ISIL, demolishing UNESCO sites in Syria, execution of the Russian AF pilot as he parachuted from the SU-24M that the Turks/ Saudis/ US ambushed? They do not say anything- so why not? Because HRW too is part of the system of NATO propaganda. It’s as plain as Turkey’s president’s family smuggling stolen oil to finance ISIL and make obscene profits. Halliburton missed out. Too bad.

                        HRW is a Soros entity and beholden to the US gov’t.

                      • James Wherry

                        Before you laid into HRW, I notice you didn’t answer for your own hypocrisy. AI and HRW have hardly been friends of the U.S. Army.

                        Hopefully, HRW condemns it. U.S. interests lie with the Free Syrian Army, I suspect.

                        However, what does it matter to me or YOU? If you want us to “stay out of the middle east,” great. THEN STAY OUT. No more whining or complaining from the Far Left about the House of Sa’ud or the Turks, or anyone there. You destroyed our relationships with African nations by demanding we slap them in the face about human rights while China and Russia waltzed in and said that “America has over-stepped its borders” by criticizing and trying to change the values of those nations. It is entirely, 100% YOUR fault, and not mine.

                        No more wars in the middle east, but no more haranguing them. When you want ME to stay out, YOU get to stay out, too.

                      • dou44

                        US never charges any of its people with crimes in combat theaters even though they certainly commit them. Bombing Baghdad was a crime in 2003. Bush II admitted in 12/2005 that the US bombing and storming the city took 30,000 lives. Who was charged? No one.

                      • James Wherry

                        Please find the quote where he said it was a crime, after the U.N. and the U.S Senate had authorized it. It’s not true, of course, but I’ll challenge it.

                      • dou44

                        A crime defined by its organizers and financiers will not be a crime. Do get in the moment.

                      • James Wherry

                        You just told me that Bush claimed he committed a crime by invading Iraq. I want to know where this is published, since it’s not true. In other words, what you said is a lie.

          • Edmund burke326

            Greeks were really happy to hear how Kissinger saw nothing in Cyprus worth protecting just before the murderous Turks invaded with tacit approval of the US state department. Judging by the other assumptions of “good” America in your comment I’m surprised you didn’t claim the US won WWII.

            The US has been using Sunni Shiite sectarianism to divide and rule vast amounts of territory for the benefits of US corporations e.g. the US virtually owns Iraqi oil since the forced privatisation. I’ve looked at your other posts and they’re frightening in their detachment to reality.

            The US govt is not staffed with altruists who travel the world righting perceived wrongs. The US is a country that should face a tribunal for its genocidal crimes, over 1 million dead Iraqis, thousands in Libya, Vietnam, Congo, El Salvador, Grenada, Laos, Korea, Cambodia, Columbia, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Lebanon etc…, The US is also responsible for the use of economic sanctions as collective punishments on Iran, Iraq, Jamaica, Eritrea, Russia etc…, The US also has replaced the CIA with NGOs notably Soros funded for regime change, also an illegal attack on a foreign country, also a breach of international law. Out of over 190 nations the US has military bases in over 150 of them, we’ve got six US bases in Britain alone, we also don’t have an independent government because Britain, like others with US bases, is a colony.

            Roosevelt would be sick considering his views on colonialism, Churchill would be happy though as would Hitler and Moussolini and other neo-colonialists. The US has allied itself with monarchs, dictators and colonialists.

            • James Wherry

              Tell me that the U.S. lost WWII.

              The Sun’ni/Shi’ite divide was there and it has been since about 100 years ago, when the House of Sa’ud road out and slaughtered 5,000 Shi’ite men, women and children.

              Those of you on the Far Left always try the “Blame America” harangue because you use it to try and manipulate the rest of us. If we don’t do what you say, you pull it out and whip us with it. All you do is to give excuses to brutal dictatorships. “Democracy Now” is big on this. I sat through a stupid episode that tried to blame America because yet one more Nigerian government official had strolled off with $3 billion, a year or two ago.

              You excuse away dictators, every day to try and blame America. You give a free pass to mass murderers like Assad and ignore his crimes, while you pile on any of America’s allies. It makes you weak and embalanced and IS the reason I see ALL of you on the Far, Far Left to be nothing but hypocrites.

              You don’t want us to give money to NGOs? Score. I don’t want the U.S. government to give money to ANY private organization or charity. HOWEVER, they do things for us, like enviornmental organizations who do environmental research, but don’t mind me: I’m a conservative Republican.

      • Edmund burke326

        Boko Haram are primarily funded by Bahrain and France. Africa doesn’t manufacture weapons but the continent is flooded by weapons. The US has never been held accountable for any of it destabilisations, invasions, assassinations so not just another anti-American article, more like another wake-up call to people who blindly support US full spectrum dominance or security through expansion policy.

      • City’sFault

        Smart people know the average American, although sometimes asleep, is different than certain element’s of the American government. No government should be given a blank check. The moment government gets to big, it becomes part of the matrix. Conservatives used to understand that.

        • James Wherry

          If you look at my posts on this and other threads on this website, you’ll see I still understand that and agree. While I’m not planning on voting for Rand Paul – who says he would not spend money on a space program – I have a Libertarian streak, myself. I applauded President Obama’s promise to stay out of the Syrian Civil War, even against SEN McCain’s harangue that he do so. I was in Iraq, twice, and I have NO idea that the American people want another ground war – of American troops. Let Russians and Syrians bleed and die.

          I am disappointed that the administration did not stay on that course. The genocides against Shi’ites and Kurds ARE sufficient and legitimate basises to stop ISIL – the U.N. Charter mandates it. But when I hear al-Nusra’s leader proclaiming that, “The day after we take Damascus, we set our sights on Washington DC,” I know that it’s pointless to intervene between the Syrian GOVERNMENT and ISIL’s caliphate.

    • Mabelle Vonk

      And what about the Chinese also in Africa?

      • James Wherry

        Our corporations are fined, if they are found to have given a bribe or inappropriate gift to foreign government officials. Chinese corporations do so at the direction of their own government. As a result African officials sell out their nations and Chinese firms get lucrative deals while our own corporations cannot compete. This impoverishes African nations and lines the pockets of corrupt officials.

        Chinese firms also do not hire local, but import Chinese workers. That cash goes back to China and not into the local economy. Meanwhile, American “activists” pressure American corporations to build health clinics and schools yet do nothing to pressure the Chinese to do the same.

        • amuncat

          Chinese provide a fairer deal than the Europeans. Not saying that BOTH have Africa’s best interest…just sayin’

        • Mabelle Vonk

          Really? Don’t you know what your enemy within is doing? Check this:

        • Put it this way Africa preffer China,and Chinese firms because:
          Chinese firms don’t interfere with country political system,on the other side if America is invited to invest they get into your politics and bring all their corrupt media,and and isolate everybody else and after disrupting the whole business flow they topple the government and put puppet there and take all your resources.Chinese don’t do all that.
          So Africa prefer China even though Chinese can be a little petty,but safe,Americans are greedy and dangerous.

          • James Wherry

            No disrespect, but you’re kinda sorta right. To explain: just how much do you think the average African has any say in which company comes into what village or province?

            None, and we both know that’s true.

            So you’re talking about the post-colonial elite. Those are the corrupt governments who often stay in place through violence and corruption.

            What I agree with you on is that the post-colonial elites like the Chinese and Russians because 1. They come with bribes; 2. They stay “out o’ ya bidness,” meaning they won’t criticize your human rights record and they won’t try and peel back your corruption.

            In short, it has nothing to do with economic greediness by Americans, but by Africans, as well as a desire to avoid people like YOU who want to force our corporations to become social reform and social welfare companies.