Turkey Shoots Down Russian Military Jet Over Syrian Border

Turkey says its military shot down a Russian fighter jet after the aircraft entered its airspace.
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    A still image made available on 24 November 2015 from video footage showing the Russian jet shortly before crashing to the ground.

    A still image made available on 24 November 2015 from video footage showing the Russian jet shortly before crashing to the ground.

    Turkey has shot down a Russian military jet which it says violated its airspace near the Syrian border.

    A military official, quoted by Turkey’s Dogan news agency, said the plane was shot down by Turkish F16s, and that the pilots were given repeated prior warning.


    Russian defense minister confirms jet shot down by Turkey – live

    Video posted by the Haberturk TV station appeared to show the jet coming down in flames, while separate footage showed two pilots parachuting to safety within hostile Syrian territory. Their fate remains unknown.

    In a statement, the Russian defence ministry confirmed the jet was one of its SU-24 bombers.

    But it denied Turkey’s claims that the plane violated its air space, saying Moscow has proof the jet was over Syria “at all times”.

    And a Russian military official also denied Turkey’s claims it brought the plane down with two F16s on regular border patrols – saying it believed the bomber was shot down by artillery fire from the ground.

    Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan was briefed by the head of the military, while Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu ordered consultations with NATO, the United Nations and related countries, their respective offices said.

    Nato’s headquarters in Brussels, already in a tense state of lockdown following the terror threat there, said it would be issuing a statement later on Tuesday.

    Rami Abdurrahman, who heads the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said the warplane crashed in the Turkomen Mountains region in the coastal province of Latakia.

    Various reports described the plane as coming down in hostile Syrian territory, and broadcaster CNN Turk cited local sources saying one of the pilots was in the hands of Turkmen forces who were searching for the other.

    CNN Turk published images purporting to show two pilots parachuting safely to the ground, and reported that two helicopters had been sent from Turkey to try and retrieve them.


    Russian plane shot down by Turkish jets

    The Russian military has sent its own helicopters to search for the pilots on the ground, according to the Dogan news agency.

    Footage from private Turkish broadcaster Haberturk TV showed the warplane going down in flames in a woodland area, a long plume of smoke trailing behind it.

    Last week, Ankara summoned the Russian ambassador to protest the bombing of Turkmen villages on the Syrian border. Turkey has traditionally protected the area, whose people are of mixed Syrian and Turkish descent.

    About 1,700 people have fled the mountainous Syrian area to the Turkish border as a result of fighting in the last three days, a Turkish official said on Monday. Russian jets have bombed the area in support of ground operations by Syrian government forces.

    Watch Turkey Allegedly Shoots Down Russian War Plane:

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    • The Russian plane was not threatening Turkey nor the F16 jets. It’s pretty clear the Russian plane was pursuing Islamic militants in a common interest action. Notwithstanding that there was a rogue Turkish pilot who must be grounded, the authorization to shoot would have had to come from Turkish President Erdogan and possibly even Obama since he’s the “big cheese” of NATO. Now it’s a matter of how NATO, USA, Turkey and the western media can cover up, mislead and deceive the global public to downplay it.

      • ÇÖPÇÜ

        hi holywood and bolywood scenario writer.im sure your family very proud of you…but i think we are living in different planet…
        Turkish military was warn them 1.5 months ago than some russian military general came to meeting for talk about border-pass.but nothing changed!!!!
        than this happened..

    • tapatio

      The whole thing depends on whether it was simply macho stupidity on Turkey’s part or whether Erdogan was ordered by his NATO-Bankster masters to start World War III.

      • I think it is far more likely that Erdogan was acting in concert with USA, than him trying to start a war against a powerful neighbour on his own. The US geostrategic objective is to prevent Europe-Russia collaboration by any means. Overthrowing the Russia-friendly Ukrainian government, and forcing the EU vassals to adopt anti-Russia sanctions is one method. Getting Turkey to shoot down a Russian plane in order to inflame Russia/NATO tensions – precisely at the time when France, a NATO member, is tempted by an alliance with Russia – is another method. There is no smoke without fire. Those who gave us war in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine want war with Iran, Russia and China. Yes I think that pretty much means WWIII.

        • tapatio

          True, I seriously doubt that Erdogan would be insane enough to poke the Bear by himself. However, that pilot’s death may be a blessing in disguise. It seems to have caused some serious cracks in NATO. Some members seem to be finally realizing that they are risking everything for the sake of Washington’s Rothschild-Bilderberg masters.

    • Guy

      Even if ,and that is a big if the SU-24 was in Turkish air space ,Turkey knows with absolute certainty that Russia would not hit any targets within Turkey .So why not use diplomacy and complain to Russia through diplomatic channels if it is true that their airspace has been compromised by Russian jet fighters ?
      Something does not get past the smell test here and besides ,they are stating that they requested the pilot to turn back 5 to 10 times ,think about it how fast does a SU-24 travel and the time elapsed on the conversation ???
      This is utterly unacceptable on the part of Turkey and can be interpreted as an act of war .

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        Because the ISIS-feeding thug, Erdogen, is angry and wants to pressure Russia by NATO confabulation is why he did this crime.

      • tapatio

        Let’s not use that last phrase. Putin could pave Turkey without breaking a sweat. But, war means WW III. A bit of groveling on Erdogan’s part, plus compensation for the families and the plane would, hopefully, suffice.

        • Guy

          Yes of course.