Poll: Almost Half Of White American’s Believe They Face Just As Much Discrimination As Blacks

53 percent of those polled told pollsters American culture and "way of life" have mostly changed for the worse since 1950.
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    In a new poll released by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) on Tuesday, a whopping 43 percent of Americans told researchers that discrimination against whites has become as large a problem as discrimination against blacks and other minority groups. And an even bigger share of Americans — 53 percent — told pollsters American culture and “way of life” have mostly changed for the worse since 1950. 

    The two would appear to be related. Here’s how.

    First, there are some real and large differences in the way that different groups of Americans answered those two questions up above. Half of white Americans — including 60 percent of the white working class — told researchers that discrimination against whites has become as big a problem today as discrimination against blacks and other minorities. Meanwhile, 29 percent of Latinos and 25 percent of black Americans agreed. White Americans feel put-upon and mistreated — and large shares of non-white Americans do not seem to have any knowledge of the challenges that white Americans say they face.

    Of course, there are always aspects of other people’s lives that we do not or cannot understand. But the sheer size of the racial/ethnic gap concerning perceived discrimination against white Americans is particularly interesting because there is very little in the way of objective evidence of this discrimination and the disadvantage that typically follows. On just about every measure of social or economic well-being, white Americans fare better than any other group.

    That’s true of housing and neighborhood quality and homeownership. That’s true of overall health, health insurance coverage rates, quality of health care received, life expectancy and infant mortality. That’s true when it comes to median household earnings, wealth (assets minus debt), retirement savings and even who has a bank account.

    That’s true when one actually looks at who is graduating from college, who holds the bulk of the nation’s high-paying and management jobs and who does not. That last point really has to be made clear. Look closely at the chart below. Notice a pattern? Asian Americans out-earn all other groups, but not by much, despite, as a group, obtaining more education. And black women and Latinas both have more education than their male counterparts. But that doesn’t show up in their earnings.

    White Americans are, as a group, born healthier and live longer and get better health care, jobs, education and housing in the years in between. Yet half of white Americans believe that discrimination against them is as big a problem in their lives as it is for those of people of color. But there’s just no evidence to back that up.

    What does exist is ample evidence of continued-but-shrinking racial and ethnic inequality in many arenas and utter stagnation and backsliding in others. Basically, what’s changed since the 1950s — outside of technological innovations such as this here Internet — is that white Americans no longer have an exclusive or almost-exclusive hold on the best housing, jobs, schools or the ballot box.

    Doubt that those changes are driving the differences of opinion outlined above? Consider this.

    A full 60 percent of black Americans and 54 percent of Latinos told PRRI researchers that American culture has mostly changed for the better since the 1950s. In contrast, only 42 percent of white Americans agreed. In fact, 57 percent of white Americans told pollsters that the American way of life has mostly changed for the worse over the past 60 years.

    Yes, nearly 60 percent of white Americans believe that life in America before the advent of the cassette tape, the ATM, IVF, the hand-held calculator and the bar code was better than it is today. Apparently life was very good for these Americans,  when segregated public facilities were a legal requirement in the South and Southeast and a social norm in many other places. Most people of color could not obtain credit or a loan from most “mainstream” banks. Most women of all races and ethnicities  could not do so either. This was a vastly different America, one where life was not at all easy for a whole lot of people. Still, this is the America for which apparently many white Americans long.

    That this is understood as a better “way of life” is, to say the least, disturbing.

    Those inclined to view all things about America through an optimistic lens will will inevitably start by questioning the validity of the data. That is a nonstarter here. PRRI is a respected research organization that meets rigorous polling standards. The survey gathered the opinions of  2,695 randomly selected adults (age 18 and up) living in the United States including all 50 states and the District of Columbia. So the sample here also is not small.

    Finally, if your explanation for the poll’s findings includes the idea that white Americans might have answered without giving much thought to (or simply don’t know) when legal segregation ended, when and to what degree other gender, racial and ethnic disparities began to shrink and which remain, please think again. To believe the things highlighted in the PRRI poll, one either has to be tragically misinformed, unwilling to accept widely available facts or utterly unconcerned with the conditions that shape many Americans’ lives.

    None of those options are good.

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    • sugarntasty

      Black history month it’s political geographically America not located in Africa. Ask Democrats held impoverish minds accountable favor blame game,before decrying preference. Affluent Black merchants the answer impossible
      get answer equivalent “LGBTQ” movement derailed due hierarchy! Black speaking as “whole” unity failed days,
      icons speaking long over ask gang members. School boards and mayoral office closure economics educational
      policies where is so called special treatment for Blacks. Oprah,Obama,Beyonce and Hip hop answer fake using
      racism emulating superficial policies of America. Blacks stereotypical forgot social change due acceptance majority London Breed running mayor of San Francisco 2020 crime and poverty increase. Where resolution of
      color politics Obama approved HB-1 visas never supporting HBCU students where is blame independent companies! Always welcoming not honoring diversity speak of social blight of African nations forgotten your simply selfish Americans using color!

    • Brian D

      There are laws on the books requiring racial discrimination against whites and a concerted effort by the majority of the country to redefine racism to make it acceptable against whites. The media has proven untrustworthy and has an obvious motivation to continue instilling racism into non-whites in the laughable name of “fighting” racism. American black culture’s primary attribute is hate and racism. There are student centers on every American campus intentionally created to promote the culture of non-white races while even the idea of a white culture is considered racist. It’s clear the US government/education system and mainstream media will not allow this country to fight racism. I think we must acknowledge that whites have to join the culture war and actively denounce the celebration of minority cultures in the exact same way white culture is denounced. White males are the only demographic who have worked to fight racism but that goodwill has proven detrimental as mainstream racist organizations like the Democratic Party have much more support in the white hate movement. Actively denounce minority culture to help America avoid further terrorist murders by hate groups like BLM and their propaganda machines in Disney, Viacom and TimeWarner. We are being dragged into this war regardless.

    • Jo In

      Ya just gotta laugh….There’s NO ONE posting that was alive when slavery was enforced. That’s all you got, all you ever had to blame “whitey” for what you yourself do to yourselves. America is going in the pits because whites are tired of working for non-white “freebies”….the new white mentality? Can’t beat em; join em! Of course this will eventually end in a bankrupt country. So soak in it while I laugh!

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    • Scott

      Americans Americans Americans! Do not use an apostrophe to make a plural! NOT “American’s.” If you have a website, you should understand basic grammar and have a proofreader.

    • Nick

      >>Apparently life was very good for these Americans, when…
      What is apparent is that 90-95% of people polled do not really know what life was like in 1950 and know it mostly by Hollywood movies. And movies at that time were very ‘vanilla’. It is also apparent that the author is subject to very serious logical mistakes, turning just every fact into bully propaganda..

    • The only thing whites have fallen prey to is of their own internalized privileges, and I say that with the deepest love and respect for our shared humanity. And the only way to overcome internalized oppression is mindfulness and ongoing personal and collective work to understand unconscious biases.

      • Corpus_Innominata

        I think if we could just find some kind of way to get away from whites we can be free from their racist discrimination.

        • There are tickets to Africa, or you could just deal, like whites have had to do.

    • Thomas Freedom

      It is the Obama/Holder/Lynch effect.

      • mike

        Or maybe the slavery, plunder and pillage affect.

    • SQUAD!!

      Why do whites want to be victims so bad?

      • Thomas Freedom

        We want the same freebies.

        • M. E. Derry

          That’s so funny I forget how to laugh, whites have been getting “FREEBIES” every since they committed “GENOCIDE” against innocent Native Americans (who just so happened to safe their sorry good for nothing assets when they were starving to death because they had no idea how live off the land during the winter) and stole their country and later portrayed them as the
          “MURDEROUS DEMONS” they themselves truly were.

          • Corpus_Innominata

            Europeans came from the coldest places on Earth (so much so that their skin is actually white). Scandinavia. LOL

            Take a look at what the North African mulattoes (the Moors, Barbary slavers) did to southwest Europe for 14 centuries. Murder, rape and slavery on a level that makes all else look like kid play.

            The native Indians are still on this land and have their reservations (we whites have a duty to protect these from foreign invasion). When Turks stole Anatolia from whites is was just death (much, much more) and no reservations.

            I could write a whole book.

            • mike

              A book of ignorance.

        • SQUAD!!

          you simpletons need to go away with these misconceptions of yours. Blacks do not get everything for free. I fail to see where you are getting this from. Whites receive the most out of everyone.

          • YOU are the simpleton. Whites receive the most because they earn it. They don’t live in the hood, because they pay more to not have to you racist dirtbag.

            • Sergeant Kringle

              @ibuymusic:disqus “Whites receive the most because they earn it.” That is incorrect. That is a presumption. Just like believing that blacks; don’t work hard, or that all or most blacks behave, want or think the same; or that all or most blacks are dependent or are lazy.
              With that being said, why bring up something so old? This was over a year ago. Get a life. Go somewhere.

    • naomi lotts

      LOL this is too funny, when the villain plays the victim. Isn’t this the same group of people who argued and fought to keep Blacks enslaved???? They just hate to feel left out of anything no matter what it is.

      • AnonymousSkunk

        You’re a moron. Who fought to keep blacks enslaved? Absolutely no one in this country. It’s 2015, sweetie. Grow up and drop your crutch. White people are villains? You’re clearly the racist, and have been brainwashed into believing that’s impossible because your skin is a certain color. The facts are all around you. “Protesters” with no legitimate cause spread hatred, calling for the deaths of whites, acting violently, etc. Look at what they did to the students at Dartmouth, for example. They chanted nasty, anti-white slurs IN THE LIBRARY and even physically assaulted at least one student for not standing up. People like them (and you) are pathetic pieces of trash who will never go anywhere in life. We are all laughing at you. No matter what you say, no matter what you do, you’ll always be trash and no one will ever respect you; not because of your skin color, but because of your character. You comprise the only group of people in our country who blame any and everything on skin color, rather than displaying personal accountability and behaving like adults. LOL PATHETIC. Then again, I forgive you. It’s not your fault, right? It is most likely the fault of your parents, who obviously failed you. They should have tried a little harder.


        • Historical

          What-an outrageously misguided, ignorant, and unjustifiable rant. Whites obviously believe nothing happened before 1950 that impacted their otherwise “Leave It To Beaver” lives that made them have to think deeply or apologetically about their “white privilege,” white supremacy/racism, white nationalism, historically white racist/fascist laws. Yet, today black, red, brown, and yellow people know the heinous deeds of the white man. They are not allowing him to forget because white laws are still operating as they always have against black people in particular. BLACK LIVES MATTER and I am certain that all people of color know that their lives matter as well; even if the whites don’t care and have never given a damn one way or another,,,,until their white only world over time had to give sway, under Constitutional Amendment and hard fought 20th century, black civil rights laws that mandated national inclusion…..I guess that is when everything started bottoming out to where whites are decrying “discrimination in reverse” what a ironic/(your word) PATHETIC JOKE! The white mentally diseased mind is truly a dangerous state of being.


          • naomi lotts

            Yes! Check and mate!!

        • naomi lotts

          Obviously you’re the one who needs to grow up because you’re in denial about the wrongdoings and havoc that White people have caused upon Blacks. You wrote all of that drivel to only make yourself look stupid LOL!!

        • MrDebonair77

          You should really do your history, especially from the last 150 -100 years ago. There is a reason why Blacks have not advanced financially. There are many instances where certified landowners were duped and cheated out of their land, their towns burned down due to jealousy, so on and so forth. Every time Blacks try to make strides collectively, they are derailed, whether through laws, police, or society. Did you know gun control exists because the Klan wanted to restrict Blacks from gun ownership to defend themselves?? The Klan, the original terrorist group is still allowed to exist today , yet The Black Panthers were systematically dismantled and they have never victimized any European-American, only scared them by being formed. We have always been made out to be this nations so-called necessary evil which allows the prison -industrial -complex to thrive and Republicans to be as they are and many to vilify us because the deep down truth is that many still see us as 2nd class citizens who should not have equal rights or any rights at all. You have no idea what you are talking about.

      • Corpus_Innominata

        If one race is in flight, and the other in pursuit, which is the oppressor?

      • SANGuy

        500,000 whites died to end slavery, you moron

    • M. E. Derry

      Hello America:

      Here’s another example of how bigoted racist whites try to marginalize their racist treatment of minorities (especially African Americans) by trying to explain the unicorn called “Reverse Racism”:

      Tim Wise just wrote a great diary on right wing racism. As usual, though, in the comments some folks started claiming that white folks could be the victims of “racism” too. Even though I thought, from Tim’s article, that the impossibility of that was clear, it’s a point that’s very hard to get across.

      Coincidentally, an ex-student of mine wrote to me last night and asked me to remind her of my explanation of the impossibility of “Reverse Racism” — she’s in an M.A. program and found herself in a heated argument with some of her peers. So I wrote it down for her and sent it off. I thought, though, that it might be a useful document to post on DailyKos, so here it is…

      In any discussion of racism and its alleged “Reverse,” it’s crucial to start with the definitions of prejudice and discrimination, to lay the foundation for understanding racism in context. There’s a reason these three terms exist, and a very good reason not to conflate them, as I’ll demonstrate below.

      Prejudice is an irrational feeling of dislike for a person or group of persons, usually based on stereotype. Virtually everyone feels some sort of prejudice, whether it’s for an ethnic group, or for a religious group, or for a type of person like blondes or fat people or tall people. The important thing is they just don’t like them — in short, prejudice is a feeling, a belief. You can be prejudiced, but still be a fair person if you’re careful not to act on your irrational dislike.

      Discrimination takes place the moment a person acts on prejudice. This describes those moments when one individual decides not to give another individual a job because of, say, their race or their religious orientation. Or even because of their looks (there’s a lot of hiring discrimination against “unattractive” women, for example). You can discriminate, individually, against any person or group, if you’re in a position of power over the person you want to discriminate against. White people can discriminate against black people, and black people can discriminate against white people if, for example, one is the interviewer and the other is the person being interviewed.

      Racism, however, describes patterns of discrimination that are institutionalized as “normal” throughout an entire culture. It’s based on an ideological belief that one “race” is somehow better than another “race”. It’s not one person discriminating at this point, but a whole population operating in a social structure that actually makes it difficult for a person not to discriminate.

      A clear cut example is a slave-holding culture: people are born into a society where one sort of person is “naturally” a master, and another sort of person is “naturally” a slave (and sometimes not considered a person at all, but a beast of burden). In a culture like that, discrimination is built into the social, economic and political fabric, and individuals — even “free” individuals — don’t really have a choice about whether they discriminate or not because even if they don’t believe in slavery, they interact every day with slaves and the laws and rules that keep slaves bound.

      In a racist society, it takes a special act of courage and willingness to subject oneself to scandal or danger to step outside that system and become an abolitionist. It’s not the “fault” of every member of the master class that slavery exists, and some might wish it was gone. But the fact is that every single member of the master class benefits from the unpaid labor of slaves at every level of society because they simply can’t avoid consuming the products that slavery produces, or benefiting from the exploitation of slave labor. So unless members of the master class rise up and oppose the system and try to overthrow it (abolitionists, for example), they’re going to be complicit in the slave system: even abolitionists will profit — against their will — in the slave system because they still have to wear clothes or use other things the system produced.

      The above is an extreme, clear example, which I use to make it easier to see the fuzzier, more complex situations in which we operate today. Despite the fact that slaves were freed by the Emancipation Proclamation, and that the 14th Amendment gave African Americans voting rights, the institutional structures of racism were not overturned. Even after the 14th was passed, white people still had the power to prevent black people from voting by instituting the poll tax, the grandfather clause, and the “understanding” clause which required blacks to recite any segment of the Constitution the registrar wanted them to recite. In the Sixties, the Civil Rights Voting Acts were passed, which knocked down those obstacles to voting. But black Americans still do not have political power in proportion to their presence in the population (even though there’s a black President).

      If you look at important voting bodies like the Federal and the State senates and congresses, or at the Federal and State supreme courts, or at the CEO list of major corporations, or at any other body that wields substantial power in the U.S., you will count only a few black faces (and in some cases, none). Out of the number of black faces you count, most of them will not be representing the views of the majority of black people in this country, but the views of the white majority. On the other hand, if you count the number of black people in poverty, and in prisons, or the number of people who are unemployed or lack health care, there are far more black people in these categories than is proportionate to their numbers in the larger society.

      Unless you are going to argue that blacks are “naturally” inferior to whites (which is an outright racist position), you have to admit that there is some mechanism that is limiting black opportunity. That’s the mechanism we call “racism” — the interacting social, political, and economic rule systems that all discriminate, either overtly (racial profiling, for example) or covertly (i.e., white majority governments redrawing district voting lines so that black majority areas are politically split up and don’t have the electoral power to vote in black candidates; or, white-run banks using zip codes as a criteria for excluding people who apply for loans, and just “happening” to exclude all the majority black neighborhoods in a city, a practice called “red-lining”). One could go on for hours about these various mechanisms, and I’m sure you can think of plenty on your own which discriminate against blacks, Hispanics, “Arab-looking” people, Native Americans, & so on.

      Now to “Reverse Racism.” It’s crucial to maintain the distinction between the above three terms, because otherwise white people tend to redefine “Discrimination” as “Racism”. Their main argument is that because both blacks and white can discriminate against each other, that “Reverse Racism” is possible. But the truth of the matter is that black people: 1) have far less opportunity to discriminate against whites than whites have to discriminate against blacks, overall; and 2) black people lack a system of institutionalized support that protect them when they discriminate against whites.

      It took black and white people working together for one hundred years to get programs like Affirmative Action installed in the U.S., but it took one white man (Alan Bakke) only a single Supreme Court case to get those programs dismantled because he felt he didn’t gain entry into medical school based on his white race.

      “Reverse Racism” would only describe a society in which all the rules and roles were turned upside down. That has not happened in the U.S., however much white right wing ideologues want to complain that they’re being victimized by the few points of equality that minorities and women have managed to claim. White people who complain about “Reverse Racism” are actually complaining about being denied their privileges, rather than being denied their rights. They feel entitled to be hired and not to be discriminated against, even though the norm is white people discriminating against blacks. If, in a rare instance, a black employer discriminates against a white job applicant, that’s not “reverse” anything — it’s simple discrimination. It’s to be condemned on principle, but it’s not evidence of some systematic program by which whites are being deprived of their rights.

      The right wing popularized the term “Reverse Racism” because they were really angry at having their white privileges challenged. Anyone who uses that phrase, whether they are right wing or not, furthers the right wing’s cause. This is what I tell Democrats and progressives who I hear using the term — not only are they being inaccurate, but they’re helping out their opponents.

      The above arguments can be applied to any institutionalized structure of oppression, affecting any race, ethnic or religious group, and can be used to to oppose claims of “Reverse Sexism” too.


      • AnonymousSkunk

        Copy/Paste drivel cited by someone who can’t accept responsibility for their own actions. Your entire argument is baseless and fallacious.

        I’ll create notes for everyone to surmise your premise:
        “Racism from black people can’t exist. They are immune. Everyone is out to get them and anyone who says otherwise is evil. Never mind facts and logic. Let me brainwash you…”

        Childish and predictable. Grow up, little one.

        • Historical

          sick…sick….demented….mentally anemic…you need a human heart implant…..you have the reasoning of a moron….

      • Historical

        Thank you for the erudite analysis.

        • M. E. Derry

          I receive negative feedback on my “CUT AND PASTE” comment but I do so in an effort to present researched and documented truths that can be investigated, studied, inquired into, looked into, probed, explored, analyzed, examined, scrutinized, and reviewed for accuracy and honesty by sane, rational, and critical thinking individuals like yourself.

      • justified


    • M. E. Derry

      Hello America:

      The right’s big racism lie: How Tucker Carlson & co. distort “white privilege”

      We all agree that “racism” is immoral — that’s not the argument. The problem is how too many redefine the word.

      If we hope in 2015 to make any changes that will shift the dismal trajectory of our national record on race, perhaps we should begin by clarifying a definition of racism that is not so utterly elementary and reactionary as that which Tucker Carlson offered recently on “Fox and Friends.” Tucker Carlson defines white privilege as “attacking people based on their skin color.” He further says, “That’s not moral. It’s wrong. And it shouldn’t be allowed.” That racism is immoral and wrong is a fact on which we can agree.

      But our agreements stop here. Have any of you ever heard any person say racism is right?

      I haven’t. Even the most strident white supremacist won’t argue that”racism is right.” Our national issue is not about the rightness of racism. It is about the fact that we actually care more about not being called racist, than about not being racist. And in the land of Tucker Carlson, a land that far too many white people inhabit, racism refers to the act of calling out systems of white supremacy and acts of white privilege. For white people who believe this is the definition of racism, they are really saying that racism is anything that makes white people feel bad about being white. Racism is anything that makes white people aware of all the ways that whiteness shapes their movement through space.

      For white people, to be called out for white privilege is to have to grapple with the possible notion that you are implicated in systems of white supremacy even if you don’t hate people of color and even when you aren’t trying to be. If white privilege exists, that means white people have to grapple with the fact that the potentially negative impacts of their whiteness under a regime of white supremacy will always exceed the best of their anti-racist intentions.

      Since this is the time of year when people set their intentions for moving forward in the New Year, I think it is important to apply one of those fluffy self-help truths to this moment. I think most people intend to be anti-racist. Just like we intend at the beginning of each year to lose weight, be healthier, save more money and generally be better people. But old habits die hard. If you are anything like me, each December you step on the scale and realize that the results of your unhealthy actions far outweigh your healthy intentions. This is why I have stopped making New Year’s resolutions. I always feel like I’m setting myself up for failure.

      And we collectively set ourselves up for failure when we continue in the old, outmoded belief that racism is solely defined by a conscious, malicious disregard for another group of people based on skin color. In a piece at the New York Times, professor Sendhil Mullainathan of Harvard outlined the myriad ways that people of color experience racial disparities because of implicit bias.

      Among the examples of note that he gave about the material impact of implicit (not explicit) bias were that physicians were much less likely to recommend cardiac catheterization to black heart patients than they were to white heart patients, “even when medical files were statistically identical”; when bargaining for used cars black people were on average offered prices at $700 higher and received smaller concessions than white buyers; when iPods were auctioned on eBay, an ad showing a white hand received 21 more offers than an ad showing a black hand. A 2009 study found that black job applicants with no criminal record were offered jobs at rates as low as white applicants with criminal records. There have been similar results of racial disparity when comparing white and black applicants looking for housing, white and black citizens emailing and hoping to receive replies from Congress people, and of course, racial disparities are rife in the criminal justice system. In every area of American life, from business to commerce to education to healthcare to criminal justice, we can see broad evidence of racial disparity. In his classic book, “Racism Without Racists,” Eduardo Bonilla Silva calls this phenomenon, in which racial disparity persists, though little evidence of explicit racial bias is apparent, “colorblind racism.”

      Persistent racial disparity cannot be reduced solely or primarily to the presence of racist intentions. Growing up in the U.S. means we are bombarded with messages from birth that tell us that white people lead, white people are middle class, white people are articulate, white people are safe, white people are powerful, white people are to be trusted. Meanwhile, we receive the exact opposite messages about black and brown people. That one is presumed capable, intelligent and trustworthy simply by virtue of the color of one’s skin is white privilege.

      If you believe that you don’t have implicit forms of bias, take the Harvard implicit racial bias quiz. When I took the quiz, to my utter horror, I discovered that I was statistically biased toward white people. That is true for the vast majority of people who take the quiz despite their race. To have to grapple with the fact that my own subconscious inclinations, despite a significant amount of racial pride and educational expertise in black culture, is toward white people remains difficult, because this means at some level, that white supremacy makes me distrust people who look like me. Good intentions alone are simply insufficient to challenge a system so vast as white supremacy.

      Recognizing that racism is not primarily about our intent matters as we move into 2015, a year in which young people will continue to demand a national solution to racialized police brutality. Until we can stop looking for explicit racial animus, and start asking questions about the implicit forms of bias that shape the way all police officers patrol and police communities of color, the bodies will continue to pile up. And white people’s brunches will continue to be disrupted.

      Racism is more complicated and more pervasive than domestic terrorists covered in white sheets using the N-word. Racism is more complicated than your grandparents’ use of racial slurs. Racism is more complicated than whether any given person is “a good person.” Even Leigh Ann Tuohy, the good white lady who took in and raised a homeless black boy and was portrayed by Sandra Bullock in “The Blind Side,” is not immune to assuming the worst about young black men. Acknowledging complicity is not the same thing as acknowledging intent. Acknowledging complicity is about acknowledging that you thrive in this system because your ancestors built and structured this world for you to thrive. As an isolated fact, this is not a bad thing. But in the broader context in which your ancestors also structured a world so that only white people would thrive, acknowledging complicity is an affirmation that you no longer want to compete in a rigged race. But such assertions make the vast majority of white people uncomfortable to the point of defensiveness. What would happen if white people moved past the defensiveness and became eager about joining together with people of color to eradicate these systems?

      If, like me, the results of your implicit bias quiz have you feeling overwhelmed, and have you feeling like ending racism is too big a goal, too elusive a goal, then let’s try this. Even though I am skeptical of New Year’s resolutions, I always feel like an underachiever when I watch my friends make them, while I, being slightly contrary, refuse. But a friend shared this post that encourages us to focus not so much on goals but on systems. In the fight for racial justice, I think the broader lesson applies. If we want to see an end to racism, we have to change – or even overhaul- the system. The deaths of every victim from Eric Garner to Tanisha Anderson to NYPD Officers Liu and Ramos are severe symptoms of a system that does not well serve those of us who love justice.

      You can’t escape complicity. But you can – as we all can-set new intentions and do our damnedest to bring them to fruition. Let’s set new intentions, put in place new, more constructive systems that are not beholden to our intentions, and commit to act on behalf of justice, for others and ourselves. I believe this will work in my battle with weight loss. And I believe it will work in our battle with white supremacy, too.


      • Historical

        Read M.E. Derry…on this thread above….you’re welcome…

    • Kamau Thabiti

      article designed and presented as some kind of truth. white people make up stats as needed to fortify their intentions of keeping Black people in a slavery condition.

      • AnonymousSkunk

        Like what? Care to refute any FACTS? LOL just sit there with no legitimate retort and utilize fallacious logic in an attempt to promote your agenda. Typical.

      • Corpus_Innominata

        It’s not about “keeping blacks in slavery.” It’s about escaping from blacks.

    • Kamau Thabiti

      that’s a laugh.

    • Jane Wilson

      Well I know that when blacks overtook my old neighborhood we were targeted daily by racial hatred from the blacks who moved in. My kids were bullied and our property vandalized. When we tried to be decent about it and went to the so called parents we were simply stared at and doors slammed in our faces. After that it just got worse. Then God forbid the damn BLACK gangs moved in and that’s when we moved out. Sold our house at a huge loss just to get out of there. So, yes, I feel discriminated against by black people but gee, I didn’t start a big bullying movement and demand that all the black people shut up and give me ‘safe space’. There were no riots or anything else. The white people just moved on.

      • naomi lotts

        Yeah like moving on and starting a White supremacist group or being like Dylan Roof and shooting and killing 9 innocent people in a church they welcomed you in.

        • AnonymousSkunk

          You’re so full of it. I’ve been called every racial slur in the book by blacks, when I made absolutely no mention of their race. People like you are so quick to play the victim, while simultaneously engaging in the EXACT behavior you condemn. Go cry somewhere else, liar.

          • Historical

            These are learned behaviors…from centuries of white brutality, depredation, savagery, and cruelty…lets keep it real. Whites can pretend to ignore race as they often do; unfortunately blacks never can and often don’t.

      • Corpus_Innominata

        That’s called a “sun down” neighborhood. Whites not allowed out after sun down.

    • John

      Conservatives… enough said. They’re used to the good ole days were Whiteness and nepotism was all you needed to succeed. Well, Jim Crow is over. Get used to competition, ambitious, and self-responsibility.

      • AnonymousSkunk

        Oh, you mean like Abraham Lincoln, the Republican?

        Actually, the tables have turned. All you need to succeed (or get out of trouble) nowadays is to play the role of the victim in a given situation. Self-responsibility? LMAO! The race card is used primarily to AVOID having accountability for ones actions. Nice try. Grow up and practice what you preach. No one cares what color your skin is. They care about your character. Right now, it’s obvious your character sucks. But keep blaming your woes on something that isn’t the root of your problems. I’ll play a violin for you while you cry.

        • John

          Seems like you need to grow up. Today’s Republicans are nothing like Lincoln…. case in point, they worship the Rebels whom Lincoln vanquished. We’ve had to listen to the losers and now their descendants whine and avoid blame ever since while subjecting minorities to Jim Crow to console themselves. Now Jim Crow is over they’ve whined more and louder and more viciously.

          • AnonymousSkunk

            Sorry, bud. Of the current two party system, the Republicans currently comprise the group promoting personal accountability. Democrats essentially do the opposite, promoting and perpetuating a welfare state in order to maintain votes and control. As a person of color, you should be scared and outraged regarding what the Democrats are doing to your people. The poorest, most crime-ridden cities in America are controlled by the latter party, and have been for decades. If you can’t learn from history and real world experience, then no one can help you. If you decide to open your mind and clear the fog from your eyes, you might see the truth. Then again, I realize ignorance is bliss, and reality is a bitter pill to swallow. It’s 2015, and slavery is hundreds of years in the opposite direction. We all control our own fates.

            • John

              Firstly, don’t condescend to me you pompous domineering cocksure pansy by telling me what to be outraged at!

              People have the right of personal choices. Welfare? Last I checked, we give more “welfare” to corporations than people. Human Welfare recipients have fallen for decades while corporate welfare rose.

              Some site posted a list of the safest cities in the US and Democrats ran the majority of them. Economics say poverty creates crime and poverty is hard to overcome. Blacks her brutally put into poverty by former Democrats who mysteriously turned into Republicans. How come the people who suffered the worse under Jim Crow still struggle to succeed? There is the link….. Natives fair worse Blacks statistically and look at their past treatment.

              Your outed paranoid conservative cowardism worldview give you that prosecution complex you suffer from.

              Fact….. conservatives have bigger amygdala than liberals… which means you’re more fearful of uncertainties and life. Go preach to a like minded coward.

              Later… Got to go work and pay my taxes.

            • vet

              Democrats have done nothing for blacks other then not walk around with a noose in their hands and there ls where the difference lays.

              It was liberals who freed the slaves, not conservatives, it was liberals who ended Jim Crow laws, not conservatives. I remember a staunch conservative standing on the steps of the University of Alabama ” segregation now, segregation forever” today conservatives continue to fight for segregation.

              Liberalism and conservatism are ideologies that govern the morality of the person and their willingness to fight for and defend the person next to them.

              Liberalism has proven to embrace all, conservatism has been proven to embraces their likeness and nothing else.

    • bobmann55

      It is literally the LAW that white males must be discriminated against. No other group of people have any laws that force them to be discrimnated against

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      A lot of the people complaining now will be screaming in silent fear like Southern blacks have done for so long, when the gathering police state really clamps down.

    • Leon Pfanenstiel

      White males are the only one’s that don’t get any special considerations. It’s not cool when an employer tells you they can’t hire you because you’re not a black woman.

      • Syreeda Portis

        And were you told that? Probably not…

        • Leon Pfanenstiel

          It was all over the news, a few years ago. The government was going to do a study on it, and then they went quiet.

    • vet

      What minority has the ability to oppressed white people? Then what tool do these minorities have that they can use to enforce this oppression. I haven’t seen one minority stand up and pass a law effecting the lives of whites only. I have seen white people pass laws oppressing others based simply on color and ethnicity.

      • bobmann55


      • Jane Wilson

        I believe it was called affermative action.

        • SQUAD!!

          Affirmative Action is supposed to prevent the exclusion or discrimination of QUALIFIED individuals from opportunities based on gender, race, skin color, etc. That includes white women as well.

        • SQUAD!!

          If people stopped discriminating against people who are not white, this wouldn’t exist. Do not bring up Asians either, because the history between whites and Asians is no where near that of whites and blacks.

          Blacks and other people of color including white women were denied jobs, loans, educations, mortgages, etc. all due to people being petty. You can’t expect people to be okay with that. People still find ways to discriminate against people of color and women though. They make less money, even with the same qualifications. They have a harder time finding work with higher levels of edu than whites with a high school diploma. I’m not explaining anymore to you. You do the research

        • vet

          It was passed by white people not one black person had anything to do with it’s writing. Would have never occurred if not for the hatred of white people, written to control the hate of white people.

      • Corpus_Innominata


    • Syreeda Portis

      White people want to be oppressed so bad. How are they being oppressed? How has blacks in this country affected the well being of the white race in this country? They talk about affirmative action, but white women benefited from it more than black people, and also, do not forget that the colleges can have an 80% white population on its campuses even with affirmative action. There is not one white person who would trade places with a black or latino man.

      • bobmann55

        White men have been the victims of the oppression of race based “affirmative action” LAWS. No other people in this country have LAWS that require that they be discriminated against. The fact that this does not matter to you in the least proves that you are a racist POS. Blacks also effect the well being of whites by the extremely high rate of black on white crime with numerous killings and rapings every day

        • mike

          WOW. That was completely ignorant. The only reason affirmative action was created was due to White people not abiding by the rules after segregation was ended. We were protested for going to school. Protested from drinking from water fountains and other public places. I mean they banned Ray Charles from performing in the state of GA. because he would not perform for a segregated crowd. And that was Ray Charles. How do you think they treated black people of that time. I mean you have white men who would rape children for god sake. And didn’t have to worry about the law coming to get them. because the law didn’t recognize black people as humans. Before you quote affirmative action. Why dont you check the unemployment rate for black people from the 20’s till now. See how much that changed over time. I think it is irresponsible to make such a statement with out considering the other entities involved. Well why did they create Affirmative action anyway? Dont mention the result if your not willing to look at the reason.

          • Corpus_Innominata

            Affirmative Action violates the 14th Amendment. It is illegal.
            If whites were allowed to escape from blacks it would be impossible for blacks to receive “discrimination.”

            • mike

              Im not sure what your statement even means honestly. You say this as it Black people created Affirmative action. They didn’t, White people did. Because they knew themselves you cannot trust people to do the right thing. It should not have been necessary. But you had some many white people fighting the integration of black people in White society. But then expected them to interrogate correctly. With no jobs. No social structure. No education nor the means to get one. No support for all the indignities they were dealing with at the time. Affirmative actions was created because you could not be trusted period. No matter what the law said. Some white people decided they were not going to abide by those rules. Sure in the cities they were easy to police. But in the southern states where the police did not agree with the integration of black people. Nor did they abide by the federal law which protected the black people of that time. It didn’t stop the violence against black people. the local police also did nothing to help. Even with Tulsa Oklahoma. A place where black people were thriving. White people came and tore it down with violence and burning. So who is being terrorized here?

        • Syreeda Portis

          Are you aware that blacks are still being discriminated against in this country as well as other races. Did you know that 5/3rd bank was fined 18 million dollars by the feds for allowing car dealerships to hike interests on blacks and latino buyers. This happened in 9/2015. That’s right, this year. They are also looking at other dealerships financing banks to see if this has happened with other banks. See, you don’t have to live with a certain mentality that we blacks have to live with to just survive or make it in this country. I wish i could trust the banking system, car dealerships, the housing market, the education system. I have to check to make sure, that when i buy a house that the loan is legit and even after i sign the loan, i have to remember the price that the house was being sold as so that when i get the paperwork back, it still list the same price and the same interest rate. Do you do that. Has it even crossed your mind to do that? Probably not, because you do not know what its like to be oppressed because you are white. When black people start owning corporations, banks, dealerships and they began to turn white people away because of their skin color, than we could talk. until than, you opinion has no validity in my life and in the lives of black people.

          • bobmann55

            It is illegal to discriminate against blacks while the LAWS state that white men MUST BE discriminated against.. BY LAW. Who cares what your biased opinion is . The LAWS are against white men and can be proven by reading America’s code books. The LAWS protect blacks and harm whites BY LAW . Can you say APARTHEID-separate laws for separate races. Black people do own all the things you mentioned and they charge whatever the credit ratings allow just like every other business. You’re are so full of sh** it is pouring out of your mouth

        • Syreeda Portis

          cry me a river!! affirmative action benefited white women. Look it up!! So go cry to them. What other areas are white men being oppressed??

        • Syreeda Portis

          Your own are more of a threat to you than a black man… check out the white on white crime stat… how else are you affected by black oppression besides being afraid of us.

      • Corpus_Innominata

        Visit Colin Flaherty’s Youtube channel for some graphic video evidence.

    • SAFedUp

      Women are discriminated against and have been in wages, job advancement and child rearing in job market and since Black women are considered a minority, it has made it harder for Non Black women to compete! If you have a Non Black and a Black woman competing for the same job, the Black definitely has an advantage!