18 CEOs Called Out By Bernie Sanders For Taking Trillions In Bailouts, Evading Taxes, And Outsourcing Jobs

Senator Sanders, in his no-nonsense approach, released a report identifying 18 CEOs responsible for wrecking the economy.
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    Bernie Sanders is the underdog in the American political race, but he’s quickly gaining momentum as a prime candidate to lead the US, as his no-nonsense, candor approach is appreciated by many – especially the millennial generation.

    In response to 80 CEOS recently publishing a letter on the Wall Street Journal lecturing America about deficit reduction and urging them to “act on the deficit and reform Medicare and Medicare,” Sanders had the following to say:

    There really is no shame. The Wall Street leaders whose recklessness and illegal behavior caused this terrible recession are now lecturing the American people on the need for courage to deal with the nation’s finances and deficit crisis. Before telling us why we should cut Social Security, Medicare and other vitally important programs, these CEOs might want to take a hard look at their responsibility for causing the deficit and this terrible recession.

    Our Wall Street friends might also want to show some courage of their own by suggesting that the wealthiest people in this country, like them, start paying their fair share of taxes. They might work to end the outrageous corporate loopholes, tax havens and outsourcing provisions that their lobbyists have littered throughout the tax code – contributing greatly to our deficit.

    Many of the CEO’s who signed the deficit-reduction letter run corporations that evaded at least $34.5 billion in taxes by setting up more than 600 subsidiaries in the Cayman Islands and other offshore tax havens since 2008. As a result, at least a dozen of the companies avoided paying any federal income taxes in recent years, and even received more than $6.4 billion in tax refunds from the IRS since 2008.

    Several of the companies received a total taxpayer bailout of more than $2.5 trillion from the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department.

    Many of the companies also have outsourced hundreds of thousands of American jobs to China and other low wage countries, forcing their workers to receive unemployment insurance and other federal benefits. In other words, these are some of the same people who have significantly caused the deficit to explode over the last four years.

    Remaining true to his promise to serve the people as a politician, Sanders responded to the lecture from the American CEO’s by releasing a report detailing how 18 of them have helped blow up the deficit and wreck the economy outsourcing jobs and evading US taxes.Howdy, MintPress News Desk

    The list of 18 CEO’s follows: 

    1) Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan

    Amount of federal income taxes paid in 2010? Zero. $1.9 billion tax refund.

    Taxpayer Bailout from the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department? Over $1.3 trillion.

    Amount of federal income taxes Bank of America would have owed if offshore tax havens were eliminated? $2.6 billion.

    2) Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein

    Amount of federal income taxes paid in 2008? Zero. $278 million tax refund.

    Taxpayer Bailout from the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department? $824 billion.

    Amount of federal income taxes Goldman Sachs would have owed if offshore tax havens were eliminated? $2.7 billion

    3) JP Morgan Chase CEO James Dimon

    Taxpayer Bailout from the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department? $416 billion.

    Amount of federal income taxes JP Morgan Chase would have owed if offshore tax havens were eliminated? $4.9 billion.

    4) General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt

    Amount of federal income taxes paid in 2010? Zero. $3.3 billion tax refund.

    Taxpayer Bailout from the Federal Reserve? $16 billion.

    Jobs Shipped Overseas? At least 25,000 since 2001.

    5) Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam

    Amount of federal income taxes paid in 2010? Zero. $705 million tax refund.

    American Jobs Cut in 2010? In 2010, Verizon announced 13,000 job cuts, the third highest corporate layoff total that year.

    6) Boeing CEO James McNerney, Jr.

    Amount of federal income taxes paid in 2010? None. $124 million tax refund.

    American Jobs Shipped overseas? Over 57,000.

    Amount of Corporate Welfare? At least $58 billion.

    7) Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

    Amount of federal income taxes Microsoft would have owed if offshore tax havens were eliminated? $19.4 billion.

    8) Honeywell International CEO David Cote

    Amount of federal income taxes paid from 2008-2010? Zero. $34 million tax refund.

    9) Corning CEO Wendell Weeks

    Amount of federal income taxes paid from 2008-2010? Zero. $4 million tax refund.

    10) Time Warner CEO Glenn Britt

    Amount of federal income taxes paid in 2008? Zero. $74 million tax refund.

    11). Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier

    Amount of federal income taxes paid in 2009? Zero. $55 million tax refund.

    12) Deere & Company CEO Samuel Allen

    Amount of federal income taxes paid in 2009? Zero. $1 million tax refund.

    13) Marsh & McLennan Companies CEO Brian Duperreault

    Amount of federal income taxes paid in 2010? Zero. $90 million refund.

    14) Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs

    Amount of federal income taxes Qualcomm would have owed if offshore tax havens were eliminated? $4.7 billion.

    15) Tenneco CEO Gregg Sherill

    Amount of federal income taxes Tenneco would have owed if offshore tax havens were eliminated? $269 million.

    16)  Express Scripts CEO George Paz

    Amount of federal income taxes Express Scripts would have owed if offshore tax havens were eliminated? $20 million.

    17) Caesars Entertainment CEO Gary Loveman

    Amount of federal income taxes Caesars Entertainment would have owed if offshore tax havens were eliminated? $9 million.

    18). R.R. Donnelly & Sons CEO Thomas Quinlan III

    Amount of federal income taxes paid in 2008? Zero. $49 million tax refund.

    As PoliticusUSA discloses, eighteen of the 80 CEOs who signed the call for deficit action are actually some of the biggest outsourcers and tax cheats in America. Not only did they crash the economy in 2008, they followed that incident by taking billions in taxpayer bailout dollars.

    Then, they outsourced jobs and evaded taxes. It’s pretty unbelievable, then, that they are now calling for action on a deficit that they helped create over the past four years.

    Thankfully, Senator Sanders is not standing for the corruption and has done a great deed by bringing the disgraceful actions of these CEOs to attention.

    Raise awareness by sharing this article and comment your thoughts below.

    Source: (All data from Top Corporate Dodgers report.)

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    • Bosatsu

      Hillary would do nothing about this…

    • Morgan Morris

      Last time I checked to be refunded you have to have funded to begin with. These where giveaways. Not refunds.

      • arsailman1

        By taking losses against their income, they may be entitled to refunds, although no taxes were paid. At least that’s what I have been led to believe. I am not a tax expert, especially on business taxes…

        • Irishrow2

          On a fed corporate return, you can claw back up to the last five years of tax payments by showing a loss. It IS limited to the amount your corporation paid in.

    • Ron Wallace

      Open Notice to Bill Gates: Aloha Mr Gates. Is it true that Microsoft has avoided paying billions of dollars in federal taxes by putting revenues into offshore accounts? Are you still on the board of directors of Microsoft? What are you going to do about this?

    • Melyssa Desilles

      Wonderful. Lets share this like crazy. Additionally, terrible choice of yellow colour background as its hard on the eyes to read. Black or dark background would be better for everyone especially older eyes.

    • Cody Davis

      Can anyone help figure out which of these people are freemasons? I bet they’re in the good ‘ol boys club.

    • Johnny Alexandersson

      There is only one way to do something about this , and that is to change the Tax Laws.

      • asdjfo


    • Barbara A Johnson Adkins

      What are we going to do about it? Not o ly did Bank of America top this list, they stole through their mortgages. Criminals all!

      • Gene Splicer

        We’re going to elect Hillary Clinton so nothing changes.

    • No Dough

      yeah Bernie, we little people are doing actions for you everyday and we will keep doing it when you are potus !

    • Leila Deurell

      yeah Bernie, thank you for your courage. I did a lot of work for you today.

    • What
      is wrong with the American people. Why don’t you in the millions
      protest against this absolute, pure evil. Or don’t the majority of you
      care that you are being dehumanised with the evil plan to destroy your
      individuality and thus be turned into brain washed automatons who work
      like slaves for these most evil multinational companies who are only
      loyal to money and power and will try by whatever means to destroy
      humanity and themselves. They happen to be nihilists and their plotting
      evil in secret is beyond what most people in their wildests dreams can

      • No Dough

        lem, you answered your own question. This is already happened “turned into brain washed automatons who work like slaves for these most evil multinational companies who are only loyal to money and power and will try by whatever means to destroy humanity and themselves.” For those of us who took the wake up and smell the rotting industrial wasteland bereft of a moral compass and of spirituality pill, we have been painstakingly tolerating this. We have been conquered and divided. We have been waiting for Bernie an idea whose time has come and is long over due.

      • The American people have given up and given in. There is no backbone to this society anymore. We pull out cell phones and record rather than stepping in or stepping up, we’re to busy feeding out fat glutinous faces with all the healthy food menu options through McDonalds, our missile defense systems and coastal defenses are at an all time low and our military have become a farce and mockery..Any questions?

    • They should all be arrested and the FBI should go offshore and take back the billions that these Mammon worshippers have stolen from the American people.

      • No Dough

        they own the fbi and every other gov employee except for Bernie and Warren.

        • Johnny Alexandersson

          you know , Obama was saying about the same thing before he became Potus but once he got in he changed. I still feel like someone took him in the back room and told how its gonna be or else.

    • *Corporations avoiding paying fair share of taxes:*
      Two Thirds of US Corporations Pay No Federal Income Tax http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/08/12/national/main4342535.shtml

      30 Major U.S. Companies Spent More on Lobbying than Taxes

      The EFFECTIVE corporate tax rate in the US is only 12% http://www.ctj.org/corporatetaxdodgers/sorrystateofcorptaxes.php

      Corp taxes fell from >30% of all federal revenue in 1950s to 6.6% in 2009 http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/25/business/economy/25tax.html

      *CEO greed:*
      Executives receive one-third of all pay in the U.S.

      CEOs used to have an income about 28 times greater than an average worker at that company. Today it is over 300 times the average http://upstart.bizjournals.com/multimedia/interactives/2007/06/salary_comparison.html

      CEO’s Who Lay Off Workers Get Paid More http://www.alternet.org/story/148035/hidden_corporate_scandal%3A_ceos_who_laid_off_the_most_workers_rake_in_the_most_treasure

      A McDonald’s Employee Must Work One Million Hours To Make As Much As The Company’s CEO http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2012/12/12/1322231/mcdonalds-worker-one-million-hours/

    • Elaine Maitz

      Yeah, Bernie is no “underdog” you ignoramus!!!! These companies are low life TAX EVADERS!! HOW DID THEY GET A TAX REFUND IF THEY PAID NO TAXES!!???? You tell them Bernie!

      • BobRohner

        How unfair to call our businesses tax evaders. They did not write the tax code!! Do you not review your taxes in detail every year and take absolutely every deduction you can get away with? If not you are stupid – if so then you are no different.

        • cynde

          ^^you were kidding, right? Deduction and Evasion through Corporate loopholes, being established through round the clock attorneys, creating every new invention of ‘dodge ball’ while the CEO’S continue profits in the millions plus, and workers losing on every front ie; wages, health benefits, sick leave, 401 K and/or Retirement Accts etc etc etc. Give us a freaking break !! Does one have any idea the future we are/have been lead into ? As far as the “Tax Code”….? You best fukking believe they continually Lobby (Big Bucks) and wrote every fukking loophole in it !! Corporations are running everything, especially and including the politicians !!

    • 127guy

      He’s in trouble now. How dare he call out Hillary’s donors?
      BTW, has Bawnie himself ever worked an honest day in his life?

      • Elaine Maitz

        Drop dead TROLL.

        • 127guy

          Get a little fiber in your diet, sweet stuff.

      • rod

        Hey, dildo, I’d say he’s been working a lot of honest and, evidently, long days for years. What have you done for or on behalf of anyone else?

        • 127guy

          Feeding at the public trough isn’t a job, lefty. BTW, I looked it up and Bawnie had an inheritance. Did you know that, comrade? Isn’t that part of the 1% thing…? Beats working.

          • stupidkitty84

            Inheritance? His parents died young and poor. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

            • 127guy

              What I know is that Bawnie isn’t going to be the nominee. You’ll have to get free stuff somewhere else.

      • Leila Deurell

        Bernie has the best, most incredible record of doing great work in gov and besides that, he is a mensch. Do your homework.

        • 127guy

          What’s a mensch? And I don’t think Bernie is Jewish anymore. He’s like Obama except not a Muslim.

          • Leila Deurell

            mensch is a gentleman. he is Jewish, whether he practices it have no idea. Doesn’t matter, he is full of caring aobut all people. He states he sees us as one. I don’t understnd how you think he is like Obama, he is like no one I have ever seen in politics. First time in 76 years I have shown a political interest. I am so impressed by him.

            • 127guy

              I’m sure you are impressed, Babs. Bawnie has a certain appeal to people who start and end with envy and divisiveness. He doesn’t care about me – wants to take my money and redistribute it to pay for free stuff that shouldn’t be doled out to layabouts.

              • JDM

                Learn something. wpo.st/QpYj0

            • No Dough

              Too bad this troller uses an anon mask for his pic more evidence it really is a troll.

            • BobRohner

              Perhaps we need some restrictive rules but how can anyone support higher taxes as a means of obtaining greater equity. What fool wants our government to take and control our money to supposedly make us all richer and run our businesses. Have they ever ran anything without a huge amount of waste. How silly?

        • No Dough

          leila don’t feed the troll.

    • MrMarkBoston

      Where is the anger from the American people ???? Why dont we see demonstrations in the streets? We have become sheep . THIS is why Bernie MUST be the leader of our once great nation ( not so much now days )

      • 127guy

        More free stuff for you, Boston. Now back in your hole.

        • Destynee

          Who wants free stuff? You mean our hard working tax dollars actually going to something meaningful? GTFO you joke. lol

          • 127guy

            Now, now Desty. Watch that temper and the throbbing vein in the forehead. Who did you think you are Bawnie Sawnders?

        • Leila Deurell

          absolutly, more post offices, better pay, SS, medicare, equal rights, fewer wars, health insurance for all ( same one to make medical issues easier) sick time, parents home with babies, no hungry kids, no big payers to buy the candidates. What you get back will not be free but you will pay less than what you are paying for now. youy’re paying for the Bengazi hillary investigations. Hey, vote for who you want. Time goes by fast, you’ll be 65, without SS, you will be hurting, eps. if they privatize it and the stocks go down, and then climate change: buy something that will withstand the floods to escape to. Good luck.

          • 127guy

            The absence of any negative comment about Bush in your regurgitation is a total fail. If you want liberal friends to like you, this must deficiency must be corrected ASAP.

      • Blondmyk

        Wasn’t “Occupy Wall St” and the other “Occupy” movements partially about this? I agree, something has to be done, but corporations and media made the outpouring look more like civil disobedience than anything else.

        • Paid for by the American people, propaganda by the US government.

      • What
        is wrong with the American people. Why don’t you in the millions
        protest against this absolute, pure evil. Or don’t the majority of you
        care that you are being dehumanised with the evil plan to destroy your
        individuality and thus be turned into brain washed automatons who work
        like slaves for these most evil multinational companies who are only
        loyal to money and power and will try by whatever means to destroy
        humanity and themselves. They happen to be nihilists and their plotting
        evil in secret is beyond what most people in their wildests dreams can

      • Howdy1951

        Guilt. Paralyzing guilt. We held corporations up as gods who were going to give us good jobs and benefits. It became known as “trickle down economics”.

    • renegadegirl

      it is such a fallacy that everyone would be a layabout and not work and just get gov’t benefits if they could. the reality is, most people want to work. most people want to feel they have a purpose. most people find that brings them positive self-esteem. the problem is that jobs have been shipped overseas–and establishment politicians have gone so far as to subsidize the disappearance of the middle class.

      • Jack Strawb

        I agree. In my experience most people can barely tolerate being idle for more than a few hours. Furthermore, most jobs are tailored completely to the maximization of profit, without regard for the pleasure a job can bring. I’ve been lucky in that it was only as a kid that I had to do repetitive, uncreative work, but most people spend their working lives as little more than programmable robots with one eye on the clock. Contemporary work is appalling.

        • 127guy

          Appalling indeed. And presumably your excuse for not doing any?

          • lynden55

            Just lobbing bricks for fun dear?

            • 127guy

              Easy targets.

    • renegadegirl

      the French aristocrats didn’t see it coming either.

      • roro

        do you mean the ones that got beheaded? the french revolution? People here in the US are too ignorant and complacent to do that, they would rather let their babies starve than stand up to the government. Its proof when the whole south keeps voting republican year after year. Democrats are not that much better when it comes to wall street and CEO’s, but at least they don’t expect the poor to pay. Lets see now that Sanders is willing to stand up to them if he gets their vote.

        • GALT

          Gerrymandering has a lot to do with “republican” success in
          elections…….the other being $$$$$$$$$,

          But the power of the “capitalists” is waning on the message front,
          since “pissed on” economics has lost its credibility…..and you
          can’t “consume” without disposable income.

          Bernie has the power, to further expose the “obstructionist” nature
          of the “corrupted” and “control the supreme court” nominations…..
          whether he has the “imagination” to accomplish anything else will
          have to wait until he is faced with the “gridlock” that he will be presented

          Of course the pantywaists on the claimed “progressive side” who
          consider Hillary to be “equally” progressive…..like Thom Hartmann
          and Sander’s own choice of “admiration, respect and liking” Hillary
          does present a “problem”……so, republican stupidity in “attacking
          her” is a positive sign.

          Then, there is the final hurdle of an intelligent enough electorate
          being able to get past the “socialist” fallacy…..and again, republican
          stupidity should carry the day……but again, gerrymandering plays
          a part here too…….for Sander’s message has overwhelming “popular”
          support…..but “popular support” does not win presidential elections.

          President Sander’s…….we can only hope……then the FUN will
          really begin.

          • Leila Deurell

            If everyone who believes in Bernie is doing what I do on a daily basis, he is a sure shot.

            • GALT

              Time will tell.

        • Sam McCue

          “It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged.” G. K. Chesterton

        • Leila Deurell

          Let’s see????????? look what he is doing now. he is standing up to them, naming them and how much money they avoided paying taxes on. Tell me, who else is doing that?

      • spudz76

        French citizens didn’t exactly allow their aristocrats to build weapons stronger than any others on the planet, before taking action against them. Now it doesn’t matter if we can have guns, we can’t have missiles and RPGs and etc while the Government can, so we (as citizenry) have already lost.

        • spudz76

          …not to mention the explicit and included reasoning for the Second Amendment was so that citizens when grouped should be able to overthrow the government completely. Also the word “arms” was used for a reason, not “guns”… they meant for citizens to have the same right to weapons of any kind as the government, and reverse transitive also the government should not be allowed to have any weapon a citizen can’t have. Otherwise there is no reason for the amendment at all, it was meant to be a check-and-balance type thing to avoid runaway “defense” (don’t forget that also means offense) development.

    • Dan Grossnickle

      Hillary’s Top Contributors: Morgan Stanley $636,564, Lehman Brothers $362,853, JPMorgan Chase $696,456, Goldman Sachs $760,740, Credit Suisse $318,120, Citigroup Inc $824,402

    • sam hershenhorn

      These CEO’s realize that if Bernie is elected, that their past record of practices will not be acceptable any more, and they will pump more millions of dollars into Hillary’s campaign to try and defeat Bernie Sanders.

    • zmann

      Well, we need more like Bernie in Congress to hold those CEO scum accountable or it’s hopeless.

      • Leila Deurell

        it’ll happen

        • zmann

          Only if we USAns collectively get good at paying more attention to our Congressional elections every 2 years. So far, with pathetically low turnout in midterms and not much attention given during presidential election years, either DINOs or GOTP end up stealing more elections. That has to change.

          • Leila Deurell

            I agree, we are doing our best in our group to spread the word about Bernie and get people to vote.

    • Emmanuel

      Donald has to be on that list. He cheats and does the same. But, Bernie, don’t you? Please lead by example and decline your salary and all the money you make, then I might believe you.

      • zmann

        No pol is going to be without salary. It’s how he uses power that makes him better than most pols so quit your whining and grow up.

        • Emmanuel

          I need to grow up? LOL lead by example Bernie

          • zmann

            Then you go run for president if you’re so perfect.

            • Emmanuel

              LOL, talk about childish. If he wants my vote, then he needs to lead by example not all talk like the rest of them.

              • Richard Northrop

                He is leading by example idiot. He doesnt take corporate donations to his campaign. Only individual and small business donations.

              • zmann

                Bernie may not be perfect but he is leading by example just fine and standing out. You’re just acting childish by refusing to pay attention like a spoiled brat. Every candidate who runs for public office will be earning income, no exceptions. So just which candidate do you find better than Bernie oh Mista Perfect? Or are you just another one of those evangelical RWNJs always trying to make it personal? As a “god fearing family man” you claim to be, why don’t you follow your own advice first by giving up your day job and running for president with ZERO fundraising whatsoever and see how far you go? I’ll bet you won’t even try ‘cuz you’re probably some self righteous Xtian.

          • Jack Strawb

            You mean by not being able to pay his bills, and going hungry? What on earth can you be thinking–do you really not know the difference between drawing a salary and gutting the economy to rake in another hundred million dollars?

      • Christian Boyd

        The Donald is not as big of a player, sorry. Going without a salary is a ridiculous notion, he works for his money pays his taxes and walks to work. By comparison to his collegues Sanders lives simply and by example. No one, even democratic socialists are saying you shouldn’t be rich, go make all the money you want to make, just pay your fair share that’s the message here. Who is paying for these clowns to astroturf these forums anyway, probably someone in that list above. I’d bet a cookie on that.

        • CoralSands75

          Thank you. Someone brings rationality into this discussion. Amazing.

        • Destynee

          Exactly.. my god, after I read their idiotic messages I feel my brain become numb. I don’t know if they truly believe what they are saying or they are just trolls looking for attention.. because they are ridiculous.

      • He gets the same amount that all the other Senators get. What did you expect?

        • Emmanuel

          Pelosi took home 10 mil. They don’t need their salary.

          • CoralSands75

            Who is “they?” Considering most have to maintain a separate residence in the D.C. area, and many have families to support, college tuition to pay, etc. — what they are paid is not all that outrageous. Like I’ve pointed out, Bernie Sanders’ net worth is only in the 450K area.

            • Emmanuel

              They are the politicians. I have zero sympathy for the DC scum. Cut their salaries now.

              • Leila Deurell

                Many politicians are crooked, there have been some good ones.

            • D. Christie

              At the same time, how many of the “they’s” are like Bernie Sanders?

          • Leila Deurell

            Bernie does not accept money from super pacs. He has raised money for his campaign from people like you and me.

            • Emmanuel

              How about the under the table deals? He’s not that innocent.

      • CoralSands75

        His net worth is under half a million dollars. He IS middle-class himself.

      • Destynee

        He is leading by example. Decline his salary? lol. That is kind of a dumb statement to make.

      • Leila Deurell

        What?????????? Bernie is the best example of an honest, caring mensch. A very bright and common sense man.

        • Emmanuel

          If he’s a politician, he’s not honest.

          • No Dough

            emmanuel where is your faith in your cross? Did you not hear? Bernie is the 2nd jew sent to save all the brainwashed slaves of the 1% and free them. They all missed the first messiah that came to rescue them from the Romans. The Romans won again and this is the modern day bc grind wheel. He is trying to throw the money changers out of the temple again get a clue!

      • Leila Deurell

        Bernie is not RICH and does not cheat. He is bringing the light of those who do cheat to get it in the open, he has the courage to do it. That’s why the big corporations etc hate him. Go Bernie, he is the different, sane one.

        • Emmanuel

          I agree about the cheating but don’t buy his bs about being modest. He’s a DC pig.

    • Ray Charon

      Most people take what they can get from the government and pay as little in taxes as they can. Why does he expect CEOs to be any different?
      The problem is not people who take advantage of the benefits that the government offers. The problem is the politicians who make laws that favor certain people or groups of people with the laws they make. All laws should be for the good of the health of the nation as a whole. It is not the role of government to divide people into groups and help cronies, voting blocks and “classes” of people who they think will keep them in power!

      • D. Christie

        Apparently you missed the hypocrisy in their call for “fixing” budget deficit problems?!?!? (When they pay no taxes and take back billions from the government????) It’s no wonder they get away scot free!!

        • Ray Charon

          It is not hypocrisy to follow laws you disagree with. That is simply playing by the rules of the game. The politicians who make unreasonable laws are the ones to blame. When government regulations make it more expensive to live or do business we have no choice but to take advantage of the benefits they provide until we can change those laws. Power hungry, authoritarian politicians make laws that make us dependent on them for survival. That is why I vote for those who convince me that they will cut the size and influence of government in our lives.

          • Destynee

            Hiding money in offshore accounts and evading taxes is against the law.

          • D. Christie

            You tried, and I will give you credit for that. THEY, however, are the ones who purchased those laws to their unfair benefit and our detriment. Not only are they greedy and evil, but they are indeed hypocrites beyond measure.
            Politicians are almost universally owned by rich and powerful corporations who pay no taxes, take subsidies as does Exxon for example, and then complain about high corporate tax rates in this country (when the richest pay relatively nothing) are among the worst of the hypocrites in this world.
            Best to you.

    • Bernie you’ve, forgotten something, no longer “Democracy” antagonizing innocent guys? Nice try, why rely, upon:
      those guilty, they protection of corruption “American machine” if elected do stand to change this? Congress allowed, the bail outs, since trading (T-bonds off course going conceal) the mayhem, Obama not better time for repeal!

      • I can’t understand what you are trying to say. Better check to see if you’ve had a stroke.

        • Destynee

          I was thinking the exact same thing.

    • savant

      Class envy…A staple of the left….

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        “Class envy” … mindless sneer of vampire tools.

        • 127guy

          Face it kimosabe, you just got punk’d.

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            I stepped out of the way, and it hit you in the face.

            • 127guy

              No class envy, here comrade! I’m waiting for someone to tell me the last time Bawnie had a real job.

              • D. Christie

                This from a “guy” hiding behind a “mask” who can’t prove he has a “real job”.

                • 127guy

                  But I do have a job – tormenting elitist, intolerant liberals is great fun despite the obviousness of the targets and the predictability of their responses. Fish in a barrel…

                  • Destynee

                    Get a life. lol

                    • 127guy

                      Try to keep up.

                  • D. Christie

                    Interestingly, I concluded the same about you…

                    • 127guy

                      You ever have anything original? Give it a try – humor me. Who knows – this keeps up, I’ll invite you to the next Granny Warren rally in the Gay State.

                      • D. Christie

                        So, you are a Warren fan who lives in the Gay State……….I think I’ll pass.

                      • 127guy

                        She now claims to be a ‘full-blooded’ Oakie. Affirmative action been good to me!

              • TecumsehUnfaced

                Why? How would a wiggling slug like you know anything about real jobs?

                • 127guy

                  I hear that Bawnie worked in a psych hospital. That would fit. But he didn’t like it as it involved work. The fact that he didn’t find a clueless trust fund nutbag to marry is the only part of the narrative that I can’t get. It has worked wonders for Lurch Kerry (several times, in fact).

                  • TecumsehUnfaced

                    It sounds like you get all your information in psyche hospitals.

                    • 127guy

                      Psych, although perhaps psyche would be a better term.. That aside, I avoid such places. Too many stoner Democrats and Bawnie zealots. To your Zoloft, comrades!

                      • TecumsehUnfaced

                        You sound like you’re in wrong place. You belong in the zoo, the reptile house.

                      • 127guy

                        I want no part of the next Democratic debate although Hillary’s snake like aspects are food for thought.

      • CoralSands75

        Having money because you’re greedy and influence legislators’ actions to the detriment of the common good of society — that is FAR from what I would call “class.” It’s base, and it’s crass.

    • Karen Ferguson

      IMHO, how could one not admire Mr. Sanders…the guy is nothing but straight and honest. I feel like I’m throwing him to the wolves, however. I’m sick about Paul Ryan and the House. Where is Air America in the morning with Al Franken? It’s the only way I got through the Bush regime. Sure could use it if Ryan is in the house. Tell me it’s not going to be another 8 years of throwing crap at the President…a woman to boot. I know it’s a game-show at times, but it’s not something I’d have fun playing.

      • Ray Charon

        Honest, maybe. But ignorant of how a free enterprise economy works. Most people take what they can get from the government and pay as little in taxes as they can. Why does he expect CEOs to be any different?

        The problem is not people who take advantage of the benefits that the government offers. The problem is the politicians who make laws that favor certain people or groups of people over others. We are supposed to be equal under the law. All laws should be for the good of the health of the nation as a whole. It is not the role of government to divide people into groups and help cronies, voting blocks and “classes” of people who they think will keep them in power!

        • Karen Ferguson

          I don’t know too many people who like to see the benefits of the gov be taken advantage of, but then that’s pretty subjective. I agree that laws need to be for the good of the people. The only thing I know for certain is that I’m going to vote and help others do the same. I just wish I could vote NO on Ryan. Thanks for the reply!

        • GALT

          How is this a “free enterprise” economy?

          Madison postulated a “theory of faction” as a check against one
          group gaining control of the reins of government…..and he was
          wrong then……and he is really, really wrong now.

          BTW groups are self forming……and do what comes naturally……and while
          you use all those nice phrases……none of those things has ever been true.

          Bernie at least understands some of this, but the problem is that, we are so
          far gone……that all that is required to maintain the “status quo” is to prevent
          anything from getting done……and they don’t even have to be “unified” to
          accomplish this……they just have to insure that the “victims” will never be
          unified…..which as it turns out, requires absolutely no effort at all.

          “To conquer, first DIVIDE!!!!!!!!”

          WE ( the people ) OUT RANK YOU……DO YOUR JOB!!!!!!!!!

          • Ray Charon

            The founding fathers designed our nation to have a free enterprise economy. Progressives have been undermining it for 100 years now.

            • GALT

              Really? Which of the four significant documents (5) if you
              count the Bill of Rights makes any statement to that effect?

              History tells us that the American Revolution was a response
              to the Crown’s Exploitation of the “colonies” in favoring the
              “aristocratic elitism and monopoly” of the East India Company.

              Since “capitalism” did NOT exist, in the sense that it is currently
              defined……no such intent would be possible…..and these “documents”
              make statements about other things that were “important” to
              the “design” of the nation……things that can not be reconciled
              with either the “history” of this nation or “capitalism” as a beneficial
              system historically or in its present form.

              But the question still remains unanswered, and now we can add the
              further inquiry of how “progressives” have undermined what never
              existed and still does not……or why anyone would want it to?

              WE ( the people ) OUT RANK YOU……..DO YOUR JOB!!!!!!!!

              • Ray Charon

                I won’t respond to your idiocy as long as you keep saying that you outrank me and tell me to do my job. You don’t know anything about my job and rank.

                • GALT

                  I do not care if you respond since I have no expectation that you will do any better than you already have and you have already telegraphed the nature of your response.

                  As to whether or not the comment does apply to you ( the people ) part is a strong CLUE……but there is a novel approach you can try……if you can’t figure it out…..you can simply ask what it means and who it applies to.

                  It has been a tag line in most of my recent posts……and there is even an explanation of how it came to be and why it is being used floating around somewhere.

                  Of course, you have no reasonable response so it’s best not to ask….saves us both from your continued ignorance.

                  ” WE ( the people ) OUT RANK YOU……DO YOUR JOB!!!!!!”

                  Do the quotes help?

                • Hey dum dum.. he means the people we’ve elected need to do their jobs.

                  • GALT

                    He is a bit slloooowwwww….but I really don’t think
                    he really wants to “discuss” this….after all, what the founders wanted
                    and the “free enterprise” they sought would force him to
                    deal with this:

                    “Capitalism ascertained that profits must continue, thus the lust for status and money that derives from Capitalism perpetuated slavery. Slavery continued because, as James Madison said, “I can make $257 on each Negro while spending only $12-$13 in keep.” The greed wasn’t even disguised; it was kept on the owner’s sleeve for everyone to see. It was a sign of status, and admired.”

      • pszymeczek

        Go to http://www.progressivevoices.com . They have Bill Press, Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, Ring of Fire Radio, David Pakman, Leslie Marshall, Mike Malloy, etc.

        • Jack Strawb

          Thanks for the link. Pakman is contemptibly, mindlessly pro-feminist at times (the idea that Western women as a class are oppressed is grotesquely hilarious), but some of the others are quite good.

          • YOU BUDDY AND YOUR CONTEMPTIBLE ATTITUDE ARE THE PROBLEM. And, every man that thinks like you is an arrogant, competitive, heartless example of why we need Planned Parenthood more than ever. To keep more of you from being born.

      • 127guy

        I think big Al got cancelled along with the rest of the network.

        • Karen Ferguson

          Yup. It did, seriously, help me get through the Bush years…..I had to mute the news if either of them came on….the BS was simply over-the-top-too much. And, I say that with utmost respect yet cannot deny the truth, imho.

          • 127guy

            Be careful – there is no known cure for Bush Derangement Syndrome and most liberals have it. I think it is spread by Prius.

            • Karen Ferguson

              BDS..hmmm…we commonly call it “dry drunk” when one thinks they’ve talked to God. Or also, if one thinks the DMS-whatever is valid, narcissism. I just think the DMS is a tool used in order to prescribe [more] Big Pharma drugs. But then, I’m off topic. No matter…’nuff said.

      • CoralSands75

        Al Franken is supporting Chillary in this election — he’s already endorsed her. And I’ve lost most of the respect I had for him.

        • Karen Ferguson

          Seriously? I’m actually surprised.

    • Lilly Munster

      this is how the ZioNazis steal from Americans.

    • tylertoo

      All but three of the above mentioned corporate welfare/tax evading moguls are big supporters of Hillary Clinton. They probably even helped sponsor and finance Hillary’s lavish birthday bash/fundraiser in New York City yesterday.

    • Carrot Rabbit

      General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt, you failed to mention that Obama taped this guy to head his President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness program.

      • Kessler

        This is relevant how, beyond meaningless Democrats/Republicans scoring?

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          Did you read the article?

    • GALT

      I wonder why the other 62 CEO’s got a pass? Where is Warren Buffet?

      This issue is, of course, narrow and focused…….( to medicare and medicaid )
      but the “problem” is “endemic”…….to the .01 % and those “enthralled” or “corrupted”
      by them and the ” fortunate peons” who are employed presently, but soon to
      become the NEXT victims……because the “crash” is still with us, the deck chairs
      have just been re-arranged and gotten smaller. ( for those paying attention.)

      It would be nice if Bernie had a plan to fix this……but President Sanders will demonstrate
      that the “problem” is far bigger and more insidious than anything he has proposed so
      far can remedy. Consequently, he will not actually be able to do what he has proposed, and
      he is either unaware of what he can do or does not have the will to do it.

      Sadly, the reality at present, is that things that “seem” to be good ( superficially )
      contain really nasty “things” in the “details”…..assuming “they” actually let you
      SEE, the details. ( the affordable health care act )

      WE ( the people ) OUTRANK YOU……..DO YOUR JOB!!!!!!

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        Those were probably the most shocking of the shockingly evil bunch. Want to give us the data on the next eighteen?

        • GALT

          Well the names are not important, the corps name would be sufficient,
          but that info was not provided here…….( and I haven’t bothered to check
          to see if any of the links lead there, ) That they are on this list, is sufficient
          condemnation…….and not my point.

          Is Buffet not as evil and immoral as the Koch brothers?

          Or, you might be prompted by the “reality” of a Sander’s Presidency…..
          but asking for more detail, or analysis of “his solutions” should not
          be a problem…….after all, the largest part of “his campaign” came after
          criticism from “black lives matter”…….but this, is simply a list of problems,
          not the “solution” to them…….and his election or failure to be elected will
          not hinge on my analysis or criticism…….this is simply preparation for
          the reality of PRESIDENT SANDERS…….and while Bernie is more
          straight forward than the current occupant and all the other candidates,
          with the exception of Jill Stein, his ability to actually DO ANYTHING, is
          highly doubtful. ( this problem is confounded by the distortions, that
          have appeared here……and will surface elsewhere, as this farce continues,
          and his viability becomes more probable…….because no one is actually
          talking about the issues ( problems ) and if that is all this is ( a list of
          problems and a denial that they are problems, or spinning the “solutions”
          as problems……you might get Bernie…..but little else. )

          So this is just a jump start on a conversation that will take place, and it
          needs to take place sooner rather than later…….

          We ( the people ) OUT RANK YOU…….DO YOUR JOB!!!!!!!

    • Carrot Rabbit

      I noticed he didn’t say they broke the law in any way, laws that Bernie has been part of making since the dawn of time. Bernie, you and your fellow senators are the problem.

      • Just Little ole me

        The problem is that today’s society is more concerned to image than to do what is right!

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        The most evil things done by the powerful are wisely made legal first.

      • Barbara Cambron

        I would almost bet that poor welfare recipients who receive food stamps, Medicaid or financial assistance would not be looked upon so kindly. They are all legal. Hypocrites! I’d rather my taxes feed the poor than line the pockets of the welathy.

    • Kali Durga

      The companies may have had massive losses in some of those years. Hard to say without looking at the books. He is referring to individual corporations vs the ceo. BAC and GE were nearly bankrupt. Corporate taxes is much more complex than bernie makes it out to be. BErnie is pandering to the socialist base. Furthermore his plan to put a sur tax on wall street woud have a negative effect on 401 k plans and taxing interest, dividends and cap gains as ordinary income would harm seniors who rely on fixed income as they are no longer working. You cannot call china a currency manipulator. The US., ECB and Japan all manipulate their currencies . The fact that Bernie does not understand economics or the FED is concerning. Why in all his years in congress has he pushed thru no bills or any proposals to make positive change ? Bernie is all talk. Bernie would destroy US business, small business, negativelyt effect your 401 k plan.I find many of his ideas wasteful. Denmark GDP is 1% vs US GDP of 3%. I personally would never vote for this man

      • Just Little ole me

        To undo the outsourcing and bring the jobs back to the US, create a value added tax to any and all products brought in to the US that we lost due to outsourcing. Create such a higher price, that it will make that produce too expensive to buy, creating an inventory overage, company layoffs (outsourced) then give the companies a “credit” when the jobs are brought back to the U. S.

      • GALT

        The “transaction tax” is directed at “program trading” which is
        accomplished by “front loading” a trade….which is essentially
        “insider trading” without “people”. A “hedge fund” or “brokerage firm”
        places it’s computer’s as close the the “exchange” as possible, which
        means they have access to trades “made on behalf of the very people
        you claim would be the victims here.” They then insert “their order” ahead
        of ” the more distant trader”….which means they are “guaranteed a profit”,
        while the “slow trader” has to pay a bit more for a buy, and gets a bit less
        for a sell…….it would have no effect on anyone you have mentioned.

        BTW if you are in anyway unfamiliar with the practice just described, you
        should NOT be pretending to understand the effects of this tax……and the
        401K was invented as a means of “corps” to divest themselves of “real pensions”,
        just like the managed to do with “health benefits”.

        WE ( the people ) OUTRANK YOU………DO YOUR JOB!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ray Charon

        Your intelligent response will go over the head of most Bernie fans and socialists in general.

        • GALT

          Most of his response was ignorant, contradictory or false.

          But it is always nice to see people applaud incoherence and logical fallacy
          as intelligence…..while employing logical fallacy…..while faced with the
          brilliance of “not being able to call china a currency manipulator because
          everyone is a currency manipulator” ……..and Bernie did manage to get a
          Bill for Veterans passed ( with McCain )…..which is more than Ron Paul
          ever did……and I bet you’re both big fans of him.

          I realize in the twitter world, a whole paragraph of “sound bites” might
          seem impressive…….but slightly more effort will be required from ALL
          concerned……although it doesn’t seem that YOU are up for it.

          • Ray Charon

            I’ve never been a fan of Ron Paul and have never used twitter. You sound like an arrogant egotist who thinks he know everything and outranks everybody.

            • GALT

              Both references were observations regarding the “paragraph”
              you seem to be praising initially……but fail to defend now.

              If your assessment of me is correct, you should have no problem
              making what you claim seems to be true……as certainly true.
              Unfortunately, it does not appear you’ re either willing or capable,
              here or for your own “claims”………typical of every w.i.f.i.

              “To conquer, first DIVIDE!!!!!!!!” ( another clue in the mystery of )

              ” WE ( the people ) OUTRANK YOU……….DO YOUR JOB!!!!!!” *

              Constructed and proposed as a unifying alternative to the “Black
              Lives Matter” movement…..

      • Barbara Cambron

        I was not an economics major but you apparently didn’t read the article… Bernie clearly delineates how much the corporations would have been required to pay if they didn’t have funds moved to off shore accounts. Maybe you don’t understand English.

    • Tedward Deck Hero

      Wow, I think Bernie just called out all of Jeb and Hillary’s donors.

    • iridebikes

      Bernie-first hold yourself and your fellow Congressmen accountable for developing the legislation that required lenders to lend to people who did not have the financial means to support a mortgage. Then instead of being punitive to those who actually create wealth in America just come up with a clean, simple tax system that everyone pays there share into.

      • GALT

        Yes, you have a point regarding “legislative construction” and whom
        it actually benefits BUT…..where does the “actual blame” lie…..for
        the “criminal fraud” that was the result?

        The rest of your comment also poses questions which you fail to provide
        answers for…….

        1.) What is “wealth”?
        2.) How is it “created”?
        3.) What is a “fair share”?
        4.) What is the criteria that should be used to determine it?
        5.) Since corporations are required by “law” to act in the interests of
        their “shareholders”, does this require them to act against the “interests”
        of the nation in which they reside or do business in?

        WE ( the people ) OUT RANK YOU………DO YOUR JOB!!!!!!!!!!

        • Ray Charon

          Anyone who has studied Economics 101 and has a basic understanding of how a free enterprise economy works,, already knows the answers to those questions. I’m not sure Bernie Sanders.

          “Wealth” is created by making things and providing services that people are willing to pay or trade for. The more productive a society, the lower the cost of living and the higher the standard of living for the society as a whole.

          “Fair Share” would be everybody paying the same percentage of their income.

          • GALT

            Anyone who is “familiar” with economics 101, and who was actually intelligent, would understand that “economics” doesn’t work……thinking that it does or ever has “worked”……is another lesson of history, which we have “failed to learn” from history.

            None of your second paragraph is TRUE or is actually coherent…..and you are confusing “cost of living” with “standard of living”, with out defining either, or establishing any baseline for determination of either….so more assumptions from economics 101 of stuff that “everybody knows” and none of which is TRUE.

            Nothing about how things are the way they are was fair, nothing about past or present opportunity is fair……therefor there is no reason why present incomes should be “treated” fairly……or that actual accumulation of wealth should be considered “legitimate” without “examination”.

            Thanks for your input……and your obvious attempt to avoid question 5
            is duly noted.

            We ( the people ) OUT RANK YOU……..DO YOUR JOB!!!!!!!!

    • carlos

      He forgot all the Hollywood CEO’s who get millions in tax credits to film in certain cities/stated and then pay $80 million to Robert Downey Jr. for playing Iron Man.

    • wirius

      This should be read by every American.

    • bbbbbbbb

      Wow, this is actually a man with balls spine and a conscience. shillary can burn

    • Stanich

      What on earth is that cretin that’s standing on the far right….?

      • L’trene Jones

        The lead singer for Jane’s Addiction?

      • johnyy

        That is Bernie Sanders mom.

    • saneblane

      Only a politician not in their pockets would be able to go after them.

      Bernie 2016

    • Jim

      Just another line item in a very long list of reasons why he should be president

      • 127guy

        What lines might those be, James….

    • rogelio39

      I feel as though I am living in a Franz Kafka book. Everyone knows big business is stealing, but nobody does anything about it. It is surreal.

      • saneblane

        It’s the marketing that they have done for a long time. “Government is bad big business is good” that’s what many believe and they don’t even have a good reason why. Americans are now in a battle to regain their own minds from the warped views that they were fed for decades.